Meals 4 the Week – Get Ahead of the Game!

Here we sit less than 2 weeks away from the book being released! Woo-hoo! If you haven’t checked out our new contest page, and seen what’s up for grabs this week, go and do so – and pre-order that book, spread the love, etc.!

For the first weekend in a long time both Charles and I were able to spend a little time in the kitchen together–which was really nice! And man, did we make efficient use of our time. The bonus: we still had some frozen leftovers, so we know we have fall back items for when things get even more chaotic. Just because we still had some frozen leftovers last week did not mean that we just said, “hey, let’s not cook anything this week.” Quite the contrary: since we had time, we cooked up a storm. With earthquakes and hurricanes and all kinds of crazy Armageddonish things going on, you never know when you might need it (on that note, please keep those folks hit badly by Hurricane Irene in your thoughts and prayers).

Urban Pl8's turkey leg

I’d say that “getting ahead of the game” is really important in keeping you and your family on the paleo path. If you only plan for that week, that’s okay, but what if the next week you don’t have time to cook up anything? If you’ve frozen some of the extras from the previous week that you didn’t eat, you’re thinking ahead and planning ahead, which will benefit you in the long run! (this is where we do the sales pitch on our vacuum sealer – perfect for freezing leftover proteins!).

Here’s an example of what we did to be thinking ahead: I originally bought 2 pounds of chicken thighs to create our Thai BBQ chicken. In our house, that’s usually somewhere around 4-6 portions. I decided to go back to the market and get another 2 pounds. Same thing with burgers. Originally we had just 1 pound of meat – but we decided to augment that with some bacon burger meat (ground pork and bacon from our friends at Pine Street Market) to increase our yield. Little measures like that can really make such a difference when you aren’t sure when you’ll next be in the kitchen!

Tuesday night I (Jules) was off for a girls’ night at Urban Pl8 for their paleo night (the very restaurant where Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti insisted we write a cookbook!). Check out that awesome turkey leg. Yep, delish. Wednesday night we’re doing a cooking demo at one of the local CrossFit affiliates, and Thursday we have the Georgia Tech home opener (football, for those of you like me who went to non-football inclined schools). Needless to say, we won’t be cooking much throughout the week!

Here’s what we cooked up over the weekend:

  • 4 pounds (about 2 kg) Thai BBQ chicken thighs (marinated overnight – cooked Sunday)
  • Since the grill was going…
  • 2 pounds (@ 1 kg) chicken sausage links from our local farmer’s market
  • 3 pounds (@1.5 kg) bacon burgers
  • Charles then whipped up a vat of our country curry
  • US Wellness Meats sent us a beautiful rabbit, so we created a fabulous rabbit recipe that you’ll be seeing in September!
  • As for side dishes, we did some simple roasted broccoli, cauliflower rice, and a jicama/orange salad. Of course, we still have about 100 tomatoes to eat, so we have those at the ready too.
  • And a special sauce that is awesome served over veggies. You’ll get to see that recipe soon!

In addition, we still have the following leftovers in our freezer:

  • Farmer’s pie (our version of shepherd’s pie –I don’t know any shepherds but I know great famers!)
  • Green chicken chile
  • Gumbo
  • Salmon

Which is AWESOME because we now have a lot of variety, we have a lot of food, and we know that when book release week comes about and we’re super busy with that, we won’t have to worry so much about “what are we going to eat?” (this is also nice because both of our day jobs have been taking up way more than 40 hours a week as of late).

Thai BBQ chicken on the grill

Oh yeah – and for snacks/winter time, Charles dehydrated a bunch of our sungold and cherry tomatoes, as well as some prosciutto to make our “fancy ham chips.”

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B C – breakfast scramble L – chicken sausage L – burger and veggies L – burger and veggies L – chicken sausage L – thai chicken, broccoli C – eggs, bacon, etc.
L Cooking day! L – rabbit stew L – thai chicken and veggies L – frozen farmer’s pie L – rabbit stew L – country curry Out
D Grilled chicken and broccoli L – Grilled chicken Out Cooking demo Out L – Burgers, veggies Braves game!

The cool thing with this week is that I can almost guarantee we will have leftovers of that awesome Thai chicken (which is so tasty – recipe forthcoming). That will be so tasty in a chicken salad – or we can freeze for future use!

What are your favorite make-ahead meals? What’s very often in your kitchen rotation? Is there one go-to recipe that you could make every week and not grow bored with it? Sound off!

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