Paleo Meals 4 the Week- Bear…it’s what will be for Dinner!

Paleo Comfort Foods has yet another busy week.  We also have several milestone achievements to share with the world.  Where to begin?  Let’s start with this being the first “Meals for the Week” post authored by the male half of Paleo Comfort Foods (Charles).  Several of the items in our lives leading to a chaotic week are my responsibility.  Let’s start with the most exciting news…I harvested my first black bear this weekend!!!He wasn’t a record breaker by any means…but my first and I’m darn proud of it.  We have him at the processor now and I’m hoping to have meat in the freezer in the coming weeks.  Before you ask, yes…we’ll put some special recipe together for bear and share with everyone.  There are all sorts of special rules regarding how you tag a bear in Georgia.  We managed to get everything squared away…but it took up much of my Sunday in getting things wrapped up.  While I was away, Julie fired up a ton of stuff in the kitchen.  Here is a brief summary of what was cooked this week:

Sunday: Turkey Stock, Sweet Potato crusted Frittata and Brussel Sprouts

Monday: Chicken Salad, two versions of holiday stuffing

Wednesday: The full gamut of holiday foods for those in attendance (see below at Cook’s Warehouse).  We just hope there is a little left over for us!


Paleo Night!


Thursday: Cooking up a ton of wings and brats for the ultimate Paleo Georgia Tech Tailgate…there will be no leftovers!

Friday: Chillaxin’ with each other and maybe having our first official fire in the fireplace. The tomatoes are coming down this weekend (as Fall rolls in).  We have quite a few green maters on the vine…so it seems only fitting to usher in the cooler temps with some FGT’s and Steaks.  The plan is to have dinner finished by the time Julie gets home so we can unravel together.

Outside of the cooking this week, I discovered that we had quite a few meals still frozen downstairs.  There were a few curries and chilis left over from weeks ago that needed to get eaten.  I’m always a sucker for polishing off tasty food.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B Slept late L- Pot Roast L- Frittata L- Frittata OUT- Business Breakfast L- Frittata C- Breakfast scramble
L OUT- Break fast omelets with sausage L- Frittata L- Chili with stuffing L-  Brussels and pork chops L- Curry and chili- Radio Interview L- Chili Friend’s House- to celebrate their son’s Christening
D L- smothered pork chops with cooked brussel sprouts C- Thanksgiving Stuffing, chicken salad, L- smoked pork, fresh guacamole C- For tons of folks at Cook’s Warehouse- Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Cauli, Squash Casserole, Apple Crisp C- Wings, Brats and a few Ciders for the ultimate Paleo Tailgate! C- Fried Green Tomotoes, Steaks, chipotle dipping sauce. L- Clean out the Fridge and get ready for another awesome week of FOOD!

We have our Holiday Cooking demo at Cook’s Warehouse this evening.  This is the second in our two part series and Julie and I will be rocking our turkey, gravy, mashed cauliflower, squash casserole, apple crisp and a version of stuffing tonight. If you happen to be in the ATL and looking for some fun activities, come on by and see us.  Click on the link in this paragraph to sign up.

Today also marks 110 days in the Top 100 of all cookbooks on Amazon.  Kinda cool right?  Thanks to all of you for making this possible.  Throw in a dash of our paleo interview with Super Human Radio tomorrow, my beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets playing a big Thursday night game against the Hokies and you have quite the week on your hands.  Throwing in a few left overs from last week and you have a week of super tasty food, fun with friends and several celebrations for my first bear and a Jackets victory.


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