Paleo Meals for the Week-While the wife is away!

Paleo Comfort Food’s male half is flying solo this week.  Jules is away at one of her most favorite places in the world…Camp Sunshine.  She’ll be back on Friday, at which point…I will hopefully have survived and not burned the house down.  In addition to meals, I thought I might lay out some of my activities for the week.  Heck, why not!

Some Paleo Planning Ahead!

Last Friday, I thawed some bear meat and threw together a stew that would ultimately be my safety net this week if I couldn’t forage anything else.  I think Robb Wolf and I are about equally excited about soups/stews (meaning we could live on them forever).  I’ve been meaning to play around just a little with some of the Stokes Sweet Potatoes we had delivered a week ago.  Why not throw them in a bear stew.  These tasty suckers are made right next door in North Carolina and are amazingly flavorful.  They have a look like the purple Japanese Sweet Tater…but they aren’t quite as sweet (a good IMHO).  Be on the lookout for a fun recipe or two coming down the pipes with these Stokes taters.  Your taste buds are worthy…trust me.

Julie headed out to Sunshine on Saturday just after lunch.  I had the truck packed with dogs and various items I needed to get to Tennessee for my brother.  I admit that I really just wanted to go to TN to pick up one of the hogs that was killed on the back of our farm a while back.

Cooler Full Oh Meat!

Michael had it processed for me and I’d been anxious to throw some wild pig on the grill.  His peaches are coming in quite well and I was able to talk him out of a basket of those to bring home and share with folks at our gym.   What a productive start to the week.

I had to be super smart with my time this week.  This is when things like frittatas and progressive grilling come in handy.  What is progressive grilling you ask? You take a Big Green Egg and get it to a decent grilling temp of 400 or so, grill your burgers, brats or whatever (in my case Porkchops).  Once you are done grilling, dowse the flames a bit with some wet wood chips and turn that sucker into a smoker.  I had one of the hams from my trip to TN thawed and on the smoker Sunday night.  Pulled it off Monday night for tasty dinner.

Lots Oh Food

Oh… I needed to do a little shopping on Sunday.  Hitting the local farmers market, I loaded up on a few veggies and other pantry items we needed.  There was also a trip to the garden Sunday where I found two spaghetti squash and a tomato waiting on me.  They are pictured along with my shopping items, some of the pork and the Stokes sweet taters we got.  Between shopping, paying my brother for the pig and the garden stuff, I’ve spent a total of $119.  Not bad considering there was about 65 pounds of pork in my cooler.


There were quite a few more activities on my calendar this week.  We have two dynamics classes cranking up at the gym, two new personal training clients and about 17 chores around the house to get done before Jules gets home.  Oh boy, I had better get cooking!


Oh…and I also got an advance copy of Greg Everett‘s book Olympic Weightlifting for Sports.  The book is awesome and worth picking up.  It is short and sweet without any messing around.  A ‘no nonsense’ approach to bringing oly lifts to the programming for athletes of other sports.  I read the performance menu, keep an eye on Greg’s site and keep crossing my fingers that Amie will send Jules and I some of her cupcakes…there is a ton of new/solid material and cues in this book.

Phoenix Loves Truck Rides


Another trip to the garden Tuesday morning was SO much fun.  I took Phoenix along for the ride.  He stayed in the truck while I watered, pruned and got fired up at all the heirloom tomatoes we have on the vine.  After the gardening session, the pup and I went into the adjacent park and did some hill sprints, burpees and bear crawls.  Quite a kick ass morning if you ask me.

Heirloom Tomatoes are about to explode!



I miss the hell out of Julie…but I’m trying to make the very best of my time while she is away.  So, between the gym, the dogs, the chores and all the kitchen experimentation…I needed just a little time for me.  Don’t we all?

Wednesday was my play day…gotta have a little fun.  This is also why this blog post is coming to you Thursday instead of our normal Wednesday post.  Coached in the AM, grabbed a WOD with my long time friend and amazing coach Smugs, spent about an hour with an older friend of mine talking about the finer points of saw milling (you’ll see a post about this coming up in a few weeks).  Then the real fun began, treated to lunch at Local Three by Chef Chris.  Then I headed over  the Sandy Springs Gun Range and got some target practice in with my buddy Rich.  I’ve been trying to work on my doubles and also needed to site the laser scope in on my Bodyguard 380.  My pistol of choice for some time now has been the Sig Sauer P229.  It’s a 357sig round (tapered down 40).  Love the gun, it shoots like a dream…and I might have captured some of the fun on video!  OK…I know I didn’t hit the bulls eye every time. You try shooting a gun in one hand and a video recorder in the other.   That was a nice break from the craziness of the week.


Oh…back to food!  So here are how the meals shaped up:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
B C- bacon burger sausage, scrambled eggs and peaches C- breakfast frittata w/ pork sausage crust, onions, peppers, maters & mushrooms C- Egg scramble L/O- Breakfast Frittata with avocado L/O- Breakfast frittata with avocado C- Hot Pork Sausage, sunny side up eggs C- porkchop scramble with onions, peppers & mushrooms
L C- Deerburger Helper lettuce wraps with avocado L/O- Deerburger Helper lettuce wraps O- Unwich from Jimmy Johns- sans cheez O- Hanger Steak, Sweet potatoe fritas, and chicharones L/O- Deerburger helper over spaghetti squash L/O- Bear Stew over spaghetti squash C- Grilled pork burgers wrapped in lettuce and guacamole
D C- Pork Chops with apple and almond butter C- smoked pork, peaches and coconut salad L/O- Bear Stew served over spaghetti squash L/O- Bear Stew L/O- Pork Chops, Peach Salsa & cashew butter C- Grilled shrimp with peach salsa experiment- Jules gets home! C-  Lamb chops with another Peach salsa experiment

A pretty solid mix of left overs and cooking.  Coincidentally, we’ll still have quite a few leftovers from my cooking this week for when Jules gets back in town.

If you are wanting to hit the WOD with Smugs and I…we did a quick burner of (he barely beat me):

5 Rounds for Time
20 Wall Balls (20#)
3 Power Snatches (95#)
400m Run

A few things to look forward to in the coming weeks with Paleo Comfort Foods:

– Some new and fun recipes we’ve playing around with using these Stokes Sweet Taters.  Additionally, we’ve gotten our hands on a few sauces to see if any make the cut for Paleo compliant.

– Our Meals for the Week to finally get back on a regular schedule- gym is moved and we are locked and loaded.

–  Reviewing several new kick ass books that are out there- Julie and I are fighting over It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig at the moment.

– A summary and fun post about our recent trip to Mobile Bay…a solid recipe or two from the low country.

….stay tuned paleo peeps!


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