Officially Announcing Our New Cookbook and New Website – Fabulous Friday Indeed!

Hooray for Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods (Harlequin), our new cookbook, and our revamped website! Yay for new books and facelifts! You’ve heard us talk about bits and pieces of the new book here and there, but now we are shouting it from the rooftops! We’re all set to release this book out to the world on September 24, 2013, and we are so excited about it (hope you will stay tuned for some fun giveaways we’ll have to help celebrate the release!).

Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

We thought it might be fun to give you a little glimpse into the behind-the-scenes stuff as we worked on this book.

For starters, as you know, we birthed an actual baby (not just a book baby) a mere 8 months ago…while we were in the midst of wrapping up work on our manuscript. Maybe not the best planning as it related to cortisol and sleep deprivation…I suppose the sleep deprivation from the newborn just added to the fun of sleep deprivation from finishing up the book! Mark (Adams – aka Grizz) our friend and photographer, and Lacey (the fabulous photography right-hand lady) were phenomenal at taking breaks when I needed to go feed the little guy or get him down for a nap in the middle of shoots. Indeed, those were some long days! But Scott also made it all quite fun, too. We flew with him to a meeting with our publisher when he was just 4 weeks old, and we joked that we should just put his face on the cover as that would be sure to sell more books than any food. When he grows up, he’ll probably be so mad we did this, but I suppose it’s better than putting his face on the cover of some fake magazine?

Note: this is not the actual cover of the book...though maybe it should be?

Note: this is not the actual cover of the book…though maybe it should be?

Indeed, once Scott entered the world, “Quick and Easy” was essential to our lives. I, being rather delusional, thought that babies would predictably and for long periods of time sleep. You know, on a schedule, and long enough for me to shower, do laundry, check e-mails, make breakfast or cook some meal for the day, feed the dog, brush my teeth. Well, sometimes none of those things happened, and sometimes they all did. I quickly learned that you do the best you can, and you spend the rest of your time loving on your baby, talking to him, going for walks, and sometimes being brave enough to venture out to the grocery store!

Even with the mini cookbook contributor at our side, we still managed to have a blast cooking up some tasty dishes and having some good laughs along the way. Grizz and Lacey are about as fun a duo as they come, so for sure we enjoyed their company and their artistry which you’ll see all throughout the book!

On the somber side, in the midst of everything, our beloved bulldog Buzz went to doggie heaven. It was very sudden and acute, which I suppose is good in that it meant no pain or prolonged suffering for the pup. I will say–post-partum hormones, sleep deprivation and the loss of a dear pet made for one very sad mama (and daddy too). We still miss him very much, but Phoenix is doing a great job of protecting his little brother Scott, and has become so patient with all the fur pulling and planking on him that has taken place.

While some of the recipes in Paleo Comfort Foods took a little more time and planning, most of the recipes you’ll find in Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods can be done in 30 minutes or less. Some of the recipes you’ll find in this book: Jalapeño Poppers, Bacon- & Basil-Wrapped Shrimp, Eggs Benedict Florentine, Almond-Crusted Pork Tenderloin, Southwestern Shepherd’s Pie, Fried Chicken Tenders, Berry Scones.

12 Appetizers – some of them including Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus, Bacon- & Basil-Wrapped Shrimp, Tomato Tartare…just to name a few.
16 Soups, Stews and Salads – where you’ll find Creamy Tomato Soup, Brunswick-ish Stew, Creamy Cauliflower and Chicken Soup, and more.
41 Main Dishes – featuring recipes like Paella, Chicken and Broccoli Casserole, Southwestern Shepherd’s Pie, Salisbury Steak, etc.
28 Sides and Sauces – including some of our favorites like Sweet and Savory Roasted Cauliflower, Ginger-Glazed Carrots, Root Veggie Cakes, Spicy Plum Sauce, Curried Noodles, etc.
And because we know you all like to indulge from time-to-time with some sweet treats…
8 Sweets and Treats –  with recipes like Plantains with Coconut, Homemade Larabar Balls (three ways), and Berry Scones.

We’re no mathematicians, but we’re pretty sure that’s over 100 recipes that will keep you on your Paleo path.

We’re super excited about this new book and hope you are too.

You can find (and order) the book from any of the following retailers:

And because we know pictures speak a thousand words, here are just some of the things you’ll find in our new book!What is Paleo Image

For those of you who bought our first book, we think you’ll be pleased with this new work and not just the recipes but also the format and layout. We’ll be giving you more sneak peeks into the book soon…oh and did we mention some amazing giveaways?

Thank you all for your support of our first book, and we hope you love Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods as much as we do!

Oh, and what do you think about our new site? We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dave Whitling and Butler Raines – two very talented Atlantans who have been working hard on this. These two are also some of the founding fathers of one of our new favorite sites too – The Bitter Southerner – in addition to balancing about 879 other plates. So thanks to Butler and Dave!

We know any sites aren’t without hiccups, so if you see any issues or bugs – drop us a line and let us know via the Contact section of our site!

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