Meals for the Week and a Birthday Boy!

What a wonderful week in our paleo adventures of 2012.  Let’s begin with that amazing Superbowl.  What a game!  That was followed up with me (Charles) having perhaps the best birthday in recent years.  My day started Monday morning with me dropping off our black angus bull (raised completely on pasture near my friend Joe’s land in North Georgia) to the butcher.  They will slaughter him, hang him for two weeks and then I’ll be back up to Toccoa, GA to pick him up so we have some tasty paleo meat for months.I followed the cow drop off with about 4 hours of splitting and stacking wood at Joe’s house.  Joe is the one who helped me secure the cow and has been hunting with me for longer than I can remember.  I’ve been splitting wood with Joe forever.  He let’s me take loads of it back to Atlanta and he runs a wood burning heater in his house.  Between the two of us, we burn through a few cords every winter.

So, back to Atlanta with a load of wood I went.  Got back and spent a few hours packing up things at the house so we are ready to move in a few weeks (more on that later).  Headed off to the local coffee shop to get some thinking done and finally came home on around 6pm on Monday evening to the most spectacular dinner in the world.  Julie had made us a little surf & turf in honor of it being 1 year ago that we landed on the island of Eleuthera for our week of  our belated honeymoon, followed by a celebratory week of “we just turned in our book manuscript” with friends.  Yes, this time last year, we were recording some fun “Road Forager” videos with the like so Robb Wolf & Nicki Violetti.  Ask Robb about spearfishing for lobsters someday…Indeed, it is SO FUNNY watching that video thinking about all that has transpired since then.

Back to Paleo Delisciousness!

So, Julie made this super amazing paleo birthday meal for me (as you can see) and we enjoyed some quiet time together before going to visit some dear friends. No cake or other dessert was part of this meal. In our house, lobster is better than cake! 100% Whole30 compliant, too. Quite an amazing way to start the week.  In addition, Julie got pretty busy in the kitchen while I was off in North Georgia preparing some pretty tasty vittles.  Lamb shanks, a new chicken soup recipe and the most amazing salsa we’ve had in some time.

Paleo Comfort Lobster

When can we go back to Eleuthera???


Needless to say, our Whole 30 is going splendidly.  It’s always nice to reset the system and we both seem to be settling into our second week.  Not gonna lie…I got pretty bonkers on the Costco cashew clusters a few weeks back prior to the Whole30.  So, we are both feeling good and sleeping extremely well.  These next few weeks are going to be especially challenging as we prepare for our move and some travels, but this weekend presents a great opportunity to once again plan ahead.

Paleo Meals for the Week

Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
B C- Egg Scramble with avocado and pear C- Eggs, bacon and cashews L/O- Frittata from last week post WOD. C- Egg Scramble with Grapefruit and avocado C- New Frittata with Chicken sausage, onions & shrooms L/O-Frittata with pear and avocado post WOD C- Chicken scramble with guacamole and grapefruit
L Out- ate a quick bite out and about while furniture shopping L/O smoked chicken legs with cashews and pecans L/O- Chicken tomatillo soup Out- Braised pork shoulder over spaghetti squash & brussel sprouts L/O- chicken soup with avocado and sauted cabbage. C- leftover chicken scramble with zucchini, onion & broccoli C- Turkey Burgers & salsa
D Julie Goes Wild in Kitchen making- braised lamb shank, chicken tomatillo soup C- Birthday Dinner of Steak, lobster, salad and mashed sweet potatoes C- Sauted cabbage to go with L/O lamb shank C- Chicken salad served on greens, tomatoes and strawberries L/O-lamb shank with cabbage L/O- hodge podge of all leftovers for the house. C- Steaks on grill and roasted brocolli with cauliflower mash.

A few more things to round out the best birthday week ever: we officially crossed the 200 day mark of Paleo Comfort Foods being in the top 100 of all cookbooks on Amazon.  That is pretty freaking solid.  Thanks to all you amazing fans, followers and rockstars in the kitchen for making that possible.  Additionally, we finalized our recipe presentation for the Paleo(fx) gathering in Austin this March.  Not sure if it’s sold out yet…but should be a slappin good time.  Come see us and get some paleo inspiration from some real leaders in the field!  Julie and I also finalized the menu for our Paleo Clean Eating demo at Cook’s Warehouse next week and also announced that we’ll be doing a lunch and learn with the Whole9ers when they come to Atlanta later this month.  Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Gotta say it’s pretty awesome celebrating birthdays with some good, tasty food that makes you feel amazing. Happy Eating!!!

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