I must admit, I underestimated the disorganization that come with this move. The first week was TOUGH! The good news, I’ve discovered my real challenges and can address them (hopefully) in the coming weeks. To catch up our readers as to the current state of affairs, Julie and the kids have moved up to TN with my parents for the better part of 6-8 weeks. We had to move out of our old house before our new house was ready. As much as we all dread moving, it seemed to make more sense to box all our stuff up once. So, she’s up there and I’m living in a 1 room condo of a friend here in the ATL continuing to run the gyms and coaching. Kinda funny that my condo room is Julie’s birthday!

First week challenges:

1) Counter space is very limited. There are no built in stoves/cook tops or ovens, so the appliances are taking up nearly every inch of counter space. I’m going to have to get better organized with my induction cooktop, slow cooker, Vitamix & drying rack.

2) A small sink and no dishwasher is kind of a big deal. Not only is counter space taken up with a drying rack, but I’m having to hand wash everything as I go. Dishes are usually my thing. It’s a soothing practice that allows me to turn off. Not having a dishwasher to load up has proved very challenging when time is crunched.

3) Fridge space is so limited. The condiments, cod liver oil and eggs take up about 40% of the available space. Add in food to be cooked and I’m only able to store a few cooked meals at a time.

IMG_3890Aside from still having most things in boxes, I’ve been able to make a few modifications this week to make week 2 a bit better. For starters, I’m doubling up the use of my shower for dish washing. Long days at the gym usually call for a “Calgon…take me away moment”. If I’m going to spend a few extra minutes in the shower, I might as well get some pots and pans washed. The sink is so small, I can’t even fit the slow cooker crock in it…so this little discovery was made out of necessity. Stay tuned for my first update on shower dishes.

Meal planning is going to improve substantially. In addition to ingredients, more thought should be given to equipment used. My goal is to limit my use of equipment down to two items each week. The microwave has to stay up for reheating, everything else can/will be stored away unless I’m using it.IMG_3897

The good news…I survived the first week! Here is what the meal planning looked like.

2 Pounds of bacon- Cooked and ready
3 Dozen eggs
2 Pounds of ground GF Beef
1 Pound of hot pork sausage
1 Bunch of spinach
1 Bunch of dandelion leaves
1 Bag of farm fresh blackberries
1 Venison roast
1 Butternut squash
1 Garlic clove
2 Sweet onions
1 Pint button mushrooms
1 Bunch of fresh picked lettuce leaves from the garden
2 Jars of ghee
1 Tub of salsa from Whole Paycheck
2 Avocados
Assorted spices & herbs

IMG_3885I started the week by cooking up a quick version of taco meat using all the beef and pork together. I had a left over spice rub from our first book in the cupboard. This served as my flavoring and I may have pitched a few extra tablespoons of ghee in there to give it a bit more fat. This was prepped and put in containers. The quick and easy meal this week was an egg omelet with bacon. I’d usually try to throw some spinach or onion too. The venison roast was slow cooked with onion, cubed butternut squash and mushrooms. This took place on Wednesday and gave me three solid meals.

The taco meat was my travel meal. I’d take the meat with added ghee or butter and pack my cooler. My favorite meal was last night. I made tacos with the fresh picked lettuce leaves from the garden and garnished with salsa and avocado. You simply can’t beat fresh greens.IMG_3904

I’m tracking each and every recipe for tweaks and changes. Look for me to start posting those next week. To this point, it’s been way more about survival mode. If you’ve got some tricks or tips you feel would be helpful, I’m all ears. As challenging as this first week has been, I’m excited at finding ways to thrive in my new world.


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