Wacky Wednesdays indeed! We have had a lot going on in our household this week…which has led to much sleep deprivation. The main culprit: teething. Ugh. Poor little Paleo baby has his two front teeth coming in, and it looks so painful. What remedies did you parents out there find effective? Open to just about any and all suggestions!

Oh, and not to mention the 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium (#AHS13) is but a day away! It’s been so fun seeing Facebook blowing up with people headed to our fair city. Added bonus: the weather is supposed to be almost fall-like (highs in the low 70s). How’s that for perfect? We’re hoping this convinces people that despite traffic, our city is pretty great. Headed here and want some restaurant suggestions? Check out this post of ours.

Moving on…Just because we’re running on sleep deficit doesn’t mean our meals have to suffer. Sure, we could have gone out or ordered takeout every day, but I find that when you’re sleep deprived, it’s that much more important to keep yourself well-nourished, even if that means taking a few extra minutes to cook something wholesome for yourself, while avoiding some of the highly refined oils and what not most commonly used in restaurants (not to mention saving a few pennies here and there).

Paleo Comfort Foods Crispy-Skinned Salmon

Crispy-Skinned Salmon with Tomato-Olive Salsa Cruda

Fish is downright perfect for those days when you’re in a hurry as it cooks up so fast. Given that we’re in the throes of salmon season and wild caught Alaskan Sockeye, King and Coho salmon has been popping up on sale everywhere from Whole Foods to Costco, I’ve been cooking up some of this “superfood” quite a lot as of late. I know some people think salmon skin is gross and always toss it. I implore you to just try this crispy skin version, and see how you like it. I suppose you could call this “mouth to gills to fins” eating (as opposed to nose to tail?). This is a recipe I whipped up in less than 20 minutes, while the kiddo was happily chewing on anything and everything to make his mouth happier.

An important note on achieving that crispy skin and salmon that won’t stick to your stainless steel pan (time for a little physics education on the Leidenfrost effect): you want your pan to be plenty hot, but not too hot. The Leidenfrost effect is a way you can assess your pan’s temperature pretty easily. Here’s a super helpful video demonstrating what you should be looking for.


The salsa cruda could go on top of just about any protein of your choosing. It’s light, flavorful and fresh and pretty darn tasty just on its own!

Oh and before we forget! Big huge congratulations to Rachael Maresh – the lucky winner of our Save Your Bacon tickets. If any of you are remotely interested in attending the event, come join us for the fun AND help support an amazing organization…as tickets are almost sold out. Why should you come and/or support this organization? Do you remember reading about the Bledsoes and their farm dinner turned into an absolute nightmare? Well the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund helps farmers like them fight some of these injustices.

That’s all from team Mayfield. We’ll see you on the Twittersphere during #AHS13, and until then – get into your kitchen and get cooking!

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