Let’s lead this off with some big Congrats to Jo Anne Grammond! You are the winner of a prize package from Paleonola. We will contact you so that Paleonola can send you your prize package in the coming days!

Le Creuset Grill Pan in Cherry

Next up: what are we giving up this week? After much debate, we’ll be parting with this lovely Le Creuset cherry cast iron square grill pan (value $125.00).

This pan is awesome for times when you don’t feel like firing up the grill (too hot, too cold) or you just want to cook inside. Grilled steaks, burgers, veggies – this will do it all! AND, it’s Le Creuset, which means it has the enameled cast iron. No seasoning required, it can go in the oven, yada yada yada. To enter: Send us an e-mail with your Amazon pre-order number for the book, share info about the book on Facebook, Twitter on your blog or via e-mail. Remember: you get entered multiple times for sharing the word in more than one way! Drop us an e-mail to:  info at paleocomfortfoods dot com with those tidbits and you are IN for this lovely little lady! Good luck! We will draw the winner Sunday night, August 28!

And now for a recipe. If you know anything about us, you know that Julie is the real brains behind many of these tasty dishes.  You can also bet your bottom dollar there is a guacamole recipe in the book.

Julie threw this batch together while on our visit to Las Vegas to shoot the promo video for Amazon.  Notice that she isn’t measuring anything out.  Recipes are great because they give you details on how to make something.  However, once you are comfortable in the kitchen…you can throw some of your measuring cups to the side for things like guacamole.  Make what sounds good.  If you don’t like the final product, lesson learned and try again next time.  It is REALLY hard to mess up guacamole.

We would encourage you to play around to your little hearts content on this one.  Throw in some olives or habeneros, or some chipotle for that smoky/spicy kick.  Trade in your lime juice for some fresh squeezed orange…the sky is the limit.  Cooking, like anything, should be an enjoyable experience.  If you will worry too much that it won’t “taste” right, stick to the recipe.

Pay careful attention to Julie’s dismantling of the avocados.  She is quite the chef knife ninja.  There are some helpful tips on how we scoop out the green goodness.

**Remember, the video isn’t going to follow our recipe to the T.  That said, here is what is in the book.



2 ripe avocados
juice of 1 lime
1 jalapeno or serrano pepper- minced (keep the seeds for extra heat)
1/2 small onion- minced
1 clove garlic- minced
1 roma tomato- seeded and chopped
2 tbs. cilantro- chopped
salt & pepper to taste


1- Scoop out avocado into medium bowl
2- Squeeze lime juice over avocados and roughly mash with fork
3- Combine all other ingredients in bowl and mix well
4- Serve immediately on sliced zucchini, squash or ham chips

** If you aren’t serving immediately, pay close attention to how Julie covers the guacamole with plastic wrap.  Be sure to place the wrap directly on the guacamole to reduce oxygen exposure.  It can keep for several days.

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