Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We did – for the most part (we’ll get to that later). Saturday was full of visiting with friends, a Braves baseball game…Sunday it was up to the North Georgia mountains to visit with friends followed by a little retail therapy…Monday, sad to say, the female half of Paleo Comfort Foods was feeling under the weather (I blame several nights of too few hours of sleep). What did this mean for our Meals 4 the Week? SOUP!

Indeed, Monday in Atlanta was full of rain (I don’t think we’ve had rain since July?) so it really became a perfect day to do up some bone broth and soup. Plus my throat was much happier with those than with anything else imaginable.

The good news is that since last week we did so much cooking ahead of time, we still have some leftovers. Especially when I’m sick, I really don’t feel like cooking up a bunch. Putting a soup or broth on the stove to simmer for hours is just the right pace. Additionally, since we are leaving town on Thursday and headed to Tennessee for Charles’ brother’s wedding, we knew we weren’t under the gun to cook up too much (however, we still managed to make quite a few things to have on hand!). I will say, however, that we were asked to make some desserts to bring to the rehearsal bbq on Friday. Wednesday night we’ll be whipping up some mini decadent chocolate cakes with a kick for the event. What a great way to expose the masses to one of our favorite treats!

Chicken tomatillo stew

Here’s what we made this week:

  • Whole Foods had their sale on grassfed ground beef on Friday of last week, so we did a quick sauté of ground beef with onions, mushrooms and seasonings (the rest of the ground beef is vacuum sealed and frozen)
  • Beef bone broth
  • Chicken Tomatillo stew (page 152 in our cookbook, for anyone wondering – pictured here with Bandit!)
  • Charles smoked a “pork cone” on the Big Green Egg

Add all that to our leftovers from last week that we have frozen:

  • Rabbit cacciatore (check out our recipe and interview as September’s featured chefs over on US Wellness Meats)
  • Curry
  • Thai BBQ chicken
  • Burgers

That said, our week is shaping up a bit like this:

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B Sick/Charles out of town L – bone broth L – bone broth L – bone broth Tennessee Tennessee
L Out – barbeque L – tomatillo stew L – ground beef and Brussels L – Thai BBQ chicken Tennessee Tennessee
D L – burger from last week C – tomatillo soup L – ground beef scramble and Brussels sprouts L – tomatillo stew Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee

Of course we’ll be getting back in town just in time for our book’s official release date: September 12! Thank you all for the pre-orders! If you haven’t done so already, please do order and/or spread the word! And if you have done either of those things, have you entered our fabulous contest yet? And you won’t believe some of the other prizes we have lined up for next week! Remember, you can enter ALL of our contests once they get posted! Hooray!

Thank you all for the continued support of Paleo Comfort Foods!

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