Paleo Comfort Foods is back and in our own kitchen! Woo-hoo! Did you miss us? So glad to be back and home (though we do love vacation). We will say: If there is one thing that will make you appreciate being in your own kitchen, it’s when you’ve spent some time cooking in another kitchen that makes your home kitchen look like the Taj Mahal. Don’t get me wrong: vacation was awesome, and we cooked very paleo breakfasts at home pretty much every morning except one. But being without some solid pans, bowls, and our nice knives made us appreciate what we have that much more (though it sure would be awesome to eat breakfast out in a gazebo every morning as we listen to waves crash on the shore).

Paleo Comfort Foods - Homegrown Kale

Indeed, Saturday was a blur (flew into town in the wee small hours of the morning, went up to the Gluten Intolerance Group of Atlanta’s Expo to demo some of our paleo recipes and talk about Paleo Comfort Foods, off to a fundraiser for Jerusalem House Saturday night) so Sunday was the first real chance to jump back into our kitchen. As Charles drove up to Tennessee to fetch our dogs, it was up to me to cook up some paleo goodies. What all has been on the menu/will be on the menu?

–       4 pounds Thai BBQ Chicken Thighs (I swear chicken thighs are so under-appreciated) (I will be taking some of the cooked chicken and making it into chicken salad later in the week)
–       4 pounds of grass-fed burgers (half had some of Pine Street Market’s bacon burger mixed in, half had PSM’s Mexican Chorizo mixed in) (great as stand-alone burgers, but also changes up eggs nicely, by scrambling up some meat in with scrambled eggs)
–       1 pound oven baked cod with parsley, lemon and almonds
–       Eggs
–       Kale salad (p. 128 in the book and the recipe that mad me go from “Kale – meh” to “Kale – DELICIOUS!”)
–       Sautéed squash & zucchini
–       Sautéed okra (recipe here)
–       Mashed cauliflower (p. 172 in the book)

Yes, that’s a whole lotta sautéing, but I think it’s because we’re just happy to have a gas stove again. Electric stoves just aren’t the same! I will say, though, that our kale is looking great in the garden, and the stuff is super abundant in the grocery stores right now. Yay for colder weather crops!

One thing you’ll notice from this week: there are some nights that involved some cooking, but very often it was to cook something up to go with an already existing food in the fridge. For example, Monday night – we already had the chicken all cooked up from Sunday. Monday took all of 5 minutes to cook the veggies to go with the chicken. Little things like that will add some nice variety to your kitchen, which can make a huge difference in living your paleo lifestyle!

How has the week been shaping up? How did we stick to paleo this week? Here’s what we’ve done/what we’ve planned:

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B Out L – eggs, burger and okra L – burger and veggies L – burger and okra C – egg/burger scramble L – chicken and veggies C – eggs and veggies
L Cooking day! L – burger and okra L – Thai chicken and veggies L – chicken and kale salad L – chicken salad L – chicken and mashed cauliflower
D Burger with okra L – Thai chicken C – Sauteed squash and zucchini C – oven baked cod and kale salad C – take leftover chicken to make chicken salad L – burgers C – mashed cauliflower OUT GA tech tailgate (Charles is making Chili!)

You’ll see that there is not a ton of variety in our paleo proteins for the week – but that we kind of change them up by doing things like scrambling up a burger with eggs and veggies or taking leftover chicken and making it into chicken salad. Alternately, we could have taken the chicken and done almost a stir fry, or chopped it (or the burgers) to make some lettuce wraps with our gorgeous lettuce from the garden!

Have you done anything lately to “repurpose” leftover proteins at your house to make some new paleo creation? What helps you to add some variety into your life (but not adding in hours of cooking)?

Let us end with again saying thank you to all of you for your support of the book, feedback, those tweets and Facebook messages about when you’ve made a recipe and included your own variations…we love hearing from you, and are eternally grateful for all the reviews and your sharing of the Paleo Comfort Foods love! Thank you thank you!

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