I don’t know about you, but I think it usually takes a least a week to really feel like we’re back to normal post vacation – even though we ate paleo meals pretty much the whole time on vacation! This week I feel like we’re back in the groove, cooking up our paleo eats, working hard, all that. Don’t get me wrong – still a ton of stuff going on with our day jobs, the gym, weddings of friends, travel, hunting, Paleo Comfort Foods edits/revisions for another printing, etc. But we are pretty much back to the routine (whatever that is!).

Not to mention that fall is now officially here in Atlanta, where evening temperatures have been dropping into the 30s, and days are with the highs in the 60s (if that). This means it’s time for some fall paleo comfort foods for sure!

Here are our paleo Meals 4 the Week, what we made, when we made, how we went about making:

FRIDAY night:
–       Charles made some Chili (p. 144 in the Paleo Comfort Foods book) and Slaw (p. 194) for the Georgia Tech homecoming tailgate, and we made sure to have enough for leftovers.

–       We had the Camp Sunshine Fall Festival in the afternoon (picture of me (Julie) along with our fabulous Paleo Comfort Foods photographer and dear friend Mark (Grizz) from a few years ago) and for the cake walk, I made some paleo Banana Nut Bread (p. 302 in the book)

Paleo Comfort Foods - Jules and Mark "the Grizz" Adams

Some call it halloween - we call it Grizzoween

–       After we got home, I made some smothered pork chops (you can view the recipe here, along with the video here, as this was one we created back in September for US Wellness Meats)
–       Pot roast – p. 282 in the book or recipe here (this time, as opposed to slow-cooking in our Le Creuset in the oven, we opted to cook this overnight in the slow cooker)
–       Oven-roasted okra (p. 184 in the book)
That might sound like a lot of work for those paleo recipes, but it really isn’t. I timed my active work time in the kitchen, and it was less than 30 minutes of chopping, standing over the stove, etc.

–       We drove to Tennessee (2.5 hours one way in the car) for Charles’ brother’s “Haunted Trail.” (Sidenote: I’m sorry, but just walking through a corn field/woods at night is scary enough, let alone having people dressed as zombie-like prisoners wielding chainsaws jumping out at me. Needless to say, rather scary, even when I know some of these people!). In Tennessee, we ate at a local Mexican restaurant that has some awesome tacos de lengua and fajitas, and we had enough leftovers to bring home.

–       Charles cooked up some spaghetti squash and a quick beef/lamb/tomato sauce mixture, which was quick and tasty. Sorry, this one is not in Paleo Comfort Foods – but I’ll let you know when he writes it up!

For you visual folks, here are our paleo Meals 4 the Week:

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B C – breakfast scramble C – breakfast scramble L – fajitas L – pot roast C – eggs and sausage Travel Travel
L L – pork chops L – pot roast L – Chili Travel Travel Travel
D C – smothered pork chops, okra OUT C – spaghetti with tomato meat sauce L – Spaghetti with tomato meat sauce Travel Travel Wedding

Paleo Comfort Foods - Pot Roast

Pot Roast - a perfect fall meal!

A plug on the slow cooker: I have to say, there is something pretty awesome about falling asleep with some paleo creation in the slow cooker, and waking up to your house smelling amazing.

This brings us to Wednesday, night when I have a work conference call, but then we’ll decompress for a while together. Thursday – Saturday I’ll be in Minnesota staying on my paleo path (note: whenever a continental breakfast is being served, scope out the hotel restaurant ahead of time and spend a few dollars to order some eggs!), Charles will be hunting, etc. Even though we’ll both be out of pocket for the day, we made up enough Pot Roast, Spaghetti and smothered pork chops to enable us to freeze some for future use when things get really crazy! This is such an important thing to do. Some of our friends on the Paleo Comfort Foods Facebook page were sharing how they weren’t feeling well, and didn’t feel up to cooking. If you go ahead and make some stuff ahead of time and have it on hand in the freezer for days when you aren’t feeling so hot, you’ll save yourself the time in the kitchen, and you’ll make sure that you good food choices even on some of your roughest days. Matter of fact, I think Sunday might be a good Chicken Tomatillo Stew kind of day!

Especially with the seasons changing and some parts of the country already having snow, we REALLY encourage you to stock the freezer with some soups and stews for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking. Especially those of you who have the families to feed, this way you aren’t having to cook up a storm for the family if you have a nice stockpile going on.

We hope you all stay healthy and well-fed during this fall! Happy cooking!

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