Happiest of holiday wishes to all our Paleo Comfort Foods friends! If this is your first time stopping by here, make yourself at home! For those friends and family who have been following us on this paleo journey, thank you all for your love and support this past year.

Despite the holiday crazy time, we still found some time to get in the kitchen and do some damage this weekend with our Paleo Meals 4 the Week. I braved the Dekalb Farmer’s Market on a Saturday (those of you who live in Atlanta know what masochism that is) to get some grassfed short ribs, wild caught salmon, and a variety of veggies that were of appeal to our paleo tastebuds. We also thawed out a pork picnic from Riverview Farms whose brilliant Farm Mobile stopped by my work the other Friday much to my delight. There’s something pretty awesome when you walk out of your office building in downtown Atlanta and see a custom built RV that houses 2 freezers filled with grassfed meats, humanely raised pork, pastured poultry, farm-fresh eggs, and an assortment of wintertime veggies. I think I heard a choir singing somewhere when I walked out and saw that!

And cook we did. At one point in time, we had 3 of our Le Creuset round French ovens on the stove/in the oven. Our big 7 1/4 quart pot was busy in the oven with our short ribs (p. 288 in the book), the 5 1/2 quart was busy cooking up some collard and mustard greens (p. 174 in the book) and I did some simple mashed sweet potatoes in our 4 1/2 quart round oven. Earlier that day we cooked breakfast in our Le Creuset cast iron skillet. Needless to say, our paleo cooking sure is a lot more fun with Le Creuset!

Paleo Comfort Foods - Love our Le Creuset

We do love our Le Creuset!

What all did we cook up?
– Smoked, wild-caught sockeye salmon
– Grassfed short ribs
– Pulled pork
– Collard greens
– Mashed sweet potatoes
– Shada’s kale salad (p. 128 in the book)
– Mashed sweet potatoes

Here’s how my paleo week of eating is turning out (note that Charles is leaving for Tennessee on Wednesday, so I’m cooking solo for the remainder of the week!).

  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B C – egg and veggie scramble, bacon C – leftover smoked salmon with scrambled eggs L – leftover smoked salmon and eggs L – pulled pork with veggies C – eggs and bacon L – whatever is left in the fridge! TENNESSEE
L   OUT L – short ribs, kale salad, mashed sweet potatoes L – smoked salmon with collard greens L – burger (frozen) with mashed cauliflower TENNESSEE TENNESSEE
D C – pulled pork, kale salad, sweet potato mash OUT OUT C – ground beef sautéed with kale and veggies L – smoked salmon with salad TENNESSEE TENNESSEE

You can see that we didn’t cook up a TON of food (we do still have a good number of things in the freezer!) but still made good use of our time.

We’re very much looking forward to enjoying Christmas in Tennessee with the Mayfield side of the family, and will probably indulge in some non-paleo eats here and there, but for the most part we’ll probably be pretty good!

Now we need to get to work on posting our next contest – seeing as how that’s probably going to need to go live tomorrow. Anyone feeling lucky? Anyone wanting to win a fabulous Cuisinart addition in your home?!?

Wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, from our paleo kitchen to yours – happiest of holiday wishes to you all!! Here’s to closing out 2011 with much love and laughter, and ushering in 2012 with more of the same!

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