Hello Paleo Comfort Foods friends, and greetings (from Jules) from Natick, MA! I’m here for work with my day job, but not letting the blogging fall behind. Or trying not to!

I departed Atlanta Monday morning, which meant the weekend involved some cooking (didn’t want to leave Charles hi and dry) but that it also meant some meals on the road for me. I’ll let Charles chime in on what he had for meals. Charles was out Sunday night, as he went up to hang with primitive weapons expert Billy Berger – you know, the dude who was on iCaveman with Robb Wolf (Billy was the one who was taking charge at dressing the elk).  Pretty cool show…you should watch it!

When traveling,  a little research ahead of time is incredibly helpful.  I reached out to the Boston Paleo Meet Up group to get their suggestions on some decent paleo-friendly places in and about town. Lots of chain restaurants out here, and my saving grace: Chipotle. Give me a Chipotle and I am good to go! They were so kind, and – on a side note – they invited me to dine with them Wednesday night with the Jaminents (authors of The Perfect Health Diet), dining at Atlantic Fish Market that has an entirely separate grill/hood for gluten free diners.  I’m looking forward to it.

Paleo Comfort Foods - in Barnes and Noble

Finally spotted (by me!) on a store shelf!

Had I not connected with this Meet Up group, what would I have done to get some suggestions? I am a big fan of Urbanspoon (www.urbanspoon.com). Yep, I even have the app. It’s a great resource for reviews, and they even have a section of “gluten-free friendly” restaurants, so I can always peruse that and see what might be a good choice,  etc. I can always make Mexican food work for me, and Thai is something I particularly like – so I took a look at those online.  In bigger cities/suburbs like Boston, more places are becoming more sensitive to gluten allergies. The Thai place I checked out Monday night was such an example, and they noted on their menu which items are gluten free (of course they do count rice-based dishes as gluten-free).

I will say that even though I’m kind of out in the burbs, I did venture on over to Barnes and Noble and got to actually see our book on a store shelf. Kind of fun!

I mentioned we did do some cooking over the weekend, which involved:
–       Spicy shrimp salad (I treated myself to spicy shrimp handrolls – without the rice)
–       Chicken and grape salad (looks like some other friends on Facebook have been trying this out too!)
–       Pumpkin morning glory muffins (added in some pumpkin, decreased the oil)
–       A pumpkin dip recipe (told you I was trying out some new stuff!)
–       Charles made the “tastiest slaw ever” to take up to the iCaveman premiere – and left some at home too.

Oh hey – and all most of those recipes are in our cookbook!

We do have some things frozen in our freezer, so those will come in handy on Friday!

Even though I’m traveling, I thought I’d share with you how the week is shaping up – even on the road.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B C – eggs and fried green tomatoes L – Chicken salad Boston – eggs and sausage at hotel and pumpkin morning glory muffin Boston – eggs and pumpkin morning glory pumpkin muffin Boston – eggs and pumpkin morning glory muffin L – chicken sausage and veggies C – eggs and veggie scramble
L Boston – Chipotle L – Chicken tomatillo stew Tennessee
D C – spicy shrimp handroll Boston – Thai Boston – grilled chicken salad at Cheesecake Factory Boston – Atlantic Fish Market Home – Charles is cooking! L – checking the freezer

You may notice that some days don’t reflect lunches. As my work has me working and things are a bit crazy on some of these days, lunch didn’t really happen on some days. Fortunately, with a paleo approach, if I do skip meals, I’m not famished with no energy throughout the day. AND I have steered clear of Starbucks. I’m kind of proud of myself! We’ll be going up to the farm in Tennessee for the corn maze, pumpkins, and all that good stuff. Yay fall!

Now for you all: How do you handle eating on the road? Any success tips and tricks you would like to share with others? What has been your saving grace?

Don’t forget this week’s Contest of the Week – even if you ordered Paleo Comfort Foods back in July, you can still enter! You can also share info about the book, and/or post a review on Amazon/Barnes & Noble, then come on over and enter!

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