What Paleo-tastic weekend of food, friends and awesome surprises.  We spent Sunday with Dallas & Melissa Hartwig of Whole 9 at their jam-packed Atlanta workshop. They have a great workshop and we were pleased to see some new additions to their material and even more great information and perspective on choosing foods that affirm our health. We’re super excited for their book later this year!

So, after the Whole9 Workshop, we headed over to take Dallas and Melissa to one of our favorite restaurants- Local Three. One of the chefs, Todd Mussman (“Muss”), just finished his Whole30 and saw tremendous results.  We met Muss and Allison for dinner and Muss surprised us by having instructed one of the cooks to whip up an amazing 5 course meal – all paleo. It was amazing! We’re talking a salad with arugula and citrus, foie gras with Granny Smith apples and carrots to serve the delectable spread on, a seared sea bass served over cauliflower 2 ways (pureed and roasted), and some waygu beef with mushrooms and butternut squash puree topped with a veal reduction. For “dessert” it was a sweet potato souffle with coconut milk, eggs, raisins and nuts. We’ll be trying to replicate that one at home, for sure!

Paleo frittata - Paleo Comfort Foods

Our new favorite frittata

Much as we love eating out when the food is that good, most of our meals have been at home. We’ve had another busy week (selling one of our cars, still packing for our move, having some pictures taken for an upcoming article), so preparing some good tasty eats was pretty darn critical to our success.

What did we cook up this week?
– Smoked chicken
– Smoked pork side
– Smothered pheasant
– Shrimp and cauliflower “grits”
– Venison marinara sauce
– Chorizo frittata
– Sauteed cabbage

We also are making a conscientious effort to purge our freezer of as much stuff as possible to make the move easier, so we had some meals frozen downstairs that we’ve been eating on as well.

Here’s how the week has been panning out:

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B C – sautéed okra with eggs and chorizo C- eggs and veggies L – Frittata with avocado C – eggs scrambled with veggies L – frittata with avocado L – frittata with avocado C – eggs and sausage with vegetables
L Lunch provided by RSB catering – all paleo meals! Out – burger no bun, Brussels sprouts, shrimp salad L – Smoked chicken with cabbage L – chicken soup with avocado L – shrimp and grits L – venison marinara with spaghetti squash
D Out – 5 course paleo meal C – smothered pheasant L – venison marinara with spaghetti squash C – shrimp and “grits” L – salad and pheasant L – pheasant and cabbage Out

Most of our cooking took place Monday afternoon (I had the day off work), since we were at the Whole9 workshop all day Sunday. But we really maximized our time in the kitchen and managed to still crank out a bunch during that time.

I will say, I loved the frittata we made up this weekend. Last time we were in Philly we went with my brother and his family to a coffee shop that had a quiche with the crust made from potatoes. So I tried my hand at the same using some Japanese yams, which I forgot how much I loved!

All told it’s been a great week, and we’re zooming along to March! Whew!

Paleo Comfort Foods - Frittata

Stages of the frittata – Japanese yams make the crust…topped with kale/collards and sauteed onions and chorizo…with the eggs poured over, topped with our oven dried tomatoes from the garden.



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