This was a pretty awesome week for Julie and me and the Paleo Comfort Foods household.  It all started last Friday when I bagged a nice sized doe up in North Georgia and hasn’t let up since.  There is a regular spot I hunt with my buddy Joe and I’ve been hoping to start putting some venison in the cooler for some time now.

Joe (my buddy I hunt with) harvested two deer right before Thanksgiving and after skinning them out, I decided to try quartering and aging them myself.  There is a standup refrigerator in Joe’s garage (looks just like a drink cooler from a convenience store).  We took all but one of the racks out of the cooler and lined the bottom with plastic to catch the blood drippings.  After quartering the two deer I bent some meat hooks out of old wire coat hangers and hung the meat from the rack of the cooler.  The temperature was holding steady at 37F and so we left the meat hanging ever since.

We dropped my deer from last Friday off at a new processor we are trying to get made into paleo-friendly summer sausage and a few choice cuts.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to bring home so much aged meat.  I ended up with two backstraps, two hind quarters, two tenderloins and 2 front quarters – so our paleo freezer is now well stocked!  This was my first attempt at aging and butchering meat like this.  I managed to cleanly de-bone one of the hind quarters and cut out the shank.  The de-boned ham went right on the Big Green Egg Sunday.  I vacuum sealed much for later…but not before I made the most beautiful ground venison you have ever seen.  Talk about one happy camper!

Paleo Comfort Foods Ground Venison!!!Paleo Comfort Foods Venison

I so can’t wait to make our Venison Stuffed Peppers with this stuff.  Looks like you’ll get a dose of that for next week’s post.  Yes, you should put a vacuum sealer and meat grinder on your wish list for the holidays.  Speaking of which, have you been and seen our new page of recommended products?  Check it out!

So, back to planning those paleo meals.

I finally cooked up some of that bear meat this week.  Braised bear chops…and holy heck were they delightful.  Recipe isn’t ready for you all just yet…I gotta play with a few ingredients.  Bottom line, the meat was fatty, flavorful and tender.  We really can’t wait to try more things with it.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
B C- Egg scramble with avocado, salsa, brussel sprouts and bacon C-lamb-egg scramble and apple sauté L-Pot Roast from two weeks ago L-Frittata from several weeks back C-leftover chicken scramble, avocado & salsa C- sausage, bacon C- in TN
L Not Hungry- but smoked deer ham and leg of lamb L-Country curry, sauted cabbage with walnuts L-Shepard’s Pie, walnuts

Business lunch with clients

L- Bacon Burger, delicata squash, mashed cauli L- Venison Curry C- in TN

Paleo Gumbo with a twist

C- Slow cooker chicken all day while at work, sweet potatoes & kale salad C-Braised Bear Chops, onion-pepper medley with baked  sweet taters

dinner with friends for a double date

C- Country Curry with Venison Travel to TN C- in TN

We’re excited to get up to the beautiful Watts Bar Lake in Tennessee this weekend for some R&R and to visit with my family pre-Christmas chaos. Especially this time of year, we find it important to take some time to decompress, reflect on the year, and start planning out 2012. Do you engage in any end-of-year activities for you and your families?

Speaking of the holidays and presents, if you’re in Atlanta, know that we’ll be offering 3 different cooking classes at Cook’s Warehouse in January, February and March. Makes a great gift! Also, if you’re local and would like for us to sign any of your copies of Paleo Comfort Foods, we’re glad to do so (schedule permitting). Just drop us a line! Hope everyone is having a marvelous, stress-free, holiday season!

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