WOW…what an overwhelming response we have gotten from so many paleo rockstarts with our photo contest.  Keep the pictures coming.  It is so cool to see everyone’s take on our meals and what kinds of dishes we’ve inspired.  Got some fun stuff in store for you today.This week marked the final days of our tomatoes and peppers.  The last few maters we had hanging on the vine got picked last Friday in advance of our first frost this year.  As I awoke this morning to let our dogs out, the first morning frost was both refreshing and a bit nostalgic as we usher in Kale, Lettuce and Brussel season.  As I’m finishing up this blog post, Julie has put our food dehydrator to work drying out from cranberries for one of our newest holiday creations (how’s that for a teaser).

Paleo Comfort Foods Tomatoes

Nature's Candy

We’ve been playing around with our buddy Rich’s dehydrator for some time now.  Yes Rich, we’ll give it back soon.  It is SO nice to have friends willing to let you test drive their equipment before you take the plunge yourself.  Our garden did very well this year.  Perhaps our most successful crops were the various cherry tomatoes we planted this year.  On several occasions, Julie and I would fill an entire bucket with them in a single harvest.  What’s a boy to do with that many maters?  You turn them into the tastiest garnish/snack ever.


I hope you find these “how to” videos helpful.  Our motivation in writing Paleo Comfort Foods from the beginning has been to teach folks how to get in the kitchen and make tasty delicious food.   A food dehydrator can be an invaluable tool to help take some of your gardens bounty well into the winter months.


Some other ideas for the dehydrator—just to peak your interest in possibly getting one:

1.  Jerky- this one seems a bit obvious
2. Kale/Squash/Banana/ Chips
3. Cauliflower Rice to Go
4. Ham Chips

So…what paleo treats do you like to dehydrate?  We’ve shared, now it’s your turn!

Happy Eating Paleo Land!

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