It’s Paleo Comfort Foods’ favorite time of year…Giveaway time!

That’s right, as promised, our Cuisinart giveaway is here!

But not just ANY Cuisinart, this – the Elite Cuisinart Food Processor (suggested retail $500) – is kind of a big deal and will make a huge difference in your paleo kitchen. Nope, a caveman sure as heck didn’t have one of these…but if he did, he probably would have been a lot happier!

Paleo Comfort Foods - Cuisinart Giveaway

Paleo Comfort Foods is GIVING AWAY this awesome Cuisinart food processor!

We are not exaggerating when we say that at one point in time, we owned 3 food processors (all Cuisinart, all different models). While we love them all like our own children, the big mac daddy Elite is kind of awesome and is our favorite. Why?

1.) The blade locks in the work bowl. This is something that I would have thought Cuisinart would have implemented years ago…but alas, just in this latest model. But it’s pretty darn nice when you’re pouring out your contents, and you don’t have to worry about the blade falling out.
2.) 3 different work bowls. This is – in my opinion – pretty awesome. So now I can chop up some nuts or herbs in the small bowl, shred up some cauliflower in the slightly larger bowl, and then make nut butters or mayo or shred tons of cabbage in the large bowl. So many options!
3.) A retractable cord.
4.) The slicing blade width is adjustable. Want thicker slices? Go for it!
5.) Reversible shred blade for either finely or coarsely shredded goods.
And so much more! We have “riced” cauliflower in ours, shredded sweet potatoes, made mayo, created a bunch of homemade nut butters, sliced veggies for dipping, shredded cabbage, made salsa, baba ghanoush, pureed cauliflower mash, and so much more in ours! We actually convinced our Paleo Comfort Foods publisher to get one just so he could make his own nut butters! We seriously use our processor several times during the week, and our prep time in the kitchen is dramatically reduced as a result of this bad boy.

Paleo Comfort Foods cover

Hey - that's our book!

In ADDITION to the mac daddy Cuisinart, we’ll also be giving away 3 copies of Paleo Comfort Foods that will be inscribed to whomever you wish for us to “dedicate” them to! Indeed, personalized copies of our book for someone special in your life!

Now here’s how to enter this special Paleo Comfort Foods giveaway! You may do any of the following to become eligible to enter (no purchase necessary – just optional!). Once you’ve done any of the below, either comment below or send us a note to tell us what you’ve done! Yes, you may enter all of the different ways below for more chances to win. You have until Thursday, December 29th at 11:59pm EST to enter!

1.) Purchase the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and send us your confirmation of purchase (purchases after 12/20 are eligible).
2.) Sign up for our e-mail newsletter by going over there >>>>> and entering where it says you can!
3.) Tell the world about Paleo Comfort Foods on your blog/Facebook page.
4.) Post a review of Paleo Comfort Foods on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
5.) Comment below about your most favoritest (yes, that’s a made up word) recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods!

Remember: if you do any or all of the above 5 things, you need to either send us a note or comment below so we know what you did!

Thank you all for your support of Paleo Comfort Foods – we wish we could give you ALL Cuisinarts to say thanks! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!

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