Yes, our  Paleo Meals 4 the Week is being posted on Thanksgiving. We are talking about all the food we cooked prior to this day of thanks!

And we’re pretty sure that most of you will think we’re crazy for doing as much cooking as we did, knowing that we were going out of town. However, you know one of our paleo principles is always that of planning ahead, stocking up, all that. So when we have some time to cook, we do!

Paleo Comfort Foods in Reading Terminal Market

So glad that the bookstore at Reading Terminal Market stocks some great paleo books!


As most of you can imagine, this week is an especially fun and challenging week for those paleo eaters traveling to visit kith and kin that don’t necessarily subscribe to the paleo diet.  The good news…you won’t typically be hard pressed to find some tasty protein lying around this week.  Julie and I actually did a test run through on Thanksgiving this past Sunday.  Complete with Turkey, stuffing, mashed cauliflower, oven baked delicata squash and some gravy.  The next few days are set to be pretty hectic for us as we travel up to Philly to visit her family.  In addition to the Turkey Day run through on Sunday, we tossed a chicken in the slow cooker, did a quick pan seared steak with mushrooms, and we got a load of bacon burgers put together with bacon burger from Pine Street Markets to have ready to eat when we return from our trip.

All in all, the week has unfolded pretty much as we had planned.  Despite a slight delay to our arrival in Philadelphia Tuesday, things have gone on without a hitch.  As I’m typing this up, Jules is downstairs getting our stuffing and our paleo apple crisp ready for Thanksgiving with her family today at 2:30.Paleo Gridiron battle

We’ll return to Atlanta on Friday evening…just in time for me to gear up for the annual football game between the Ramblin Wreck of Georgia Tech and the bulldogs of georgia.  GO JACKETS!  My dear friend and co-owner of the best gym in Vinings, Jeff Hayes, will be on campus tailgating like champs.  After the game, we will embark on our annual pilgrimage to eat our single pizza for the year.  Yep….it’s tradition.

Here is the breakdown for our meals for the week:

Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.
Breakfast C- Breakfast Scramble C- Breakfast scramble with leftover steak and avocado L- steak with Mashed Cauliflower C- Egg, Bacon, Brussel Srcamble Slept in…getting ready for the big Feast L- Turkey and stuffing with apples C- Breakfast Tailgate Omelets gearing up for the Tech/UGA game.
Lunch Cooking…didn’t eat-  Turkey, Mashed Cauliflower,  Delicata squash, Paleo Stuffing, Slow cooker chicken, gravy, pan seared steaks with mushrooms L- Turkey, Paleo Stuffing and squash OUT – Airport Grilled chicken salad, chicken satay, Gluten Free Chocolate tart OUT-Reading Terminal Market– Pork Belly & Grilled Chicken Salad C- Bacon Wrapped Dates, Turkey, Paleo Stuffing, Brussels sprouts with bacon, Apple Crisp On a Flight Home Game….ciders…more ciders. 

Perhaps toasting a shot or two of homemade apple brandy!

Dinner C- Eating all the tasty stuff we put together over lunch. C- Bacon Burgers OUT- Seafood madness at Chickie & Petes in Philly OUT- Chicken Coconut soup, Satay & Curry Ate around 3pm for Thanksgiving….. 

Still FULL!

L- Turkey, Squash & Mashed Cauliflower O- My ONE pizza per year….shared post Game with Jeff Hayes!  GLUTEN BOMB!

So yes, I’m going to cheat with some pizza on Saturday. Totally not paleo, not even pretending, but it’s our annual tradition. If you’re going to cheat, be open about it, own it, and enjoy.

We also wanted to take some time to say thanks to some folks near and dear to our hearts and who helped make Paleo Comfort Foods possible:

The list is by all means too long to cover in just one blog post…these are just some highlights:

First on the list, our families.  Without your support…where in the world would we be?  We love you and count our blessing each and every day.  Oh…and let us not forget Buzz and Phoenix!

The Hayes Family (Jeff & Melissa, Spike & Fuego) and Wolfaletti Crew (Robb & Nicki and the infamous gato-Keystone) deserve some big thanks from us on this fine day.  You all have inspired and encouraged us along every step of this amazing Paleo Comfort Foods journey.

To Whole 9, Everyday Paleo, Nom Nom, Talk to me Johnnie, Chowstalker, The Clothes Make the GirlThe Lazy Caveman, Jimmy Moore, Being Primal, Growing Up Paleo and all the amazing folks that have supported our book.  We are so thankful for all your energy and support.

And of course, to anyone and everyone who has purchased the book, tried out a recipe, posted a review on Amazon, or just been supportive of this wild ride…we just want to publicly say thank you to inspiring, encouraging, and helping Paleo Comfort Foods become a success. The hope is that the book continues to help all of you in your day-to-day lives in adhering to your paleo path.

Speaking of one of our favorites…stay tuned tomorrow for a very special Black Friday online giveaway! We’ll say this: we personally think that Paleo Comfort Foods is a GREAT holiday/black Friday gift, and there will be a special bonus for anyone and everyone who buys the book online tomorrow (maybe look at Facebook for some hints).


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