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When Robb Wolf first uttered those words--"You should write a cookbook"-- we laughed and had another NorCal Margarita.

And then, the brainstorming started...We knew that "comfort foods" were something most people were missing in their Paleo lifestyle, and we had some ideas on how to combine comfort and Paleo.

Our Newest Book

Weeknight Paleo

While some people might think these books are all about "Southern-fried" this or that, the truth is that to us, comfort foods are about gathering your family around the table for some home-cooked, tasty food. Everyone's interpretation is going to be somewhat different, but for us, that's what has guided us in the recipes we wrote in these books. We hope you enjoy cooking and eating as much as we do!

In our latest work, we're back with 100+ practical, family- friendly recipes that focus on meats, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, while omitting dairy, grains, legumes, and refined sugars.

As we are firm believers in the family meal, we know full well that hectic days and busy schedules can make spending hours in the kitchen impractical. Weeknight Paleo is the solution—these easy, satisfying recipes keep you and your family well-fed while staving off boredom in the kitchen. For those new to this Paleo lifestyle or in need of a refresher, you’ll find prep tips, meal-planning ideas, and resources, plus chapters such as:

• Family Favorites— top picks from our house
• Quickfire Meals—prepped, cooked, and served in under 30 minutes
• One-Dish Meals—keeping cleanup a breeze!
• Fix and Forget—meals cooked low and slow

From Green Enchiladas to Spaghetti Squash Fritters, and Sloppy Joes to Apple Crisps, this is a collection of Paleo recipes we hope you will keep coming back to.

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Our Other Books

Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

In Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods we bring you another serving of 100 Paleo recipes that are easy, healthy and irresistibly delicious. The wildly popular Paleo movement continues to gain momentum as millions of people discover the undeniable health benefits and effortless fat loss that comes with eliminating gluten, legumes and dairy from their diets. This gorgeous, four-color cookbook provides an impressive selection of Paleo recipes that are not only healthy and delicious, but quick and easy to prepare. The tips and recipes in this book will transform favorite dishes and go-to comfort foods into healthy, gluten-free meals that readers can enjoy even on the busiest weeknights! Some of the recipes included are: Jalapeño Poppers, Bacon- & Basil-Wrapped Shrimp, Eggs Benedict Florentine, Almond-Crusted Pork Tenderloin, Southwestern Shepherd’s Pie, Fried Chicken Tenders, Berry Scones...these are just some of the recipes you'll find in our latest work.

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Paleo Comfort Foods

What if you could cook fantastic meals similar to the heartwarming comfort dishes your grandma used to make...and have them be good for you? In Paleo Comfort Foods, our first book, we provide you with an arsenal of recipes that are healthy crowd-pleasers, sure to appeal to those following a paleo, primal, gluten-free, or "real-food" way of life--as well as those who have not yet started down such a path.Implementing Paleo guidelines and principles in this book (no grains, no gluten, no legumes, no dairy), we give you 100+ recipes and full color photos with entertaining stories throughout. The recipes in Paleo Comfort Foods can help and have helped individuals and families alike lose weight, eat healthy and achieve optimum fitness, making this way of eating sustainable, tasty and fun.

Where to buy:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | Chapters/Indigo | IndieBound  | Book errata (aka things that made it better in revised editions)!

The Paleo Summer Survival Guide

The Paleo Summer Survival Guide is your go-to resource for a fun and healthy summer, Paleo style. Here we provide you with 12 no-fail summer recipes so that you can stay the Paleo course through every potluck, picnic and road trip adventure. Featuring travel tips and plan-ahead advice for fall (like freezing and canning so you can enjoy summer's bounty all year round), this e-book is for Paleo devotees and anyone looking to rejuvenate their health this summer.

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