Greetings everyone! Charles here, coming to you live and charged up thanks to the barista at Starbucks accidentally giving me a few extra shots of espresso in my iced beverage. So, it was five years ago today that I stood by the creek below my parents house in Tennessee and watched a blushing and beautiful woman walk down that grassy hill to take my hand in marriage. Holy Taters!Anniversary Spot

It’s been quite a ride and I’m grateful for the love and support Julie provides me each and every day. This is an especially unique anniversary, as it’s the first that I’ll not be spending at her side. You see, we rented a house in a part of Atlanta we wanted to “check out” before buying a year ago. Our lease is up and the landlord is unwilling to extend out lease for one month so we can move into our old house (currently rented out). Needless to say, the last few weeks have been full of packing and boxing things away for storage in preparation for the next 4-6 weeks of life apart. Julie, Scott and Adelyn moved up to Tennessee with my parents last weekend and yours truly is putting the finishing touches on this blog on this my last night in our current home.

Fortunately, my friend has a vacant condo that he’s allowing me to stay in so I can stay in Atlanta to run the gyms, coach and develop recipes for our next book (yeah…us crazy kids are at it again). I’m vary grateful to Rich for giving me his place for the 6 weeks. That said, this place is a true bachelor pad. As you can see from the pictures here, there is a mini-frig, slow cooker, toaster oven, microwave & griddle. I’ve managed to bring over an induction burner, Sous Vide Supreme and Vitamix to round out my equipment. No oven and no stove top…this should be interesting. This is going to be a fun challenge and I feel like I’m up for the task.

Bachelor Pad

One thing we’re always hearing from folks is how hard it is to cook. Well, I’m going to be spending the next six weeks developing and posting recipes from my temporary home. You’ll have to grant me a little wiggle room on repurposing leftovers. Either way, I’m planning on turning this 500 square feet of living space into Hell’s Kitchen.

Somehow through all the packing and driving, I managed to get a garden started for when the family is back together. Julie bestowed upon me some tomato and pepper plants yesterday for our anniversary.Garden I got them in the ground today. There are already some tasty things popping up from our planting earlier this year and I’m stoked that we’ll have tomatoes well into the Fall. I proposed to Julie using a Cherokee Purple tomato plant way back when…and we’ve always had a special connection with them. Here’s to hoping the vines are full in no time.



Here goes! Six weeks of cooking, cleaning, coaching and working on getting the word out about the amazing Cube Summit I’ve organized this Fall in Atlanta. Let’s see if I can pull off a weekly recipe for our fans. Who knows…maybe we can call the next book Bachelor Pad Paleo?

I promise to visit Jules. I promise to do everything I can to make the next five years as amazing and wonderful as the last five. I miss you, Scott and Adelyn terribly and smile just thinking about all the blessings we’ve shared thus far.

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