Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans is quite possibly the most highly-anticipated Paleo book to ever hit the market. With the Nom Nom Paleo award-winning website and iPad app and thousands upon thousands of followers, we–along with many–have been chomping at the bit to get this book for a really long time. Seriously! And now this amazing masterpiece is gracing the doorsteps of so many lucky people around the world (or being downloaded onto their digital devices).

First, our little background. The year was 2011. The scene was the first-ever Ancestral Health Symposium. While our first book, Paleo Comfort Foods, was just about a month from being released, we were still learning all this social media stuff, and our blog was pretty laughable at the time, and in comparison to most probably still is. Which is why I laughed to myself when we were invited to join a bunch of “Paleo food bloggers” (since we didn’t really identify ourselves as such) for dinner that weekend in Los Angeles. Included on the guest list were the likes of Michelle Tam and Henry Fong. As you all know, Michelle is the master culinary genius behind Nom Nom Paleo and Henry the designer and chief photographer and sometimes blogger at FitBomb. Come to think of it, we might have come up with the NomBomb moniker for them – not sure! You might recall this little Q&A we did with them back in 2011.

Anyway, here’s a spoiler for you: as you’ll find out in their book, neither Michelle’s nor Henry’s Chinese names are Nom Nom Paleo. Sorry to disappoint.

charles at jar

Neither Charles nor the server were hamming things up at all (sarcasm)

Back to AHS11. While we enjoyed meeting all the folks at and around the table that evening at Jar, for whatever reason we seemed to hit it off pretty well with the NomBomb duo. Perhaps it was because we could relate to working our day jobs (though in Michelle’s case it’s her night job as a hospital pharmacist) along with doing some fun stuff on the side as it related to Paleo things. Perhaps it was because we aren’t that much older than them. Perhaps it was because Charles was so good at hamming it up for Henry’s camera lens. Whatever the case, we thoroughly enjoyed their “cheeky” selves, and found ourselves looking forward to future encounters at other Paleo-related events.

It was at one-such event (the first-ever PaleoFx) that we got a sneak peek at the then soon-to-be released Nom Nom Paleo iPad app. Which was (and still is) revolutionary. There’s a reason it’s one of the top ranked cooking apps of all time. With step-by-step instructions and loads of accompanying photos, it gave both novices and experienced home cooks fantastic recipes and the wherewithal to know how to replicate these tasty eats. Not to mention the fact that it – and the Nom Nom Paleo blog – are full of personality, hilarity and culinary genius. Michelle’s writing is usually full of laughs (either through her writing or sharing something from the Double-Os, her sons) and always chock-full of information (and often even more laughs). Don’t believe me? Check out these posts here or here or here (the latter one still makes me laugh – and yes, it was an April Fools’ post).

Because I know that everyone and their grandmother had likely begged Michelle and Henry to do an actual book, it was not super surprising to hear that they were going to be unleashing even more deliciousness to the world via Nom Nom’s eponymous masterpiece (Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans). Despite having been somewhat on the inside loop knowing that this book was coming out, to say that I was beyond amazed once I got to see the book in the flesh would be a gross understatement. As I am very much a visual learner, seeing recipes accompanied by sometimes as many as 12 or 15 step-by-step photos is immeasurably helpful, providing the home cook with some guidelines as to what they should be doing and how things should be looking at varying steps during the cooking process. And, not worrying about ruining my iPad with some kitchen foibles was an added bonus (as their iPad app also provides wonderful step-by-step photos and instructions…but not everyone has an iPad!). Beyond that, Michelle’s personality, her spunk and kitchen knowledge come across in spades in this piece of art. While I hesitate to use the word “foodie” to describe Michelle and Henry (a term I think gets over-used and abused), I can say unequivocally that these two LOVE food, and it is absolutely evident in the book. Michelle’s educational background in nutritional and food science not to mention the in-home exposure to really tasty eats thanks to her mom provided a strong foundation for such a love of all things culinary. As Michelle even shared in a recent blog post, when she travels, food experiences are her priority (adding that she “canceled a visit to see Michaelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Accademia because it got in the way of finding the best bollito misto in Florence). It’s this obsession with food that takes Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans to the next level.

Furthermore, in all of Paleo land, Michelle and Henry have to be two of the most genuine, real, down-to-earth, fun people we’ve encountered. Whenever we’re in their presence, there are bound to be amazing eats as well as laughs and more laughs. (And I’m not just saying that because of the poop.)* You’ll see such personality in the pages of their book.nom nom 5

While the over 100 recipes are fun, delicious and very often simple and easy to make, the Henry-designed animations and the special sections detailing everything from tool time to 20 tips to get you started in the kitchen to feeding kids this way to a fun cartoon about how Michelle lives her life as a blogger, mom, wife and nightshift working pharmacist are a visual feast and a veritable treasure trove for anyone and everyone – not just those living the Paleo lifestyle. While the book has Paleo in the title, this book deserves a place on just about every kitchen shelf (okay, maybe not a vegan’s, as they might not like the gorgeous pictures of Michelle learning to butcher a cow).



What about the actual recipes, you say? Well, so far we’ve made homemade sriracha, siu yoke, kabalagala (plantain fritters) and while I haven’t yet made Michelle’s version of broccoli bagna cauda, (it was one of the recipes that landed on the chopping block for our last book – though the bagna cauda itself made the cut) I am now thinking that I need to give her spin on this a try. I mean, she is kind of the queen of umami after all! For the complete listing of all the recipes included in the book, go to their whole page about the book and click on the section that says “Which recipes are in this book?” Not to mention so many of the recipes in the book are Whole30 compliant (and if you need more Whole30 inspiration you can check out the Nom Nom Paleo site where there are even MORE Whole30 recipes to send you on your merry way).


Still not convinced that you need this book in your life or to give it as a gift? Michelle and Henry are such giving sorts that they have a whole 50 page free downloadable preview for you. Go check it out, all you buyers who need to test-drive something before you buy. And as a bonus, check out the fun trailer for the book.

[jwplayer mediaid=”3844″]

Wait, what? You’re still here? You have not gone to any of the online retailers yet to actually buy this book? Trust us when we say you want this book. You need this book. This book might bring you more happiness than sriracha (well, at the very least it will bring you the happiness that is sriracha thanks to her recipe for making your own).

Here Scott shows you just how fun it is to turn the pages of this book. Go on, get yours today. Oh, and if you got yours already, go and leave a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Full disclosure: we received an advance copy of this book to review, but the thoughts an opinions expressed here are our own. Certain links above are affiliate links and if you choose to purchase the book mentioned here we get a small credit from the online retailer for sending you their way. That money helps to keep this blog afloat and helps us to be able to do fun giveaways and such!

*Our son once pooped on Henry. Yup. True Story. In spite of that fact and how we still feel like we need to make things up to him, we can say that–poop or not–we still would adamantly recommend this book to anyone – Paleo beginner or pro, or just someone looking for good, real food recipes.

This was taken after the poop. So they still liked Scott at least (notice that Henry is far away).

This was taken after the poop at PaleoFx. Though they said they still liked Scott, I couldn’t help but notice that Henry is far far away from the baby, and Lil O is not so sure about the creature.

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