We’ve spent quite a bit of time celebrating the first year of Scott’s life via the blog and other media outlets. It was a surreal year full of joy, celebration, achievement and struggle. Wrapped up in a big ‘ole bow…I’d say it was outstanding.  I’d like to turn the spotlight on celebrating the most amazing woman I know…Julie Mayfield. If you all know anything about how we run our ship at home, then you know that most writing and blogging gets run by Julie before publishing. Well, my lovely bride is one her way to California to take part in the NomNom Paleo & Chris Kresser book releases this weekend and so I’m going to slip this little post in without her keen eye for grammar, spelling and general readability.  What the heck!!!IMG_0940

Today I’m recognizing the incredible accomplishments of a loving, strong and incredibly generous woman. Here are just a few AMAZING accomplishments that Julie has been able to accomplish this year with grace and passion:

December 23rd, she gave birth to our beautiful son Scott naturally and without pain meds. Yes, this was technically over a year ago…but we should start the story there. She labored for nearly 9 hours and our precious boy was delivered to us via forceps a few hours after midnight.

IMG_0608Scott was breastfeeding from the start and she is now over 1 year of breast feeding, eating a paleo diet and introducing real foods to him one at a time. She’s had countless hours of pumping, several latching issues and a few too many “biting” episodes that make my body cringe at the thought.  It reminds me of the Jeff Foxworthy bit about beavers (look it up).

In this last year, Julie has bravely shuttled our little man on and off of over 19 different airplanes. Our book tour, family travel and various trips supporting the Navy Special Warfare group all offered up their unique challenges. Heck, we took Scott to Tampa for a meeting with our publisher when he was a month old. I’ll never forget it…we landed there in the evening and had a 45 minute shuttle ride to the hotel we were staying. Scott was hungry and had finished off the milk we packed on the plane. In an effort to get to the hotel as quickly as possible, she was hand expressing milk into a bottle in the backseat while our driver and I sat up front. Two weeks before that trip to Tampa, we’d submitted the final manuscript for our newest book. Cooking/photo sessions had to be wedged in between baby naps and feeding whenever possible. All the while, Julie kept her cool and plowed onward.IMG_1740

Julie has shepherded our young one through Paleo F(x), the Ancestral Health Symposium, Bacon Palooza and countless cooking demos here in Atlanta. We did a demo recently at the Williams Sonoma at Lenox Mall where we traded out stroller rides between our fried chicken tenders and curried noodle recipes in a crowded mall. Smiles from her the entire time and a general expression of gratitude and joy at the simple opportunities afforded us.

_DSC0511She has run the AM shift of our household and risen to the challenge of dealing with a viruses at 3am, doctors appointments and pureeing countless pounds of pears, sweet potatoes and bananas. All the while making sure that shopping got done and there was something to eat at home while I ran the gym. She has been the most supportive and loving spouse I could have ever dreamed of…all the while being a rockstar mom. Oh, and did I mention she still manages to coach a class/client or two at the gym each week.

Thank you Julie Mayfield for being one amazing mother and wife. You are a shining example of our lifestyle and commitment to good food, fellowship and fitness. I love you.

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