Even the “pros” struggle sometimes.  This weekly post started with us showing you all how to better plan for your week and to give you a glimpse into how we prepare for life’s business…

…especially when life is exceptionally crazy. This week is just about the busiest Julie and I have been in recent months.The book continues to do well (thank you all so much) and we have decided to take a little Rest & Relaxation Trip starting Friday morning.  All that with a dose of travel up to Tennessee to see my family this past weekend (yep, Charles is writing this one) – complete with us cooking up dinner for everyone in TN Saturday night (there were no leftovers!) – and you can see how it might be challenging to get things cooked up to have in our own home.

Our saving grace, once again, were some leftovers, and our freezer. I also tinkered with our Pot of Chicken Pie recipe last Friday…just trying to see if we can make it even better.  We also have a slightly shorter week, as we were in Tennessee through Monday afternoon and then we head off on VACATION Friday morning (we might be excited about that, for certain).  Throw in a dash of fun we had Tuesday night at Cook’s Warehouse doing our first “non-gym” cooking demonstration and you we have managed to squeak by with some tasty offerings so far.

Paleo Comfort Foods - hanging out on the farm

The family farm in TN - beautiful this time of year!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how cool last night’s experience was for me.  Julie has long been a big time cooking guru and has conducted or helped conduct countless cooking demonstrations over the years…for me, this was a first.  I’ve done plenty of cooking demos at BTB Fitness and several other gyms around Atlanta…but this was the cat’s pajamas.  We had four assistants to help with things.  There were cameras wired to show folks what we were making on a huge flatscreen…oh and we didn’t have to clean a single dish!!!

On the menu for the demo were the following:

  • Morning Glory Muffins- yes…these are a favorite for lots of folks
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • Coconut Flour Tortillas
  • Chicken Enchiladas
  • Decadent Chocolate Cake with a Kick

The evening went really well.  There were twenty-one students in class and the store ordered in copies of our book so folks could see it…and buy on the spot.  Julie is simply amazing. There were quite a few ‘gluten-free’ folks in the crowd.  This meant we got a ton of paleo questions and how it differed from just being gluten free.  It was really awesome to see folks coming together to learn, discuss and taste some Paleo Comfort Foods creations.  Fortunately, we made enough food to feed everyone (assistants included) and take some home for our meals.

In addition to the above, Julie also threw together a pot roast dish Monday night, to give us some additional protein during the week.

Here’s how our week has shaped up for the most part:

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B In TN – out at local diner C – eggs, veggies and pears in TN L – Chicken pot pie L – Morning glory muffin L – sausage VACATION VACATION
L L – Chicken soup L – Chicken enchiladas L – Pot Roast
D Mexican take out in TN C – Pot roast C – cooking class L – Chicken enchiladas OUT


So, that sums up a short and busy week for Julie and me. Still full of paleo when we have been at home!

While we head out on “holiday,” we will be taking next week off from the blogosphere. Yep, disconnecting.  This much needed break will be just the trick to get our batteries recharged.  Who knows, maybe we’ll come back with a whole list of new recipe ideas and perhaps even some “road forager” videos and blogs after the trip!  Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support and feedback.  You all inspire us each and every day to keep bringing tasty recipes to your table! By all means, comment and let us know what other kinds of recipes we can dig up for you!

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