Because all of you are so fabulous, and we’ve LOVED seeing your postings on Facebook and Twitter about your own Paleo Comfort Foods creations, we’re now going to reward your home cooking skills!

It’s a Paleo Comfort Foods photo contest!

Here’s the deal: you get to submit up to 10 different photos of your own at-home Paleo Comfort Foods creations. Can be anything from the book, can be inspired by the book (but your own take on things), can use one of the sauces or staples from the book but in your own creation…just so long as something about the dish was inspired by a recipe in the book!

To enter:
1.) Go here to submit your photo. You are more than welcome to include your recipe/your variations in the notes section. I’m going to bet that others reading here will want your recipe!
2.) Tell your friends to come on over and vote for your photo (and enter the contest if they so choose!)
3.) Go make another dish and submit another photo – you can enter up to 10 different photos!
4.) Be inspired by creations from other folks!

What’s in it for you? PALEO PRIZES!!!

Paleo Comfort Foods is giving away Robb Wolf's 30 Day Total Transformation

The title says it all!

– A copy of Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation eBook! You can read more about the guide here, We’ll just say that this 30 day guide provides you with it all…maybe you or a family member are just getting started on paleo, and you need a good 30 day plan to get you on your way? Maybe you’re just needing some help with paleo meal ideas? Maybe you’re struggling with getting in some physical activity? Let Robb’s plan help you, just like he’s helped thousands of others!

Win a paleo consultation with Amy Kubal

Paleo pro Amy Kuba

Win a paleo consultation with Stephanie Gruenke

Paleo pro Stephanie Gruenke

– Two one-hour consultations (separate prizes) with Robb’s rockstars – Amy Kubal, RD and Stephanie Gruenke, RD. What’s so special about these ladies? Aside from all that Robb has to say about them (read about Amy here, Steph here), we can say that you will not find two ladies who are more passionate about what they do! Why is a consultation with them a big deal? We are all unique little snowflakes, and especially in a day and age when your primary care physician might be looking at you funny when you mention you’re doing this whole paleo thing, sometimes it’s nice to have someone schooled in nutrition to give you their thoughts, insights, and help you with things you might be struggling with. Amy and Steph have worked with moms, dads, triathletes, professional athletes, couch potatoes, and all sorts of people who just want to live healthier lives. Now is your chance to have them help you too! Read more about these ladies and what their clients have to say by going on over to the photo contest page here!

– A MYSTERY prize!

We’ll have some more recipes for you this week, too, so stay tuned. But for now, go and do something with all those photos you’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter (hey, some folks don’t use social media!), and share with us and the world on our photo contest page!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

p.s. – we are sometimes technologically challenged, so if the upload thing doesn’t work, drop us a line and let us know!

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