Paleo 101

If you’ve made it here, you might have some ideas about what Paleo is. Then again, you might not.

Truth is, there are many interpretations of Paleo in the universe today. If you’re currently following a Paleo-principled lifestyle, it might vary a bit from ours. We don’t believe there is an absolute definition of Paleo. Instead, we feel it is a great template. Our goal is to bring the best parts of our ancestors’ lifestyles to the present day, adding a pinch of culinary wizardry with a dash of modern kitchen equipment to make your time in the kitchen enjoyable and efficient.


What we eat

  • Protein, in the form of meats, poultry, seafood and things we (or others) could hunt/catch/spear/grow. We prioritize meats from local sources that have been raised humanely.
  • Carbohydrates, in the form of vegetables and some fruit. We eat lots and lots of colorful/seasonal vegetables. Yes, veggies and fruits are”carbs”.
  • Fats that are derived from healthy sources: coconuts, avocados, nuts, olives and animals (lard, tallow, butter, ghee, duck fat).
  • All kinds of herbs and spices.

What we don't eat

(and what you won’t see as an ingredient in our recipes)
  • Wheat, Oats, Barley, Millet and various other grains.
  • Legumes (beans of nearly every variety)*
  • Dairy*

* We do include green beans and occasionally offer up variations to our recipes that include some dairy (if you tolerate dairy and are including it in your food).

There are countless illustrations online for a food matrix containing options in each of these categories. The one we generally recommend to friends is Robb Wolf’s.

We’re not scientists, nutritionists or medical doctors. Heck, we’re not even chefs…just a couple of home cooks that love sharing our tasty creations. If you want all the whys as to why we do or do not eat certain things, we suggest checking out the resources below and the awesome information these fine folks have put out into the universe in the form of podcasts, blog postings, books, more recipes, and so much more!

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