Family Dinner Night Begins in Cobb County!

What happens when you get some folks who are passionate about families, real food and cooking together? You cook up some great food and have a blast doing so! I had the distinct honor of serving on a panel discussing the challenges facing the students of the Cobb...

Cranberry Walnut Muffins

Remember how last time I wrote I promised I was going to get back on the horse and blog more? Well, wouldn't you know it that the very next day I broke our paleocomfortfoods website. In other words, I made that fatal mistake of saying "yes" to an update and then the...

Meals for the Week-Tasty Eats!

What Paleo-tastic weekend of food, friends and awesome surprises.  We spent Sunday with Dallas & Melissa Hartwig of Whole 9 at their jam-packed Atlanta workshop. They have a great workshop and we were pleased to see some new additions to their material and even...

Happy Paleo Valentines Meals 4 the Week!

Happy Hallmark Day all you paleo peeps.  For many folks, yesterday marks yet another day in our lives that warrants eating tons of crap that isn't good for you.  Candied hearts, flowers and even underwear are most certainly being consumed.  OK, some strawberries...

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