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Paleo Comfort Foods Rabbit Cattiatore

Happy Monday Paleo Comfort Foods friends.  Hope everyone had a superb weekend. This recipe combines favorites of both of ours: rabbit hunting (a favorite of Charles’) and a classic Italian cacciatore preparation (a favorite of Julie’s – though growing up our house...

Monday Recipe and the Next 25 Days

Good Monday morning to all our Paleo Comfort Foods friends! Based on tweets, Facebook messages, and the like, looks like you all had some fantastic Thanksgiving meals. If you made anything in particular that was outstanding, we'd love to hear about it! We were...

Farmer’s Pie

HOWDY Folks!  OK, check out our give away items this week.  We have a stock of some of your favorite authors.  Already have one of these gems...well maybe you know someone that could use a copy? So, get on over to our contest page for details and let's keep the Paleo...

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