UPDATE: Remember, you can be entered in multiple times for this contest! If you 1.) preorder the book 2.) Facebook about the book 3.) Twitter about the book 4.) Email your friends about the book 5.) post on your own blog about the book – you will be entered 5 TIMES for the contest! Just let us know what actions you’ve taken, and we’ll enter you!

Howdy Paleo Land!  Boy oh boy did we have a whirlwind weekend.  The 1st Ancestral Health Symposium was simply amazing.  Getting the Ancestral skinny from the likes of Boyd Eaton, Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson & the other amazing speakers was an experience we hope all of you get to take part in at some point.  Please go and check out the AHS link above and stay tuned for videos and photos from the event. Perhaps the one thing that mattered most to us was getting to see and spend time with dear friends both old and new that we’ve made through our paleo experience. Helped that we also got to spend such time dining on some seriously tasty eats, too. Bacon wrapped bacon anyone? (oh yes we did!).

Not to toot our own horn, but we do have to say that we brought with us a batch of our Morning Glory Muffins to share with some of our buddies and they were waaaaaayy good. We promised, and delivered! The muffins passed with flying colors. There was almost an underground food swap going on with those, some cherries from Dallas Hartwig of Whole 9, and organic coconut flakes. Pretty fun. Gotta say – they were indeed a hit among quite a few symposium attendees. Apologies to Robb that he missed out on the muffin fun. We think he was kinda busy.

Now…the moment you’ve been waiting for: Congratulations to our latest Le Creuset Winner…Sara Towne!!!

Sara was tweeting about how much she wanted our cookbook for Christmas.  Looks like she has a nice piece of kitchen hardware to accompany Paleo Comfort Foods.

Our next prize will be courtesy of US Wellness Meats (who brought their version of a Slim Jim to the AHS – and MAN were those amazing). You. Must. Try. US Wellness. Meats! And the $75 gift certificate will help you do just that! Note: they will only deliver in the US.

Paleo Grits

Here’s how you enter:
1.) Order the book and comment on the blog (just with your order #).
2.) Share the link to order the book on your blog, and comment below that you did that.
3.) Tweet with the link to order the book, and comment below that you did that.
4.) E-mail your friends, your gym members, your parents, your coworkers about the book, and comment below that you did that.
5.) Post on your Facebook page about the book, and comment below that you did that.

5 different ways to enter – which means you can have up to 5 chances to win!

And finally…

We promised you a recipe, so here you go!

GRITS! Straight from the book so you can get a bit more of a glimpse as to what’s inside! Simply click on the picture, try not to drool, and get the recipe!

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