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Weeknight Paleo

Your health and the health of your family should not come at the cost of a hectic week. Over 100 lip-smacking recipes to get anyone through a busy week with creativity and flavor….READ MORE

Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

Want to look and feel your best with healthy recipes that don’t take all day to prepare? Quick and Easy recipes packed with flavor and complete with lots of pictures and tips/tricks for the kitchen…..READ MORE


Paleo Comfort Foods

Our first book with over 100 of the tried and true recipes that started our amazing path to health and happiness. This book started it all and we still use it nearly every week…..READ MORE

Paleo Summer Survival Guide

The “Go To” E-book for tackling those hot summer days with flavor and flair. 12 Recipes that are sure to please…..READ MORE

Books for Why

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The Paleo Solution

The book that started it all for us. A clear guide to paleo eating and the “why”. The super underboss of the Paleo movement!

Wired To Eat

Robb’s second book and the complete guide to understanding how we relate to and interact with food. A must read!

It Starts with Food

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig explore why everything you want in life starts with the food that you eat. This book gives the nuts and bolts behind their wildly successful Whole 30 Program.

The Primal Connection

Mark Sisson is the king of the Primal Movement. This book highlights the food and lifestyle choices needed to reconnect with your mind and body.

Practical Paleo

An amazing all in one guide to paleo. No stone is left unturned in Diane’s amazing book.

Grain Brain

What a world-renowned neurologist has to say about the impact that modern grains are having on our health. Fascinating look into the effects of consuming grains on our brain.

Brain Maker

Dr. Permutter’s second book exploring the connections with the brain and gut. An amazing exploration of the gut/brain barrier and our microbiota.

Wheat Belly

What you get when a renowned heart doctor starts removing wheat from his patient’s diet. An amazing testimony to the effects of wheat on our health.

The Case Against Sugar

Gary Taubes recent book going into the depth of how sugar is ruining our health.

Books for How

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NomNom Paleo

A most amazing combination of tasty recipes, amazing photography and relatable family fun. An epic journey to health while raising a family.

Well Fed

Melissa Joulwan combines the tenacity of a roller girl legend with the style and grace of a fashion queen. A journey for all into bold flavors and fun exploits.

Well Fed 2

The amazing sequel to her first book. Melissa is never afraid to challenge the taste buds and have a blast doing it.

Paleo Lunches and Breakfasts on the Go

A phenomenal book that tackles that busy time of the day. Diana answers that age old question…”what am I supposed to eat for breakfast?”

The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook

A glorious journey into how to grow, cook and enjoy your own food. This book includes tips and tricks for any want to be homesteader.

Against All Grain

Danielle Walker’s first, of many, books that show you just how tasty a grain free life can be. Amazing photos and recipes for the entire family.

The Performance Paleo Cookbook

Steph goes beyond just eating for health and presents a clear and enjoyable way to tweak your food to optimize performance.

The Paleo Approach

The Paleo Mom’s first book on tackling auto-immune disorders without sacrificing all the joy and flavor real food can provide.

Everyday Paleo

The first of many books by Sarah Fragoso. She’s a paleo dynamo and mother of four kids and global trotting health guru.

Paleo Takeout

Russ Crandle is an amazing talent in the kitchen and recreates our restaurant favorites in a healthier and cleaner way.

Paleo Takes 5 or Fewer

Cindy Sexton keeps it super simple and super fast. If your pantry or creativity are running low, this is a great guide to making tasty meals in a pinch.

Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry

Elana has been the queen of coconut flour for a long time. We love her stuff and know you will enjoy her unique style and flair for food.

The Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals

Mark Sisson has outdone himself with this amazing book. We are all looking to be healthy and not be stuck behind a stove all day.

The Whole 30 Cookbook

The ultimate guide to cooking recipes that comply with the Whole 30. Partnered with Chef Richard Bradford, the Hartwigs cover it all.

Paleo Slow Cooking

One of our favorite books. Chrissy Gower turns the slow cooker into magic chamber of tastiness and dynamic food making.

Beyond Bacon

Hard to argue with the deliciousness of bacon. Thankfully, this book explores all the flavorful offerings that the pig can give you.

Items We Love

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Stick Blender

These are a must for soups, stews and quick immersion blending. Also very easy to clean up.

Cuisinart Food Processor

We use this nearly every single day. A must have for saving time.

Mixing Bowls

Having a stash of these is always handy in meal prep/storage.

Slow Cooker

We use ours every week. Fill it, turn it on, come home to tasty food.

Instant Pot-

One of the greatest technological advancements in the kitchen. You won’t regret having this handy.


Lodge Skillet/Dutch Oven

A great starter kit for any stove/oven from one of America’s best companies.

Inexpensive Chef’s Knife

You’ll want a few of these for everyday use. They are great for road trips too.

Expensive Chef’s Knife

This is your greatest weapon in your journey to kitchen ninjaness.

Mini Prep Bowls

Always good to have these laying around for meal prep.

Plastic Cutting Boards

Easy to wash and perfect for cutting up raw meat.

Wooden Cutting Board

Perfect for carving up your latest creation.

Garlic Press

A very handy implement and garlic is amazing.

Wire Racks

If baking is your thing, these are very handy.

Sheet Pans

Versitile and very handy for baking and roasting.


Fun for the whole family and super handy for making healthy noodles.


Every kitchen needs one of these.

Salad Spinner

Great item to have handy for drying off greens.

Magic Bullet

The handiest salad dressing/sauce maker we have ever known.

Hand Juicer

Easily add lemon/lime/orange juice to any recipe for flavor.

Measuring Cups/Spoons

No kitchen is complete without these

Liquid Measuring Cups

Super handy for measuring large amounts and heating in microwave.


The perfect tool to add flavor to any recipe.


Grilling and frying will never be easier.



Handy for almost any recipe in a skillet or pan.

Ingredients  We Love

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Almond Flour

Our go to substitute for wheat flour.


Arrowroot Starch

Makes any breading crispy and delish.

Coconut Flour

Great for breading and substituting for wheat flour.

Coconut Aminos-

The Paleo substitute for soy sauce

Coconut Milk

If fat is your friend, this stuff is your BFF.


Coconut Oil

A very versatile and healthy cooking oil.

Curry Paste

Keep this combo in your cupboard for all kinds of flavor and fun.

Primal Mayo

No time to make your own, the best Mayo on the market.

Red Boat Fish Sauce

Packs a great Asian flavor for nearly any meal.

Sea Salt

Replace all the minerals modern food is missing in each and every recipe.

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