…as follows! A huge thank you to everyone who participated and who supported the partner entities who helped make this giveaway possible. Giveaways like these are only made possible by all of you supporting and promoting these incredible businesses/individuals. Please go and check out all these awesome products/people and what they do!
Le Creuset (I am really sad to be shipping out all these pieces, just for the record).
Evolve Food
s (especially John & Kate Welbourn)
Chris Kresser (Healthy Baby Code)
Nom Nom Paleo
And the many members of our big old Victory Belt Publishing family:
Chrissy Gower – Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple
Robb WolfThe Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet
The Paleo ParentsEat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids
Sarah FragosoEveryday Paleo Family Cookbook: Real Food for Real Life and Everyday Paleo
Dallas & Melissa HartwigIt Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways
Bill Staley & Hayley MasonMake it Paleo: Over 200 Grain Free Recipes For Any Occasion
Diane SanfilippoPractical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle
Tammy CredicottPaleo Indulgences: Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes to Satisfy Your Primal Cravings
Ashley TudorSweet Potato Power: Smart Carbs; Paleo and Personalized

If you don’t follow their blogs/tweets/info out there in the world, you’re missing out! Go and click on those links above and support these awesome folks!

How we picked the winners: Winners were drawn at random using the service so appropriately named Random.org. We drew the names in the order of the prizes listed (aka first person drawn wen to Le Creuset, second to Paleo Comfort Foods book, etc.). Each winner was e-mailed to verify their US shipping address, and we completed our checks and balances to make sure they properly entered the contest following the rules.

As an added bonus (but one that did not change their chances of winning, nor did it impact what prize they won) we asked the winners if they wanted to share anything with us about how paleo has impacted their lives. So without further delay, here are the winners!

Our GRAND PRIZE winner of the Le Creuset set: Candi Phillips Fuller
From Candi: “paleo has impacted my life on how i was eating before discovering paleo. I am a total sugarholic and quick grab foods like chips and toast etc was the normal. I have learned through the paleo cookbooks you can eat healthy and make meals just as quick as some of the quick processed foods that i thought were good and the norm. Also since i have been eating pretty much paleo i feel better more energy. Thankyou paleo comfort foods for giving me a new awakening on how to eat and what to eat and how to cook. Cooking has never been easier.”

Paleo Comfort Foods: Homestyle Cooking for a Gluten-Free Kitchen signed copy winner:  Jessica Fierro
From Jessica: “I’ve been paleo for about a year and a half and have seen improvements in energy levels, skin and digestive health.”

Healthy Baby Code from Chris Kresser winner: Chris McClenahan
From Chris: “My Paleo story is not much but about a year ago my wife decided she, and by extension, the family, was going Paleo based on research and listening to testimonials from our chiropractor and a nutritionist, Liz Wolfe. Since that time I do believe we are much healthier with fewer health issues and as long distance runners both my wife and I have noticed shorter recovery times and more energy from not having inflammation caused by processed foods and grains. On fact in preparation for my wife’s next marathon she just did her 20 miler and was amazed at how good she felt during and after her run whereas in the past those runs would be a hardship accompanied by several days of soreness. That’s amazing. So happy that we are now Paleo and look forward to long healthy lives.”

Evolve Foods gift basket winner: Ben Marino
From Ben: “Paleo truly has been life changing for me, I can distinctly think of life pre paleo as being a time when everything just seemed harder whether it was training or just doing my job. My Dad recently had open heart surgery and his surgeon emphasised the point to him that your son is cursed with your genes and needs to pay close attention to his health, I have just had a full battery of tests and can confirm everything is great from blood pressure, cholesterol to glucose my health could not be better. Yes I’ve lost weight 40 pounds! gained muscle, am healthier and fitter etc and while this is obviously important to me the greatest gain since my trainer Vann Dizon introduced me to Paleo has been the clarity of my own thinking. I feel much happier and can focus clearly am more outgoing and balanced. It truly is the way my body is meant to function!”

Paleo Slow Cooking winner: Rebecca First

Nom Nom Paleo iPad app winner: Kyle Christensen
From Kyle: “I don’t have a great story about how Paleo has impacted my life, but when I met my current girlfriend, she was Paleo, and I soon came to appreciate the lifestyle. While I am not a strict Paleo eater, I am now way more aware of what I eat, and try Paleo recipes almost every time I cook now!”

Cornucopia of Victory Belt Books winner: Maxwell Su
“About three years ago I started eating Paleo and doing CrossFit to introduce more discipline into my life. Since then, it has dramatically impacted me physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. Paleo has introduced discipline into every aspect of my life from my relationships to my life goals. I am now a CrossFit trainer at BoomFit in College Station, TX and make it my goal to inspire the same kind of life change in my athletes.”

Winners will be notified via e-mail and provided information on when they can expect their prizes.

Paleo Comfort Foods' injured doggie

Phoenix pouting about his cast and inability to chase squirrels

In other news, the Mayfield house is of course never one for a dull moment – much as we try! Our sweet (but crazy) labradoodle Phoenix decided to play Frogger with a car last week, and needless to say the car won. He’s in a cast/splint and is really lucky to still be alive, but it’s like telling the most dedicated of gym-goers that they aren’t allowed to workout for a while. Fortunately he’s healing great, but man oh man alive – trying to put that cone of shame on an active labradoodle sure is tough! I suppose it’s training for putting diapers on a squirmy child? Speaking of – we have just 9 more weeks until our “guess date” for the arrival of baby Mayfield. Feeling great, and super excited about what all these next few months will involve!

(Please note: with some of the links above, if you make a purchase, we do receive a small commission. This helps us do things like pay shipping costs of stuff, keep this website running, and do what we can to come up with new recipes that will keep you all happy!)

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