You would think that with Paleo Comfort Foods being out in the world for 2 months, that life would be settling down. My oh my were we wrong!

Matter of fact, we head to our third printing of Paleo Comfort Foods this week, and what has us REALLY excited is that this latest edition will have a brand spanking new Table of Contents (don’t worry – we’ll be posting it on our site for all of you too!) and a brand new index (which we will also post). Yee haw! Not to mention cleaning up some typos, errors, etc.

Speaking of: if you’ve found some errors or things you think could be better in Paleo Comfort Foods, please e-mail them to info at paleocomfortfoods dot com! The more eyes out there, the better!

Okay, back to the real point of this posting: our paleo Meals 4 the Week. In living this paleo lifestyle, there are certain foods/recipes that we tend to circulate into our meals more often than not: burgers, pot roast, grilled chicken, etc. For some reason, this week I wanted to change things up, experiment with some new paleo goodies, and all the rest.

With just 1 weekend left of our regular farmer’s market in Marietta (though with it being 70+ degrees Fahrenheit in November, you’d think they’d be here way longer!) I stocked up on some eggs, chicken, Pine Street Market bacon, PSM bacon burger, and some other delicious goodies for the freezer. I went to Whole Foods, saw that some sockeye salmon was on sale, and I became inspired to cook up a whole fish, whole duck, a whole chicken. Guess I was in a wholly paleo kind of mood! The rest of Saturday was a whirlwind day, with the christening for our friends’ baby boy and Charles teaching an afternoon on-ramp program. I had all of 10 minutes to get ready (post shopping) for the service. To be REALLY efficient with my time, I also wanted to dump something in the slow cooker. So what did I do? Tossed in some carrots, onions, lemon and celery in the bottom of our slow cooker, rubbed a whole chicken with some garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, thyme, paprika, salt and pepper, and in went the chicken over the veggies. Turned that on for a good 6 hours, and came home to some amazing chicken! Less than 5 minutes of active work time. There could not be an easier way to cook up chicken! Anyone living a paleo lifestyle who says they don’t have time to cook…well, solutions like this make it so that anyone and everyone would have time to cook!

Paleo Comfort Foods - Chinese 5 Spice Roast Duck

Roast Duck -yum!

In terms of diversifying our weekly menu, one of the things I had been itching to make was a roast duck. I think it’s because the last time I went to Penzeys spices here in Atlanta, I had to buy some Chinese 5 spice powder. And for some reason, that powder is absolute perfection on duck. So I felt it was my moral obligation to do a roast duck. I won’t even call it “paleo roast duck” because anytime you take a great piece of fowl or meat, season it without adding sugars or soy, and roast it, I think it’s pretty well understood it’s paleo!

Here’s all we stocked the refrigerator/freezer with this week:
–       Chinese 5 Spice roast duck
–       Cedar plank smoked salmon
–       Whole chicken in the crock pot
–       Whole steamed fish with ginger, cilantro and scallions and baby bok choy
–       Braised beef shanks with veggies
–       Mashed pasrsnips/cauliflower
–       Sautéed Brussels sprouts
–       Oven roasted delicata squash with a sage butter

Even though we knew that there were certain days this week we’d be eating out, we still wanted to stockpile and freeze things as need be for future use. Might as well take advantage of some paleo kitchen time to do so!

Here’s how this week is playing out:

  Su M Tu W Th F Sa
B C – Eggs and bacon with veggies C – Eggs with venison (from freezer) and onions L – Smoked salmon L – Smoked salmon L – Duck and Brussels sprouts Cooking! B – Out
L Cooking afternoon L – Roast chicken with squash L – Duck with mashed cauliflower and squash L – Duck with brussels sprouts and cauliflower L – Roast chicken with cauliflower    
D C – Whole fish with bok choy L – Chicken and duck with mashed cauliflower OUT L – Beef shanks with veggies C – Grilled steaks and veggies    

You’ll see that Friday is noted as “cooking” day. Friday night is a baby shower for our dear friends Jeff & Melissa (you can read their Paleo Power Couple spotlight here). Not only did they introduce us, but they’ve introduced hundreds if not thousands of Atlantans to CrossFit, to paleo, and to overall healthier ways of living. What’s on the menu for the shower (note that Melissa has been pretty much 100% paleo for her whole pregnancy – so this is a very paleo menu!)? Stay tuned next week and you’ll find out what we dished out!

Don’t forget: just a few more days to enter our photo contest! Upload those photos of your Paleo Comfort Foods-inspired creations by going here STAT (click on the “post photos” link at the top!)! Then get your friends to come on over and vote for your creations!

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