A recap on the last four weeks of New:

Our New Book: Weeknight Paleo!

The Updated New Website!

Robb’s New Book!

New Pigs, Chickens and Cows!

2017 is indeed off to a wicked fast start and with that fast start comes a healthy dose of gratitude and thank yous to all those folks that have made each and every one of these new things possible. Far too many to name, but we’ll give it a try.

Weeknight Paleo would not have remotely been possible without all our fans, followers and those of you committed to making healthier choices in the kitchen. Obvious thanks and appreciation go to Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti for thrusting our home cooking skills into the spotlight several years ago. We are honored and blessed to have you in our lives. In the midst of finishing up Weeknight Paleo, Robb gave us the extreme honor of developing the recipes for his latest work, Wired to Eat! We do our best to make food taste good and it wouldn’t look good without the very talented eye and skills of Mr. Mark Adams…aka- GRizz! Mark, you’ve been there since day one and never shied away from tasting any of our recipes after capturing the perfect shot. Thank you! The entire team at The Lisa Ekus Group (especially you Sally) and our fantastic support staff at Harper Collins. The wheels would stop spinning without all your energy and support.

Our “Fresh Eggs”…one’s a double yoker!

The New Website looks FANTASTIC thanks to the incredible patience and hard work of Holly Neumann of Fresh Eggs.
Holly is a super passionate foodie from Atlanta and was instrumental in giving our website the facelift it needed to function and shine. I’ll never forget my first meeting with her in her house. She had kombucha brewing everywhere and all sorts of freshly grown items in her kitchen. It has been beyond a wonderful experience to watch her passion for real food show through in her work with us. Thank you Holly for all of your incredible work…and on a very tight turn around. We highly recommend her for anyone looking to snazzy up their website!

Robb Wolf’s new book- Wired to Eat – is on book shelves now a full week. We had the incredible pleasure of developing the recipes for this amazing work. For anyone looking to gain an intimate understanding of our relationship with food and health, we HIGHLY recommend picking up a copy of this book. It is jam packed with information and Robb’s writing style is straight to the point. If you know anyone that is tired of YoYo dieting or struggling with their health, we strongly encourage giving this a read.


New Piggies and Chickens and cows have arrived on the farm in the last few weeks. For those that aren’t aware, we’re starting up a small scale regenerative farm. Mayfield Pastures would not be possible without the leadership and contributions of some incredible folks. Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms has been a long distance mentor. Andrew and Diana Rodgers send us all sorts of tips and tricks from Carlisle Mass along with her great book Home Grown Paleo as a night table reference guide. The incredible work of other folks like Allan Savory of The Savory Institute; Will Harris of White Oak Pastures and Diego Footer from Permaculture Voices have been instrumental in showing us a way of farming that is sustainable and profitable. A special thank you to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. They are a constant resource of information and are doing great work to protect food freedom and access to it. If you’re into food may we please ask to you consider supporting this organization.

The brooder early morning!

We certainly have to mention our Buying Club Members. Without your support, this first year of tinkering would not be possible. Presently, we have 40 laying hens, 200+ broilers in the brooder, 11 new piglets that have just arrived on the farm and 6 bred cows arriving next week.

Piggies on pasture!

A special thanks to my parents, Scottie and Lisa for their incredible support and patience as we get this farming project off the ground. Your generosity and support have been unwavering.

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