scott and QEPCF

Family Dinner Night Begins!

I had the distinct honor of serving on a panel discussing the challenges facing the students of the Cobb County School System. What a cool opportunity! One recommendation I made to the faculty/staff present was to start a Cobb Family Dinner night. The kitchen is such an amazing place to connect, communicate and enjoy the company of people you love. Additionally, cooking involves so many aspects of learning for a child. There’s math, science, creativity and a unique opportunity to make something and enjoy(more)

paleo cranberry muffins

Cranberry Walnut Muffins

Remember how last time I wrote I promised I was going to get back on the horse and blog more? Well, wouldn’t you know it that the very next day I broke our paleocomfortfoods website. In other words, I made that fatal mistake of saying “yes” to an update and then the whole thing went down the toilet. Note to self: never say “yes” to computer updates unless you know what you’re doing, have awesome technical support on speed dial or(more)


Question time: Can I Substitute…?

Tap tap tap…testing, 1, 2, 3…is this thing on? Wait a minute, we have a blog? And it’s helpful to actually write on it sometimes? Shut the front door! Now if only my memory could serve me better to help me remember what this blogging thing is, and how I do it. I’m kind of surprised I remembered my login information. If I do recall, I think I just write some words and put it online and maybe three people will read it.(more)


Bachelordom Wrap Up

For those that have been keeping up with us for the last month, you know that the Paleo Comfort Foods clan has been apart. I’ve been living in an efficiency apartment in Atlanta thanks to the kindness of a friend. Julie and the kids were fortunate enough to head about 2 hours up the road and stay with my amazingly hospitable and gracious parents. Needless to say, this has been a challenging six weeks. I started this subchapter of our lives with high(more)