The Three Amigos

Paleo FX Wrap Up!

Oh Boy!!!  What a weekend. Here I sit, a week following my return from Austin, and it’s still hard to fathom how so much awesome got packed into three short days. Needless to say, this was the first Paleo FX with the Mayfield clan apart. With two in diapers, trips like these are usually a solo affair for the Paleo Comfort Foods camp. Big props to Julie for muscling through a weekend with Scott and Adelyn while I was away catching up with(more)

Paleo Comfort Foods Meatza

Meatza and your Whole 30 SuperB@wl Party!

Regardless of who you are cheering for this weekend, we wanted to inflate the overall appeal of your halftime snacks with one of our favorite recipes. In other news, this Sunday also marks day 28 of our Whole 30. There are some really incredible results and stories building from the 25+ folks who have joined in through the gym. I’m especially enjoying my new relationship with coffee. Normally, I’m dousing my morning cup with enough heavy cream to see my appetite(more)

Rosemary nuts

Give Them Something They’ll Go NUTS Over!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours! Wherever you are, whatever you are celebrating, whomever you are celebrating with, we hope that this time of year is a time of rest and respite for you and yours, and that these final days of 2014 are filled with love, laughter and good food (of course!) for you and yours, and that you are gearing up for a splendid 2015!

If you’ve procrastinated on shopping like we so often do, you still have time to take(more)

Paleo Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Brussels sprouts slaw – converting the masses!

Ah, Brussels sprouts. Reviled by so many for so long…including me. I distinctly remember my youth and the sulphuric smell permeating through the house, almost overtaking the wonderful turkey aromas I so looked forward to. Fast forward to present day where now it seems savvy restaurants, cooking shows and cookbooks (like ours!) are doing their part to bring this brassica back into favor with everyone. No, hell hath not frozen over (though my love for the Brussels sprouts might have fooled(more)