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Oxtails and Kettlebells

This has been another fun week in the trenches of bachelorhood. I’ve had a very interesting opportunity this past week to course correct on some of my previous opinions about food and taking an “any port in a storm” approach to fuel. In addition to that, Julie an I are closing in on getting our new home squared up.(more)

Adelyn Muss

Tandoori Monk Fish Skewers

Good day everyone. This has been one hectic week and slightly more dislocating than the previous two. The payoff for me, I got to see my bride for a few days as she was in town to volunteer at Camp Sunshine. Adelyn BreakfastShe brought Adelyn down. We had some pretty(more)

Pizza Bite

Week 2 Bachelordom Recap + Pizza Bites

I’ve managed to survive yet another week. Let’s recap what has been an enlightening and continually turbulent living situation.

Actually, I need to back up into Saturday to properly tell the story. For months now, I’ve been wanting to try a sensory deprivation tank. Jim Laird, Lucy Hendricks and Kate Galliett have been going on and(more)