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Paleo Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Brussels sprouts slaw – converting the masses!

Ah, Brussels sprouts. Reviled by so many for so long…including me. I distinctly remember my youth and the sulphuric smell permeating through the house, almost overtaking the wonderful turkey aromas I so looked forward to. Fast forward to present day where now it seems savvy restaurants, cooking shows and cookbooks (like ours!) are doing their part to(more)


Natural Grocers – Reno Rewind!

The grand opening of the Reno Natural Grocers was amazing. It would have been a ton more fun had I been able to share the experience with my lovely family…but our trip got a little sidetracked when Scott was diagnosed with a nasty bronchial virus less than 24 hours before we were set to depart on the(more)


Reno Bound with Checked Pork

As Jules mentioned in a previous post, things have been a bit nuts in the Paleo Comfort Foods home as of late. I’ll let her get that update to you kind folks. Needless to say, it might take a few posts to get all the recent activity a proper explanation.

Amidst all the craziness of late, we have managed to(more)