And the winners are…

The photos in our first ever Paleo Comfort Foods contest were pretty impressive, almost as impressive as all your cooking skills!

As stated, based on the votes, we took the top 10 photos, then randomly drew the 4 winners of this Paleo Comfort Foods photo challenge.

Without further delay, here are our paleo photo contest winners!

The winner of Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Body Transformation:Paleo Comfort Foods winner #1

Creamy Chicken Soup from Eat 2 Bee Healthy


The winner of a 1 hour consult with paleo registered dietitian Amy Kubal:

Paleo Comfort Foods winner #2

Emily Duff’s Beef Stew


The winner of a 1 hour consult with paleo registered dietitian Stephanie Gruenke:

Paleo Comfort Foods - winner #3

Raquel’s Paleo Apple & Apricot Pork Chops


The winner of our paleo Mystery Prize
(On the Grill cookbook and grill thermometer fork)

Paleo Comfort Foods - winner #3

Gingered Butternut Squash Soup from ? (we only have an e-mail address)

We’ll definitely be asking these 4 to share their own tweaks on these recipes with us so we can share with all of you!

I will say the meatloaf shaped like a hand was one of my favorites (Meat Hand)!

Thank you to all those who sent in photos and made some tasty paleo creations in your own kitchens. You can still view all of the photos here. We love seeing what you all cook up!

We’ll be back on Wednesday with our holiday edition of Meals 4 the Week. Just because we’ll be traveling to Philly does not mean we don’t cook for days! Oh contrare! Just wait and see all we cooked up in our paleo kitchen. It’s like that old saying, “a stitch in time saves nine.” A little prep today means we’re not going to be those paleo folks who come home after being on vacation to say “we have nothing to eat!”

Hoping you’re gearing up for a great Thanksgiving with you and your loved ones. We are off to go pack!



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