Paleo Comfort Foods “meats” Epicoa!

You may have seen some of our Facebook pictures recently regarding the Epicoa Rotisserie that was just added to our family. These fine folks brought us one to try out a few weeks back and we can’t say enough good things about it!

Why an Epicoa rotisserie grill for the paleo lifestyle?

Paleo Rotisserie

Charles enjoying some rotisserie awesomeness!

Our good buddy and amazing chef Todd Mussman of Local Three and Muss & Turners in Atlanta was the person that introduced me to this grill (Muss won a “very big award” in the form of an Epicoa Rotisserie at a Cochon Heritage BBQ competition in Memphis earlier this year. Let it be said that though his winning dishes weren’t paleo, Muss is a big believer in paleo and has even done a Whole30!). Aside from the obvious paleo appeal and popularity of things like Churrascarias and meat over an open fire, there are SO many reasons why I love our Epicoa. Rotisserie grilling like this makes life really easy for even those newbie grillers. Check out this video that shows the difference between conventional grilling (note the flare ups) and rotisserie. It travels (tailgates, anyone?). It doesn’t take up a ton of room at the house. You put your food on the skewers and you don’t have to hover over the rotisserie as things cook. The Epicoa cleans easily. Best of all…you can cook a TON of food on it at one time as demonstrated in this video (note: if you’re the kind of person who gets hungry at the mere thought of food, this video might make you so hungry that run out to the nearest Churrascaria to get your meat on a stick fix, or it might unduly influence you to impulse buy…not that there’s anything wrong with that…). While no, the Epicoa won’t replace the Big Green Egg at our house, it’s a very welcome addition to the family. It’s kind of like having two kids that are very different, where you don’t love one more than the other, you just love them both for different reasons! Especially for those of you who are tight on space, worried about a big old grill getting stolen from your deck, or are maybe looking for the perfect gift for the grilling aficionado in your house for the holidays, we think this one should rank up there. And best of all, Epicoa is so supportive of the paleo movement, that they’re offering a stellar deal…

Jalapeño poppers & Venison Tenderloin wrapped in bacon

For a Limited Time: enter Promo Code: PALEO to save 20% off a seasoned rotisserie.

You heard us right.  Click Here to go to Epicoa’s main page to take advantage of this offer. These grills are seasoned/demo models that have been used maybe once or twice. Ours is a seasoned 5 rotisserie, we would have sworn it was brand new when we got it, and we LOVE it. Still not convinced that this grill warrants your attention? Check out this article in Forbes, appropriately titled “The Coolest BBQ Grill Ever.”  (note that Carson Rotisseries is now Epicoa – so we’re talking about the same thing here). We think it’s about time we Americans bring rotisserie cooking into our backyards! Just remember to use the promo code “PALEO” to save your 20%!

You can count on seeing some fun recipes and ideas out of Julie and me in the new year using our Epicoa. Let us know if you decide to add an Epicoa addition to your family this year!

You can follow Epicoa on Twitter and Facebook, and do check out the recipes and videos they have in their Skew U (skewer university, get it?).
Twitter: @Epicoa



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