Salt, one would argue, is the ubiquitous ingredient that binds us together.

Regardless of the particular ethnicity or heritage you happen to be cooking over, you will almost always find salt taking a role in the process. We’ll skip past the incredible historical significance of salt (was once a currency and arguably a lead driver in the development of civilizations through its meat curing ability) and jump right into the modern day. Our modern day, to be exact!

Fine and Coarse SeaAgri salt for the kitchen

Fine and Coarse SeaAgri salt for the kitchen

SeaAgri as a mineral supplement to cows

If you don’t know by now, we’re sort of ALL IN on this regenerative farming thing, albeit a small scale to start. We’ve got pigs, meat chickens, turkeys, laying hens and cows on pasture here is East Tennessee. Funny to think, but it was farming that got us introduced to this amazing company out of Atlanta, SeaAgri. Full disclosure, our website designer Holly Neumann of Fresh Eggs actually started this conversation.

On a trip to Polyface Farms in February, I got the behind the scenes look at their beef management program on one of their rental properties. This included putting out the minerals for the cows to self serve on a daily basis. SEA-90 was an equal part in the Polyface mixture for promoting health in their cattle. This got me asking, are all salts created equal?

All salt is not created equal! Then again, most of you probably already knew that didn’t you?


Our mineral box in the field

SeaAgri salt has been tested to contain over 90 minerals. Really, really, really good minerals for you, me, cows, chickens, grass, soil…and the list goes on. How excited you can imagine we were to find out that SeaAgri offers a table/cooking salt. We are head over heals for this stuff and wanted to tell you about it. It makes our cows and tummies super happy. You can drop this stuff in a glass of water, brine with it, cook with it and garnish any dish you like. And it tastes amazing!

Happy, healthy cows!

Happy, healthy cows!



We give it to our cows because we want to pile as many minerals and nutrients back on our soils as possible. If you’re cooking, there is a good chance you’re using salt. Why wouldn’t that salt be the one packed with as many minerals and nutrients as possible? Here is the link to their Baja Gold Sea Salt! Enjoy folks. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better all around salt for your kitchen than this stuff.

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