As we finished out our first full week when we knew for certain Paleo Comfort Foods was shipping out to all of you (thank you all SO much…

for the e-mails, Tweets and Facebook posts about your books, pictures with your books, etc.), we started to breathe a little bit easier. Just a little. And we cooked. Why, you might ask, did we spend our free time cooking over the weekend? Because we seriously love cooking. And because we knew we had a LOT of dinners out this week, and Charles was going out hunting mid-week (bow season has opened here in GA for deer), this weekend became the perfect opportunity to stockpile our freezer. And because we love coming up with new recipes.

(note: NO, we are not starting a second cookbook at this time. Maybe in the future.  If we did, and that’s a kind of hypothetical “if we did,” what kinds of recipes would you like to see?)

Paleo Comfort Foods - Larb

Our rendition of larb

Saturday Charles was out enjoying a Georgia Tech football game, so I hit the local farmer’s market, Harry’s Market (where I almost took home 3 dogs that were up for adoption), then home to cook. My first task: create a dry rub for the pork butt that I’d decided to smoke on the Big Green Egg all day/overnight. I did my own variation on Dad’s Famous Secret Dry Rub (page 118 in the book), and the pulled pork end result turned out delicious! Next up was my latest ethnic cuisine obsession: Thai food. A quick and easy larb was what I tossed together. You can view the recipe and end result here.

To celebrate our first full week of the books actually shipping, we went and visited our friends at Local Three here in Atlanta. The executive chef (Chris Hall) is also a Georgia Tech fan, so he and Charles share a special connection. We were also incredibly humbled to find out that as much as we like to check our Amazon rankings, these guys have been checking our rankings almost daily too! The best part of all: they now have crispy Brussels sprouts back on the menu. My dish was a pan seared trout with the Brussels sprouts and root vegetables with brown butter. Charles had quiche “Lurlene” (made with collards in the quiche – Charles did not eat the crust). Let it be known that our friends at Local Three have a great sense of humor, and are slightly obsessed with the Big Lebowski. Hard not to love guys like that.

Let’s cut to the chase and list out what we made and what we made and what our schedule is like this week:

Pulled pork
Thai larb
Lamb/venison/tomato/onion/basil scramble that Charles made (seriously yum)
Brussels sprouts
Roasted cauliflower


Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
B Out – brunch L – sausage and veggie scramble C – eggs scrambled with pulled pork and veggies L – sausage and veggie scramble C – eggs with veggies C/L – pork scrambled with eggs and veg C/L –whatever is left in the fridge!
L L – pulled pork and mashed cauliflower L – Leftovers from Caramba Cafe L – leftovers from Urban Pl8 L – Larb L – Lamb/venison with veggies Cook – to be determined
D L – Pulled  pork Out – Paleo night at Caramba Cafe Out – Paleo night at Urban Pl8 Out – birthday dinner/Charles hunting L  – Lamb/venison with veggies Out – mom in town


Like I said – we had a LOT of social things out and about. Monday was celebrating the book with friends at one of our all-time favorites. B-Love and Mia and Mama take great care of us at Caramba Café, and they have seriously an awesome paleo margarita and paleo menu. Note: their margarita is the NorCal kind – no agave or anything like that added. Urban Pl8 does a once-a-month paleo menu, and has a great following from lots of folks in Atlanta. You might remember me posting that big old turkey leg picture from the last time we went to their paleo night. Good stuff. We really think it’s important to support restaurants like these who make special paleo menus for our community, as that is going to encourage them to continue offering these.

Have you all found go-to restaurants in your city that offer special paleo menus? Or what places have you found that you can easily stick to your paleo/primal lifestyle?

Again, we just cannot say it enough: thank you all so much for your support. Your e-mails, comments, posts on Facebook, telling us how you’ve shared with friends, all of these things let us know that this book is something that you all are enjoying, and that is the best compliment anyone could every pay us! Thank you so very much for all your support! Please don’t forget to enter this week’s contest! Head on over here! This is your chance to win a donation for your kid’s school, your church, your favorite organization in your community!

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