We had a ton of entries in the past week’s contest. People must be ordering the book on Amazon or something?!? Just ONE WEEK FROM TODAY and the book is officially live. Which means we hope you all will go online, review it, and if you haven’t yet purchased it, please do so! Here are some mentions/postings from our friends as to their impressions and interpretations of the book. Please go and take a looksie, support these other bloggers, and all that good stuff!

Nom Nom Paleo and Fit Bomb's reviewer

  • The amazing creator of Chowstalker Patty talks about the book on her blog Following My Nose here.
  • The fabulous Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo enlists a very handsome little helper and makes our fried chicken here. She also chats a bit about the book here and might have the cutest promotional photo of our book yet!
  • Devilishly handsome George of Civilized Caveman Creations puts up a little review here.
  • The “non-confrontational” Richard Nikoley of Free The Animal mentions the book in this video.
  • The incredibly talented and community doer-of-good Cakegrrl Kirsty posted this review.  Thank you to ALL our willing reviewers!

And we were very honored to get the following comment via email from Dr. Loren Cordain yesterday: “Julie and Charles – Many thanks for sending me a copy of your book.  It’s absolutely fantastic and I loved reading about your backgrounds and transition into eating Paleo…”

Thank you ALL for your support! Please don’t forget to pre-order and keep spreading the word! A new contest will be up tomorrow and we know you’ll want to be entered into this one!

And now, the winner of our past week’s drawing is……


Congratulations Jennifer – we’ll be shipping out your fabulous prize package this week! We’ll be posting up this week’s contest tomorrow. Hint: it is going to be something of a flame color. Hmmmm, wonder what that might be?

Okay, we promised you a recipe, so here you go. This sauce will transform your variation of chicken salad, will be a perfect dip for sweet potato spears, and is super tasty served on top of burgers, eggs, on top of fish tacos, or served with pretty much anything edible. It’s great when you add in some more olive oil and make this more of a salad dressing. Our dear friend Melissa (Hayes – not Hartwig or Joulwan…yes, Melissa is a common name in this paleo world!) said that this sauce was one of the ones that made paleo possible in her world. You can read more about her variations on the sauce here.

Wanna know what else is good? Using this sauce as a marinade for some beef – like a flank steak – then of course having some extra sauce on the side!


We like our Chipotle Dipping Sauce with some Fried Green Tomatoes

½ cup (125 mL) Paleo Mayonnaise (see recipe posting here or the video here)
½ cup (12 g) cilantro
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
~ juice of 1 lime

1. Combine all ingredients in a mini-blender (like the Magic Bullet!) or food processor until mixed well.
2. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

Ingredient Notes—Chipotles (smoked jalapeños) in adobo (sauce) are found in the Mexican section of most grocery stores and at any Mexican mercados I’ve been to. Just check the ingredients, as some use less-than-ideal oils and others actually contain wheat flour. La Morena is one brand we like.

Variations—Tinker around with this one to get it as spicy as you’d like it (note well: even with the low amount of chipotles called for in this, for some palates this recipe will be like fire!). Let us know what variations you try and like!

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