Dehydrated Kiwi Chips

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect snack, especially if you’re on a diet and are trying to cut unhealthy foods out of your daily routine.

So the next time you are in the mood to eat something sweet, why not make your own delicious treat using simple ingredients that you can find in your home? 

Down below, we have outlined our recipe for dehydrated kiwi chips, which are a wonderful and healthy alternative to your average sugary snacks.

Not only are these fruity chips Pale, Whole30 and AIP-compliant, but they are also beautifully vibrant and taste just like tropical candy.

So take a look down below and see how you can make these amazing snacks today! 

Why Should You Make Dried Kiwi?

The answer to this question is pretty simple, you should make dried kiwi chips because they are delicious and because they can be extremely beneficial for your health.

Although it may be hard to believe, kiwis actually contain more Vitamin C than oranges. 

They also contain more potassium than bananas and can provide you with more fibre than a big bowl of muesli or bran cereal.

Making them the perfect snack for paleo dieters who are concerned they’re not getting enough fibre during the day. 

Kiwi fruit is also low on the glycemic index, which means the fruit does not elevate your blood sugar, unlike other fruits commonly found on the market. 

What Does Dried Kiwi Taste Like?

When it comes to taste, dried kiwi chips bear a similar flavor to sweet and sour candy, with the tropical fruit delivering a tart sweetness on the tongue.

Although this flavor may not be for everyone, it does make the finished chips very moreish and you may find you have eaten the whole bowl before the day is over. 

Because of this we highly recommend making these delicious treats for your children, as they are a fast and easy way to make sure that your kids are eating one of their five a day.

We promise that if you pull these beauties out of the oven, your children will not be disappointed. 

What About The Texture?

Once the kiwi slices have been properly skinned and dried, the fruit takes on a spongy and slightly chewy texture, which can be extremely satisfying on the palate.

However, if you prefer your kiwi chips to have a crunchy finish, then you can leave them in the oven for longer and watch as they begin to crisp and brown. 

How To Make Dried Kiwi Chips

The process of making dried kiwi chips is extremely simple. However, there are some factors you need to consider before you can start slicing your fruit. 

Will You Need A Dehydrator?

Because these kiwi chips have been dehydrated, you are probably wondering if you need to use a dehydrator to make sure the fruit has been properly dried.

Well, the short answer is no, you don’t need to use a dehydrator, although it can make the process a lot quicker and more efficient. 

But if you do not have a dehydrator, then you use your oven to dry out the fruit, which works just as well as any professional piece of equipment.

However, if you are interested in purchasing a dehydrator, then you can purchase models such as the Excalibur 9-tray dehydrator, to get the job done. 

Should You Peel The Kiwi?

Whether you choose to peel the kiwi is completely up to you, as some people prefer to eat the fruit without the addition of its natural fuzz. However, if you decide not to peel the fruit, there will be very little difference in the finished product, as the skin is not noticeable after the fruit has been dehydrated. 

So if you have no preference either way, then leaving the skin on can make the overall process move a lot quicker and will save you more time in the long run. 

How Do You Dry Kiwi?

The actual drying process is probably the easiest part of the recipe, as it involves placing the sliced kiwi fruit onto a baking tray and putting them in the oven for around 4-6 hours.

However, if you are using a dehydrator, you will need to dry the kiwi at a temperature of around 135 F, which can take about 6-12 hours to complete. 

Dehydrated Kiwi Chips Recipe

Now let’s take a look at the actual recipe! Please note that these instructions are suitable for both ovens and dehydrators. 


  • Kiwis


  1. Take your kiwis and peel away the skin using a spoon or knife. (You can do this by inserting the spoon directly beneath the skin and rotating the kiwi until the peel has been completely removed. Alternatively, you can also use a vegetable peeler to complete the process.)
  2. When the kiwi has been peeled, cut the fruit into ¼-inch slices using a sharp kitchen knife. 
  3. Place the slices onto a baking tray or dehydrator sheet and dehydrate them at 135 F for around 6-12 hours. If you are working with an oven, then you can place the baking tray in the oven at its lowest temperature and check on the fruit after 4 hours have passed. 
  4. When the fruit has fully dehydrated it should take on a chewy and spongy texture.