The 15 Best Paleo Restaurants In Nashville

Nashville Tennessee is known as the Music City, adored for its  country music culture. On Music Row there is a busker strumming on every corner, hoping to be the next big thing and pave the way for the future of country music! However, Nashville’s food scene has been somewhat left lagging in the past… until now! 

Luckily, Nashville has had a culinary revamp in recent years, and there are now a wealth of restaurants and eateries offering paleo-friendly options that taste great.

We have compiled a list of the top 15 paleo restaurants in Nashville so that you can go out and enjoy some southern nightlife without being faced with a single side of stodgy mac n’ cheese all night!


First up we have Avo, a beautiful, plant-based restaurant that is not only kosher-certified but also features gluten-free, organic and locally sourced prod

uce. The menu has lots of paleo-friendly options available and they do some really great shareable plates. The Wild Nashville Salad is a paleo favorite that boasts seasonal veggies so it is always changing, and you have to try the Thai tacos! Delicious!

The Wild Cow

Next on our list is The Wild Cow, which boasts an all vegan menu and has just opened a new venue near 5 Points in east Nashville.

The atmosphere in this place is super chilled and fun, and the ingredients are bought in whole-form which means all the dressings, dips, stocks and sauces are made in-house. The Wild Cow staff are proud to say that their kitchen is microwave free!

Also, if you love altruistic businesses then The Wild Cow may be the restaurant for you as they donate 2% of their profits to a different charity each month.

The Cafe At Thistle Farms

The Cafe at Thistle Farm doubles as a quaint little farm store as well as hosting events and tea parties, so it really does do everything.

What’s more, The Cafe is dedicated to helping female survivors of domestic violence, and many of the staff employed are survivors themselves. For this reason The Cafe has a wonderful healing and tranquil atmosphere and is a great place to go with some girl friends.

Not only do they do delicious paleo-friendly food (the spinach and berries salad being a favorite), but they also offer an extensive list of fabulous teas with a tea service (complete with china cups and a tiered tray!).

Tres Gauchos Grill

Tres Gauchos has a fantastic atmosphere because the place is filled with the incredible smells and sounds of their open kitchen. They grill your food right in front of you on a wood fire, and you can get grilled avocado or veggies on the side to make your dish paleo-friendly.

The service is quick and hassle-free so this place is brilliant if you are looking for an easy paleo option whilst out and about.

Puckett’s Grocery And Restaurant

Puckett’s began life as a local grocery store in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. Now they have 6 restaurants, including their Nashville venue. The menu is a meat-eater’s heaven and they are more than happy to accommodate paleo requests if you ask – so don’t be shy!

Better still, Puckett’s holds music nights in true Nashville style, so you can go and enjoy an evening’s entertainment with friends and not worry about having to compromise your dietary goals.

The Cookery

There are many reasons why you will want to visit The Cookery. First of all, it offers a great allergy and dietary restrictions menu that allows you to select your dietary preferences online before ordering.

The menu itself has a whole host of amazing salads, and the staff are more than willing to accommodate your preferences to make any dish paleo-friendly.

But The Cookery also has a greater purpose. It trains formerly homeless students in the culinary arts to prepare them for work in Nashville’s busy food industry, so you can enjoy your paleo meal in the knowledge that you are helping a great cause too!

The Treehouse

The Treehouse is the two-time winner of the Eater Chef of the Year Award! Their farm-to-table menu is chef driven and full of innovative ideas, and all the ingredients are locally-sourced and packed with flavor.

The venue itself was a former family home and the hand-crafted wooden tables and friendly staff all help to create a really warm and cosy atmosphere. Try the North Carolina seared trout dish for a truly yummy paleo brunch!

Nectar Urban Cantina

Nectar Urban Cantina strives to deliver intense and innovative flavors in a casual environment. Their Mexican-inspired menu is colorful and creative and has plenty of paleo-friendly plates (plus the ceviche is to die for!).

They host events and parties year round, and they also have a grab-and-go juice bar if you want to take a fresh and revitalising beverage to go.

Homegrown Taproom And Kitchen

Homegrown (as you may have guessed from the title) sources all its delicious ingredients from farmers, growers, artisans and brewers based in and around the Nashville area. They like to give all their plates a home-cooked feel, so the whole ambiance of the place is incredibly comforting and friendly.

The chefs are more than happy to adapt to paleo requests, and the menu has a Little Homie section for kids, so you can bring the whole family!

Jack’s Bar-B-Que

Jack’s is Nashville through and through. From humble beginnings, they now have 3 Nashville venues so you have no excuse not to visit!

The menu is traditional southern cuisine featuring the classic meat and three sides combo, and the staff happily accommodate paleo requests if asked. They have lots of options for non-paleo pals too, so everyone will be happy!

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen celebrates better living and clean eating, and they are a sure bet for foodies and wellness seekers looking for a light lunch in Nashville.

Their menu has absolutely loads of paleo options so you will be spoilt for choice (the tuna lettuce cups are a must-try!) and they are skilled at customizing dishes to paleo needs.

The decor is as fresh as the food, and they even do online orders so you can enjoy some True Food at home.


Grabbagreen specialises in making healthy food, fast. Their fresh fruit smoothies are a favorite with paleo customers, as are their bowls (the Tokyo Bay bowl being a particularly popular choice).

The vibe is informal and friendly, making Grabbagreen a great option if you are on a speedy lunch break and need some tasty paleo options to go.

Wild Horse Saloon

Wild Horse saloon is seeped in Nashville tradition and offers live music and line dancing as well as a great culinary experience. The menu is full of delicious meat and veggies, and the chefs are happy to accommodate paleo requests wherever possible.

The seasonal farmer’s market vegetables make a great side – just be sure to let your stomach settle before taking to the dance floor!

Cafe Makai

Cafe Makai uses simple, fresh and unaltered ingredients in its breakfast and lunch dishes. They pride themselves on being open to all dietary requirements so this place is perfect for a paleo diner. They also have a great range of hot teas for a mid-morning coffee date with friends. 

Black Rabbit

And last but not least, we have Black Rabbit. Located in a historic building with exposed brick walls and 16-foot ceilings, Black Rabbits is spacious and incredibly atmospheric – great if you are looking for somewhere to impress a date!

The woodfire grill is the centrepiece of their kitchen, and you can smell and hear all the delicious dishes being cooked – which will really make your mouth water.

The chefs are very skilled and paleo-friendly, plus there are lots of paleo options amongst the small plates (the charred okra being a favorite!). For great paleo food and great Nashville spirit, Black Rabbit is a sure fire hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a paleo diet?

The word paleo comes from paleolithic, relating to the period in history before humans discovered agriculture. For this reason a paleo diet excludes food types that only became popular with the advent of farming, such as grains, legumes and dairy products.

A paleo diet includes lots of lean meat, vegetables, nuts and fruit – all of which our paleolithic ancestors would have enjoyed.

Why try a paleo diet?

The key reasons for following a paleo diet are weight loss and improved general health. The diet can help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure whilst also improving the body’s glucose tolerance.