The 15 Best Paleo Restaurants in Atlanta

The Paleo diet has become super popular in recent years. In most major cities you’ll find plenty of choice when it comes to paleo dining but what is it, and why are so many people making the transition to this type of food?

Paleo is short for  Paleolithic, which is an era in history where people typically hunted for food and ate food from the land.

A Paleo diet includes foods such as vegetables, seeds, fish meats and fruits that are easily obtained from hunting and gathering. The Paleo diet is thought to be a much more natural way of eating and feeds the body what it needs in terms of nutrients. 

Another advantage of the Paleo diet is that you avoid much of the additives and chemicals that are common in the modern diet. Paleo is also a healthy choice if you want to lose weight or avoid heart disease and diabetes. Paleo has all the elements of a healthy diet with its inclusion of whole grains and lack of dairy products. 

So, you may be wondering how you can maintain the paleo diet and still enjoy fine dining? If you are lucky enough to live in the bustling city of Atlanta, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants. Let’s consider some top rated restaurants for the full Paleo experience.  

Table & Main 

Table & Main is a superb little restaurant in the heart of Roswell. They specialise in homemade fried chicken (KFC style, but healthier). 

They also offer a great selection of seasonal vegetables; the perfect complement to iron rich meat and fish. You can also get wonderful comfort food such as seafood stew or mac & cheese (great for the little ones). They also have some pretty yummy sweet treats such as chocolate angel food cake or marshmallow based chocolate pudding. Well worth a visit for an indulgent but healthy dining experience. 

Bantam & Biddy 

Bantam & Biddy is a fun Southern style diner located at Atlanta international airport. B&B has something for everyone and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s reasonably priced with some unusual additions such as fried chicken and cheddar waffles or a ‘build your own biscuit’ option.

B&B also offer catering for events and are available on social media making them easily contactable. 

Whiskey Bird 

The Whiskey Bird restaurant combines different flavours from Asia and America for an innovative fusion for the taste buds. Their specialty is Yakitori which is Japanese for grilled chicken cooked over binchotan charcoal. Ideal for sharing,  and perfect for the Paleo follower.

They also offer a delivery service for the days you want to chill at home but not have to cook, what’s not to love. 


For the burger loving paleo enthusiast Messyburger provides the best combination of healthy and naughty. They also provide options that are carb free and have some great reviews, check it out for a fast food option that’s cheap and tasty. 

Bones Restaurant 

Bones is a prestigious restaurant in downtown Atlanta.  Open since 1979 Bones offers the highest quality dining and boasts the best steak and seafood in town. 

The perfect dining experience for business lunches Bones will impress anyone who dines there. Bones is the proud recipient of the ‘Best of Atlanta Steakhouse Award’ for the past 16 years and is paleo friendly with a unique menu.

Fancy a spot of crab stuffed trout with haricots verts and marcona almonds? Or perhaps grilled baby octopus with fennel salad? Head down to Bones for a rare and wonderful treat for the taste buds. 

Kale Me Crazy 

For the ultimate health food extravaganza check out Kale Me Crazy available in several locations in Atlanta including Midtown, Inman Park and Buckhead. KMC is a superfood cafe and offers super nutritious smoothies, wraps, salads and juices made from organic and raw food.

Perfect for the paleo follower and fantastic to support a healthy lifestyle. KMC also offers catering for events and with a wide selection of options. 

Flower Child 

Flower child is a funky eaterie in the famous Lenox Road area of Atlanta. It prides itself on providing fresh healthy food that is made from scratch.

They cater for all diets including paleo, vegetarian, gluten free and produce food that’s delicious and full of flavour. Whole grains, tasty fruits and colourful vegetables are plentiful at Flower Child and you won’t regret a visit to the restaurant with its vibrant colors and radiant surroundings.

Calla Latina 

Calla Latina is an authentic South American diner with Latina women cooking the best food inspired from their families. It’s paleo friendly and the chefs use seasonal food that are locally grown to adhere to tradition. 

You can enjoy Ensaladas, Bocados and Empandas as well as lots of tasty side dishes and sweet treats for dessert. 

They also offer event catering and private parties , the perfect option if you want great food and a fun night with friends. 

One Eared Stag 

The one eared stag is a quirky little venue with an interesting menu that you can choose to eat in or take away. They use a variety of vegetables and the menus are changed on a regular basis.

They use local farmers and the chef Robery Phalen uses his creativity to produce hgh quality foods with awesome flavor combinations that  surprise the senses. 

The One Eared Stag has earned awards as one of the best “farm to table” restaurants and has 5 star reviews from diners.  

Bulla Gastrobar

The Bulla Gastrobar is a unique culinary experience. Bulla, the owner is originally from Spain and has created a restaurant famous for its Spanish cuisine and tasty tapas. 

Paleo is one of the many dietary requirements that the Bulla Gastrobar caters for. Bulla’s Costa Rican background has provided him with unique culinary experiences that he has used to produce Spanish cuisine that is second to none. His creations have also been inspired by travelling and his brand has become very popular in the area. 


Upbeet really does live up to its name. It’s  a trendy organic cafe popular with the health conscious  paleo followers. Smoothie shakes and smoothie bowls contain raw and nutritious fruit & veg and you can also create your own bowl of favourites.

You have the option to add protein such as chicken, steak, fish or eggs and you can also indulge in some superfood lattes or protein based coffees. 

The great thing about Upbeet is it’s remained true to its original mission. Upbeet’s ethos is about providing healthy food without relying on traditional fast food for convenience.

Their logo ‘Good Vibes Only’ is the perfect description as all their products are vegan and animal friendly. They use organic ingredients and promote sustainability by being a zero waste company! All great reasons to head down and try the delicious food they have on offer. 

The Iberian Pig 

As the name suggests the Iberian Pig serves all things pork and bacon and as such is ideal for a paleo dieter. Bacon wrapped dates, large portions of suckling pig as well as pork tacos are a few of the tantalising offerings at the IP. 

There are other meals on the menu if pork isn’t your thing, why not sample their delicious paella or crab croquetas or maybe try some desserts such as marcona almonds or burnt basque cheesecake? They also offer takeout or delivery and you can hire them for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday celebration. 

Sun In My Belly 

For an upmarket fashionable experience Sun In My Belly offers the best in stylish interiors, luxurious ambience,  as well as delicious cuisine enjoyed by paleo dieters and others. 

As well as a sophisticated restaurant they have also just launched an open air market where you can purchase some of their unique products and ingredients. 

The menu consists of a variety of seafood options as well as steak and deliciously prepared vegetables with flavoursome herbs and spices. A true party for the taste buds. 

The Rotisserie Shop 

The Rotesserie Shop prides itself on high quality and fresh produce. If you want simple dining with old favourites such as chicken on a skewer, pulled pork and meat sandwiches then look no further. 

Although primarily catering for meat eaters,  they also offer a nutritious vegetarian menu with child friendly foods such as fries,mac & cheese, chicken soup and buttered noodles. 

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen 

DEK is a popular Atlanta restaurant and is lovingly run by co owners Ash and Titi. Their Ethiopian upbringing has influenced their choice of menu and helped them use their knowledge of home cooking to create a thriving business that people from far and wide come to enjoy. 

There are plenty of paleo options and they endeavour to provide excellent service and mouth watering meals. They have grown from a small restaurant only able to facilitate 8 people to a restaurant that can serve up to 250 diners. 

The menu includes traditional Ethiopian dishes such as Sambusa, Chechebsa and Fowl as well as some Ethiopian inspired dishes served with pasta and potatoes. 

True Food Kitchen 

The True Food Kitchen is the epitome of clean living and wellness. They believe in the power of food to heal the mind and body and it’s what drives them to create the very best menus from the highest quality ingredients.

Each restaurant has highly qualified chefs who work tirelessly to produce unique dishes bursting with flavour that truly benefits the body. It is paleo friendly and caters for many different dietary requirements.

Their passion for good food is seen in their story and their menu and you can’t help but admire the commitment they have to producing fantastic meals for all to enjoy.  

Eating paleo is a gift you can give yourself and you will be repaid in good health, a clear mind and be better equipped for whatever life throws your way.