The 15 Best Paleo Restaurants in San Antonio

As many of you San Antonio foodies will know, it can be difficult pairing the city’s famous Tex-Mex and BBQ cuisines with a paleo diet. The burger buns have gluten in, the hot sauces contain dairy, and the tacos are filled with beans and legumes! 

I am sure you will also be familiar with the awkward feeling of having a waiter hover over you while you frantically scour the menu for a paleo-friendly option. 

It is enough to make you not want to dine out at all – or worse – to compromise on your dietary goals! But fear not – things in San Antonio are changing for the better.

In recent years, the growing popularity of paleo and other diets, as well as a growing awareness of healthy eating, has led to many paleo-friendly and healthy-eating venues opening up. What’s more, existing restaurants have expanded their menus to accommodate a wider variety of dietary requirements. In fact, there are now such a wealth of places to choose from, we have put together this list of the 15 best paleo restaurants in San Antonio so you can take your pick! 

Pharm Table

Pharm Table comes top of the list for its wide range of organic, locally sourced, gluten-free food. The menu is informed by research carried out by Harvard School of Public Health, meaning you really are in expert hands, and they advocate plant-forward dishes with smaller portions of clean animal proteins for a truly nutritious result.

Their kitchen contains no gluten, processed sugar or dairy products, so if you have a serious intolerance then you are safe at Pharm. Plus, they offer a paleo menu as well as the option to customise other dishes on request. The staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about healthy eating so you will feel right at home.


Looking for somewhere with plenty of sophistication and style? Bliss is exactly that. This chef owned and run restaurant, located just south of downtown San Antonio, offers contemporary American cuisine made from fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

The venue itself is glamorous and seductive and the food matches it in quality and style. The menu has paleo-friendly options, like the delicious kale caesar salad, and the chef is very accommodating when it comes to adapting dishes. For class and flavor, Bliss is a winner.

Snooze Eatery

Snooze Eatery has 3 San Antonio venues so you are sure to find one near you. It specialises in breakfast and brunch dishes, so great for a midmorning catch-up with friends, and the general atmosphere is light and cheery. What makes Snooze special is that it uses only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, and puts some really creative twists on breakfast classics.

There are fun paleo-friendly options available and the Bountiful Buddha Bowl is a customer favorite. Plus, they do delicious coffees with a variety of dairy-free milk alternatives so you can enjoy your morning caffeine hit guilt free

The cove

The Cove’s motto is ‘eat well, live well’ and they maintain this through their commitment to sustainable, organic and locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s owner, Lisa Asvestas, studied the Indian holistic practice of Ayurveda, which teaches the importance of balance and nourishment in food, and she put all she learnt into the menu at The Cove.

There are lots of gluten-free options available that can be made paleo with a simple request and, better still, there is live music and an outdoor play area for kids, so the whole family will be happy!

Wholesome Eating

Next up we have Wholesome Eating, a keto and gluten-free bakery with plenty of paleo-friendly options. This place was created by the owner out of her frustration at not being able to find tasty paleo or keto treats anywhere in San Antonio.

Wholesome Eating therefore offers a great range of bread and pastries to order, which are paleo-friendly and come delivered to your doorstep. They even do amazing paleo wedding cakes and birthday cakes on request!

Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine

Paloma Blanca is a traditional, family-run Mexican restaurant, and the food has all the character and flavor you would expect. The decor is stylish, with soft leather furnishings and lots of raw wood, so you really do feel the authentic Mexican vibe.

They have a full paleo menu with an abundance of wonderful, tasty dishes to choose from, so you certainly won’t feel short changed. The paleo tacos come highly recommended!

Order Up

Order Up specialise in street food style dishes which are creative, fun and a little bit messy! The atmosphere is informal and friendly and the food is tasty. Their corn tortillas are gluten-free and they offer gluten-free bagels and pizza bases too.

They even do lettuce leaf wraps, so the paleo options are endless. 

Powerhouse Bakery

Powerhouse Bakery not only offers a delicious array of paleo and gluten-free treats ready to pick up in-store, they also offer incredible healthy eating meals to go so you don’t need to worry about planning, shopping or prepping your perfect paleo meal – it’s all done for you.

Their Power Cooking School is a great way to expand your knowledge of nutritional cooking as well as your technical skills, and though they don’t offer an eat-in service, you will feel so spoiled when your paleo meal arrives that you will feel like you are at a 5 star restaurant in your own home!


At Revolucion, situated in the heart of downtown San Antonio, they not only offer a wide range of fresh juices and smoothies, but they also have a Better Food menu, dedicated to gluten-free and paleo-friendly options.

The poke bowl is a customer favorite and can be made paleo-friendly on request, and they have amazing smoothie bowls that will make your mouth water. If you still need a cleanse after all that goodness, why not treat yourself to one of Revolucion’s detox juices to send you on your way?


Zedric’s is conveniently located in The Colonnade Shopping Centre where you can drop in to pick-up some healthy and delicious pre-prepared meals to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. The chef-prepared food combines gourmet flavors with fresh and nutritious ingredients, so they really are win-win.

What’s more, their website contains detailed nutritional information about each dish so you can do your research before you order – and it’s safe to say there are plenty of paleo options available. Not only will Zedric’s keep you coming back for more, but they will also fill you with inspiration for your own paleo recipes!

Tarka Indian Kitchen

Tarka is a Texas-wide phenomenon and is loved for its flavorsome Indian dishes that are sustainably sourced and health conscious. They offer a range of vegan and gluten-free items and the whole menu is very reasonably priced.

For a paleo option try one of their kabobs served with grilled vegetables and chutney, or a bowl of their delicious madras soup. 

First Course Salad Kitchen

First Course Salad Kitchen is located in the Dominion neighborhood of San Antonio and was created by a group of Texans whose culinary backgrounds were all in fine dining. They came together to create a culinary experience focused on healthy dining and quality ingredients, and the result was First Course.

The vibe inside is very laid-back and friendly, and there are lots of build your own options for an immersive twist. Paleo options are plentiful and all the dips, stocks and dressings are made in-house by the restaurant chefs. As a quirky lunch date, this place is ideal.

Seňor Veggie

Seňor Veggie is Mexican-inspired, vegan cuisine and all their dishes are colorful and bursting with flavor. The buffalo tofu is a customer favorite and the chefs are happy to accommodate paleo requests wherever they can.

The atmosphere is low-key and they have a BYOB license, which always helps to reduce the cost of any night out. Paleo and non-paleo diners will love it!


There are a number of Salata salad bars in San Antonio and they are a great option if you are out and about or need a quick and easy bite to eat. The company’s ethos is that food should be healthy and tasty, and they achieve both with their wide selection of salad and wrap ingredients.

They have over 50 fresh toppings and fillers available so you can create the perfect paleo dish that suits all your personal preferences. And you can even download a Salata app on your phone to pick up rewards every time you visit them.

Thyme for Lunch

Lastly we have Thyme for Lunch, run by husband and wife Morgan and Anang. Their travels through South East Asia are what inspired their restaurant idea, and they strive to create dishes that celebrate diverse cuisines, fresh produce and healthy living.

The restaurant motto ‘think global, eat local’ captures their philosophy perfectly and the menu puts that philosophy into practice. There are loads of paleo-friendly options on their breakfast, salad and sandwich menus, so if you are looking for somewhere with plenty of variety then you should definitely give this place a go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a paleo diet good for you?

The paleo diet helps with weight loss and the lowering of cholesterol levels and blood pressure.