The Best 15 Paleo Restaurants Denver

The paleo diet originated in the 1970s and follows the philosophy of eating foods that our ancestors would have eaten around 10,000 years ago when farming was established.

The hunter gatherer approach means that the paleo diet mainly consists of eating fruits, fish, lean meats, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

By helping to cut down on processed foods and foods with added sugars, this diet helps to incorporate more natural ingredients into your everyday diet. Other foods that are included in the diet are dairy products, grains and legumes.

One place that is highly recommended for those who swear by the paleo diet is Denver and the Boulder region which has many local eateries that promote the paleo lifestyle.

Whether you want to find a restaurant to visit, fancy a takeout or want your dinner delivered, there are so many options to choose from.

In this guide, we’ve gathered the top 18 Denver paleo eateries that you should consider followed by an FAQ where we answer those burning questions you may have regarding the paleo diet.

Here are the best 18 Denver paleo restaurants, takeouts and food delivery services you should consider:


The first option on our list is Indian restaurant Azitra which is one of the most paleo friendly restaurants you can find in the whole United States.

The menu has clear markings dictating whether the meals are suitable for the paleo diet as well as gluten free, vegan and vegetarian or a combination of some of the above.

With a location in Broomfield, Colorado as well as another location in Raleigh, North Carolina, Azitra has become tremendously popular with those with a variety of different dietary requirements.

Any of the dishes can be prepared with coconut oil and coconut milk if you request it so that opens the menu up even more.

They also source natural ingredients that have as little refined or added sugars as possible. With the dishes made from scratch, you can be assured of the freshness and quality which has built a loyal customer base. 

If you are wanting to make the trip to the Broomfield restaurant, you can view their recent menus and prices on their website at where you can also reserve a table should you wish. Make sure that you do reserve your table as both locations get incredibly busy. 


535 Zang St. Suite C, Broomfield, CO 80021 as well as an additional location based in Raleigh, NC. 

Beetnik Foods

Beetnik Foods is a company that is stocked in a multitude of health food stores across the nation.

Based in Texas, you can order Beetnik Foods directly at your door which includes fish and specialty meats which is sent via FedEx so you can be assured that it will arrive safe and in the best condition.

If you can travel to the Denver metro area then you will find Beetnik Foods stocked in a variety of shops including Alfalfa’s Market, Lolita’s Market & Deli, Marczyk Fine Foods and Whole Foods Markets.

With a variety of refrigerated and frozen options available, you’re bound to find the perfect dishes for you.  

If you’re unable to get to the stores to purchase your meals, you can visit the Beetnik Foods website at where you can shop online as well as browse through the variety of options available to see what is best for you. 

Blooming Beets

Blooming Beets is a unique grain free restaurant based in Boulder which is ideal for paleo eaters as the owner is a keen follower of the paleo diet.

Inspired by her lifestyle and wanting to provide a great eatery for fellow paleo dieters, Blooming Beets is a great place as everything on the menu is suitable for those on the paleo diet.

With a menu that dictates “We are 100% grain-free, gluten-free, grass-fed, wild-caught and pastured.

Most of our items are dairy-free (confirm with your server), GMO-free and grown without pesticides and fertilizers”, you can be sure that this is a great choice for those who find it difficult to find places that are exclusively catered for the paleo community. 


3303 30th street, Boulder, CO, 80301


Bubu is a small casual restaurant that focuses on providing the local community with dishes that are rich in protein and their ingredients are all catered for those on the paleo diet.

Their Paleo Caveman bowl is one of the most popular dishes and is fantastic as all of the ingredients are locally sourced which means you can be guaranteed of the freshness as well as knowing that there has been limited processing and pollution in the food which makes it great for those who are eco conscious.

If you want to explore what Bubu has to offer then head to their website at where you can browse through their menus as well as look through the prices.  


1423 Larimer St, Denver, CO, 80202 and 7559 East Academy Blvd, Denver, CO, 80230

Caveman Chefs

One of the most popular paleo catering companies is Caveman Chefs.

With thousands of locations nationwide, you can easily track down one of their many pickup locations around the Denver area. With options that are dairy free, gluten free and grain free there are plenty of choices for all dietary requirements.

What makes Caveman Chefs so successful is that their dishes are locally sourced which means the amount of pollution is limited.

Their pickup locations are usually found outside gyms and crossfit establishments meaning that their clientele mainly consists of those who pride themselves on having a healthy lifestyle.

As well as pickup locations, they also offer a home delivery service if you don’t live near one of their many locations. 

Pickup locations:

  • All Pro Fitness 11068 W Jewell Avenue C10 Lakewood Colorado 80232
  • BackCountry Crossfit 8990 Barrons Boulevard Highlands Ranch Colorado 80129 
  • Barclay Tower 1625 Larimer Street Denver Colorado 80202
  • Blunt Force 2031 Bryant Street Denver Colorado 80211
  • Crossfit Broadway 227 Broadway Street Denver Colorado 80203
  • Crossfit Colfax 1516 Emerson Street Denver Colorado 80218
  • Crossfit Golden 720 Corporate Circle Golden Colorado 80401
  • Crossfits Greenwood Village 8081 E Orchard Road #123 Greenwood Village Colorado    
  • Crossfit Jefferson Park 2441 Eliot Street Denver Colorado 80211
  • Crossfit MODIG 7048 E County Line Road Highlands Ranch Colorado 80126
  • Crossfit Sanitas 2525 Arapahoe Avenue Boulder Colorado 80302
  • Denver Vitality Center 3110 S Wadsworth Boulevard Suite 303 Lakewood Colorado
  • Gates Tennis Center 3300 East Bayaud Avenue Denver Colorado 80209
  • Iron Tribe Fitness 5996 S Holly Street Greenwood Village Colorado 80111     
  • MBS Crossfit 10900 120th Avenue Broomfield Colorado 80021
  • MBS Crossfit II 6945 Indiana Court Suite #700 Arvada Colorado 80007
  • OrangeTheory Fitness 15735 E Arapahoe Road Centennial Colorado 80016
  • Rocky Mountain Commissary 5604 Kendall court Arvada CO 80002
  • South Suburban Family Medicine 7720 S Broadway #480 Littleton Colorado 80122     

Eating Primal

Eating Primal is a delivery service that caters to the Denver area. With a variety of different menus that cater to various dietary requirements, they offer an entire paleo menu which is great for those who want a delivery service that boasts quality foods.

Not only will Eating Primal deliver to your home, they also deliver to a variety of establishments such as crossfit and gym locations around the Denver area.

The menus will clearly indicate whether the dish is suitable for the paleo diet as well as whether it is gluten free, vegan or vegetarian. 

You can visit their website at to have a look through their various menus and prices to see if it’s something you want to try. 


If you are wanting to look into a delivery service then Eatology is definitely one that you should consider.

This nationwide delivery service is available in the greater Denver area and is strictly paleo meaning that you can be assured that any of their offerings are suitable for your diet.

The Eatology brand aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by offering meals that are portioned and controlled so you can reach your goal weight as well as keeping you healthy.

For those who want to fill their diet with organic ingredients, Eatology is the best choice for you. With a 2 day delivery window, you can be assured of the freshness that comes with the meals.

If the Eatology meal plans sounds best for you, then you can visit their website at where you can view their menus as well as the prices so you can choose meals that you are guaranteed to enjoy. 

Grandcestors (Formerly Known As Noble Savage)

Grandcestors is one of the most popular choices in Colorado and provides their services across the state as well as across Kansas, New Mexico and Utah. Previously known as Noble Savage, Grandcestors only offers paleo foods meaning that you can choose whatever you want without worrying about whether it is suitable.

They offer a variety of ways to purchase their products as you can get their frozen selection from Whole Foods Markets across the aforementioned states or organize a delivery through their website.

Specializing in frozen goods, Grandcestors encourages their customers to buy in bulk so you can be assured that you have plenty of options in the future. 

If you cannot make it to a Whole Foods Market to browse their goods, you can go to the Grandcestors website at so you can see how much they have to offer as well as their prices. 


For loyal followers of the paleo diet, Mmm…Coffee is an iconic establishment as it was one of the first paleo only restaurants in the United States and prides itself on being Denver’s first strictly paleo institution.

This coffee house offers a variety of baked goods as well as a wide variety of lunch options which is ideal for those who want to incorporate a wider selection of different foods into their paleo diet. They even offer lots of nut free choices by using seeds as an alternative. 

If you can’t make it to their brick and mortar cafe then you can order from their extensive menu on their website at where you can also view their prices. 


910 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO, 80204

Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go is a fantastic choice for those who want to peruse through a multitude of different choices so you can bring a variety to your paleo diet.

It is a nationwide delivery service that caters to the greater Denver area as well as Colorado in general making it highly accessible for those who don’t live anywhere close to a paleo only establishment.

They offer a variety of paleo meal plans as well as catering to specific dietary requirements within that including autoimmune paleo and cheese plans for those who don’t want to cut their dairy intake. 

To view their whole selection, visit the Paleo on the Go website at to browse through their menus, meal plans and price selections.

Pete’s Paleo

Another nationwide paleo delivery service is Pete’s Paleo which caters to the Denver area and offers weekly meal plans for those who find it hard to find the time to properly prepare their meals.

With a variety of different plans available, Pete’s Paleo cater for all kinds of lifestyles within the paleo diet including a Sugar Detox plan and a Wahls Paleo plan. 

To browse through Pete’s Paleo’s offerings, visit their website at to view their full list of meal plans and prices.

Pre-Made Paleo

If you are wanting to look for a meal plan subscription then Pre-Made Paleo is an ideal choice for you to consider. This nationwide service offers paleo meal plans that can be delivered to the Denver area as well as other regions in Colorado.

What makes Pre-Made Paleo such a versatile option is that they also offer plans that are Whole30 compliant as well as featuring exotic meats on their menu and other branded snacks.

With organic ingredients used in as many dishes as possible, Pre-Made Paleo is the perfect choice for those who want their food to be as natural as possible with minimal processing. 

If you want to look through what Pre-Made Paleo has to offer, then visit their website at so you can look through their wide variety of meal plans and prices.

Root Down

Root Down is dedicated to providing plenty of vegan and vegetarian options and within this they have a large variety of paleo friendly foods.

With two locations in Colorado, you can be guaranteed of the quality of the food you get at Root Down. Providing fresh and organic ingredients, Root Down also has plenty of options for those with allergies and intolerances. 


1600 W 33rd Ave, Denver, CO 80211 and DEN Denver Airport Concourse C, 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249


Shine is a fantastic gluten free option which has a large selection of paleo options which provides larger portions of foods which is great for a variety of different lifestyles as they also include lots of vegetarian and vegan choices. 


2027 13th Street, Boulder CO 80302

Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House

For those who have a sweet tooth then the Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House is the best option for you. Open from Friday to Sunday 8am-2pm, this bakery is great as there is a whole section on their menu that is specifically catered to those on the paleo diet.

With a motto that dictates “Made for you, by us, from scratch, everyday”, you can be guaranteed that the food at the Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House is as fresh as possible and is sure to give you the sweet treat that you deserve without breaking the paleo diet.

Another benefit of this bakery is that they offer regular baking classes which have included paleo baking in the past.

You can visit their website at to view their menus as well as the option to order online if you can’t make the trip to their shop. If you do want to visit, make sure that you reserve a table or get there as soon as possible as it tends to get extremely busy. 


277 Broadway, Denver, CO, 80203.

The Good Kitchen (Formerly Known As modPALEO)

The Good Kitchen is the recent rebrand of the incredibly popular modPALEO and is another food delivery service which ships to addresses across the entire country which includes Denver, Boulder and other Colorado regions.

The reason why this has been included is because although it isn’t local, it is one of the most popular paleo delivery options nationwide.

What makes The Good Kitchen such a brilliant option is the variety of different plans they have to offer as they have weekly meal plans as well as a la carte food menus for you to choose from so you can select meals that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

With a variety of paleo dishes with plenty of vegan and vegetarian choices, this is fantastic for those who have specific needs and want some guidance into their food routine. 

If you are interested in this option then head to their website at to see their recent menus and price plans so you can choose the best choice for you. 


Trifecta is one of the newer businesses that has opened in the Denver area and is a delivery service that offers all kinds of meal plans that conform to the paleo diet.

Promoted by University of Boulder Professor Loren Cordain who is a huge influence in the popularization of the paleo diet, Trifecta delivers their meals for free in the Denver and Boulder areas as well as other locations in Colorado which makes it even more accessible for those who live in the region but may not be able to travel to Denver.

This is a fantastic option for those who want to partake in the paleo diet but find it intimidating or difficult to get themselves into the lifestyle as all of your meals are taken care of.

With a variety of different refrigerated and frozen dishes, Trifecta ensures that the meals are delivered to your door quickly so you’ll be able to get accustomed to the diet. 

If this sounds like the best choice for you then go to to view their most recent meal plans and their prices.

The website also features an array of different testimonials from previous and current clients so you can get real opinions and see the success for yourself. 

White Sparrow Food Company

Our final recommendation is White Sparrow Food Company which is located in the Denver Metro Area and is a personal chef meal delivery service meaning that you can enjoy the comforts of the paleo diet from your own home.

It’s important to bear in mind that not all of their offerings are paleo but there is a form on their website which dictates which items do conform to the paleo diet meaning that it is clear to avoid any mistakes or confusion.

As well as paleo, White Sparrow Food Company offers options that are gluten free, vegan and vegetarian meaning that there is something for all kinds of dietary requirements.

Some of the paleo options even include their entrees, desserts and soups among many more. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Fast Food Has Paleo?

Although this list contains local vendors who specialize in paleo options, there are a surprising amount of fast food restaurants that have a variety of paleo and Whole30 options.

Some examples of fast food restaurants that offer such options include: Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, El Pollo Loco, In-N-Out Burger, Jimmy John’s, Panera Bread, Shake Shack and Taco Bell. 

Can You Eat Cheese On Paleo?

When it comes to dairy, the paleo diet dictates that you should try to avoid the majority of it due to the additional ingredients added, especially in the low fat options.

However, there are certain dairy options on the paleo diet that you can have including full fat dairy butter and cheese.

You can also have certain vegetable oils such as corn oil, grapeseed oil and sunflower oil and other trans fats that are found in margarine as well as various processed foods. 

Will Paleo Help Me Lose Weight?

The paleo diet is great for helping you to lose weight thanks to the high amount of protein it promotes as well as including limited carbohydrates and foods that are extremely filling.

The paleo diet also forbids any foods with added sugars as well as highly processed food which promotes food with natural ingredients. 


If you are embarking on the paleo diet then Denver is one of the best places to visit thanks to their wide variety of choices. Providing the versatility to suit any kind of taste buds, you can be assured that your paleo diet will be taken care of.

Local residents in Denver have helped these businesses to thrive as well as those in the Boulder areas thanks to the large amount of choice on offer.

As you can see from the options we have provided in this guide, Whether you want to get inspiration for your own home cooking, want to go out for a lovely meal or are planning a great takeaway, Denver has everything you need to run a successful paleo diet.