The 15 Best Paleo Restaurants in Minneapolis

In a city as busy and bustling as Minneapolis, it can be hard to find time in your day to plan and follow a paleo diet successfully.

When you only have a half-hour lunch break, it is easier to grab a blueberry muffin to-go than hunt down a paleo pastry, and when out on the town with friends, it is often easier to compromise on your dietary goals than hold everyone up while you scour the menu for a paleo-friendly side.

But, believe it or not, Minneapolis has plenty of paleo and healthy eating orientated venues to choose from – you just need to know where to find them.

We have put together this list of the top 15 paleo restaurants in Minneapolis, so you can concentrate on all the other important things you have to do this week and enjoy a delicious yet nutritious meal at the end of it.

Sassy Spoon

Sassy Spoon is an entirely gluten-free restaurant so there are plenty of paleo options available if you know the right adjustments to ask for. ‘No cheese, please’ is the most regular request you will need to make. One perfect paleo dish is their beef bolognese served with squash spaghetti! Yum yum!

The owner is a holistic dietician, and she really believes in the wider benefits of healthy eating on both body and mind. The dishes reflect her knowledge and enthusiasm and, better still, the ingredients are all locally sourced for extra freshness and sustainability.

Wise Acre

This adorable little eatery is one of the best for paleo options that Minneapolis has to offer. It is great if you are looking to meet the girls for a light lunch, or even if you want to impress on a date night.

They source all their produce from Tangletown Garden Farm, located in southern Minneapolis, and their organic meat and veggies make for some pretty delicious dishes.

Although there isn’t a specific paleo menu, the staff are more than happy to customise dishes to meet your needs, and as all their offerings are healthy it only takes a few adjustments to make them paleo perfect.

The owners, Scott Endres and Dean Engelmann, are both farm boys at heart, and their love of nature, plants and animals really comes across in Wise Acre’s wholesome approach to dining.

Crisp And Green

Crisp and Green are great if you are out and about or need some paleo sustenance in a hurry. They are committed to providing nutritious and convenient food to fit your busy, wellness-driven lifestyle, and they do it brilliantly!

Their customized salads are a paleo favorite because you can control what ingredients go into it, and whatever you choose will most certainly be organic, fresh and locally sourced.

If you are looking for something liquidized, they do incredible smoothies and juices too!

French Meadow

French Meadow is another top paleo restaurant in Minneapolis. It is great for breakfasts and is also a lovely place to come and work. They have a beautiful outdoor patio area that is a real sun trap in the summertime.

A good way to eat paleo here is to order their turkey burger (minus the bun) and request extra guacamole to replace the mayo and cheese. They have a whole array of gluten-free treats on their dessert menu too – so don’t forget to save space for something sweet!

Agra Culture

Agra Culture caters to a multitude of dietary requirements and they label all their menu items as paleo, gluten-free, vegan etc, so you can feel sure of what you are ordering. In fact, these guys were the first restaurant in Minneapolis to have anything marked as paleo on the menu, so they really are at the forefront of the city’s culinary evolution.

The outdoor patio is a perfect place to enjoy a coffee after your meal, so if you can muster the effort to make it all the way to Edina we promise it will be well worth the trip!

People’s Organic

At People’s Organic they are dedicated to serving simple, nutritious food that is sustainably sourced. Although they don’t have a specialist paleo menu, the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and will go out of their way to accommodate your needs.

A great tip is to order the chicken tacos minus the sour cream and tortillas (ask for extra guacamole instead!) and – ta-dah – it’s paleo-friendly. The daytime vibe is casual whereas at night they become a full-service restaurant, great for date nights or dining out with friends.

All in all, People’s Organic has something for everyone – and that includes us paleo pioneers!

Brasa Rotisserie

Whoever you choose to take to Brasa Rotisserie will undoubtedly love it’s fantastic food and all-American atmosphere. The ingredients are all locally sourced, grass-fed, free-range and organic, and they are cooked to perfection with mouth watering results.

The braised greens and cabbage salad with mint is a particular paleo favorite, but almost all the items on the menu are gluten-free so you will have plenty to choose from.


Barbette was named ‘Best French Restaurant’ by Mpls St. Paul Magazine and it really does deserve the title. They use all sustainably sourced ingredients from local farms, breweries and markets, so by supporting them you are supporting multiple Minneapolis businesses.

The atmosphere in the daytime is great for sipping a coffee and reading a book, and at nighttime they become a full-service restaurant. They have plenty of vegan and gluten-free options, and the food really is very, very tasty.

World Street Kitchen

World Street Kitchen has tons of trendy energy. The decor features concrete, steel, raw wood and marquee lights to create a vibrant, urban feel, and the open kitchen gives the whole place the buzz of a busy street market.

They offer street foods from around the world all with that Uptown Minneapolis twist, and you can be sure that everyone will find something on the menu for them.

Paleo customers love the lamb belly lettuce wraps and pickled veggies in particular! Enjoy table service or sit at the counter for a more informal feel – it really is up to you.

Good Earth

Good Earth, as you may have gathered from its name, focuses on celebrating and protecting the planet. The dishes on its menu contain only the freshest ingredients from local growers and suppliers, and there are no nasty chemicals or hormones in any of their meats.

For a paleo-friendly option, why not try their bison burger (minus the bun), or any one of their delicious soups and salads? And check out their website to see all the many charities that the restaurant supports. This place really is about giving back, which is another great reason to pay them a visit.

Birchwood Cafe

Located in the beautiful Seward neighborhood of south Minneapolis, Birchwood Cafe is a popular spot for local diners and can get pretty crowded on the weekends. And this place is popular for a reason! It’s great hospitality and tasty food are second to none, and they cater to many different dietary requirements.

Although paleo options are not labelled on the menu, there are still plenty for you to choose from. If possible, try to get there early and grab a spot on the outdoor patio where you can watch the world go by.

Common Roots

You should visit Common Roots purely to taste their paleo-friendly sweet potato fries, but while you’re there you might also like to sample more of the fabulous, nutritious and locally sourced offerings on their menu.

The staff are very willing to adapt to paleo requests wherever possible, and you can enjoy an organic loose leaf tea to wash it all down.

Red Cow

Red Cow has multiple venues across the Minneapolis area so you have no excuse not to pay them a visit and tuck into one of their delicious handcrafted burgers (minus the bun).

This is a great place to go if you are out with non-paleo pals, since the menu has plenty of popular classics to choose from as well. It puts a sophisticated twist on the old neighborhood tavern with cosy, inviting decor that will make you feel instantly at home.

The Creamery Cafe by Seward Co-op

If you are looking for somewhere to meet friends and catch up over coffee, why not try the Creamery Cafe in association with Seward Co-op. They are a community run, charity-driven cafe that employs members of the Seward community who are most in need.

What is more, all the gratuities from the cafe go straight to SEED, so while you sip on your almond milk latte you will also be giving back to the community. They use fresh produce and everything is locally sourced. Ideal!


Lastly, we have Brim, a beautiful restaurant with gorgeous lake views. This place has paleo options aplenty and a real dedication to healthy eating and living. Run by husband and wife, Kate and Patrick, Brim has a relaxed and yet classy ambiance and the food really does speak for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main health benefits of the paleo diet?

The main health benefits of the paleo diet include weight loss, particularly around the midriff and gut, and the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol levels.