The 15 Best Paleo Restaurants Las Vegas

There’s nothing worse than feeling limited by your dietary restrictions, especially when you’re on vacation in a city like Las Vegas, which is known around the world for its amazing restaurants and bustling nightlife.

So if you have recently boarded the paleo train and find yourself questioning every menu and restaurant that the city of sin has to offer, then we have everything you need to find delicious paleo food along the Las Vegas strip. 

Down below, we have compiled a list of the 15 best paleo restaurants in Las Vegas, ranging from 5-star eateries to cafes and independent chains. So if you want to truly experience all the paleo cuisine that this amazing city has to offer, then just take a look at our list and see which restaurant takes your fancy! 

The X Pot 

For our first entry, we have chosen an establishment that can be found inside the beautiful interior of The Venetian hotel. Known for its stylish decor and luxurious food, The X Pot is an Asian fusion restaurant and bar that excels in its selection of healthy and paleo dishes, with each unique course bursting with an array of authentic flavors and textures.

So if you are interested in experiencing artisan cuisine without having to be concerned about your dietary restrictions, then this restaurant is the perfect place for you!

Carson Kitchen

Sometimes diets can ruin a perfectly good day, especially when it comes to sitting down at a stylish restaurant. You take a glance at your menu and realize that you can’t eat anything that they make, leaving you feeling isolated and alone. But when it comes to Carson Kitchen, you will never have to feel like that again.

For not only does this downtown restaurant produce delicious urban food, but it also specializes in a range of paleo dishes from burgers to flatbreads. So why not indulge yourself and visit this amazing establishment today!

Flower Child

Located on Charleston Boulevard in West Las Vegas, Flower Child is a quirky restaurant that separates itself from other sin city establishments by specializing exclusively in vegan and paleo cuisine.

Known for its vibrant decor and charming atmosphere, this tiny restaurant has fast become one of the top-rated paleo spots in the whole of Las Vegas and features a large menu that is brimming with a variety of unique and refreshing meals.

So the next time you feel limited by your paleo diet, just journey to Charleston Boulevard and remember that Flower Child always has your back. 


With five establishments across Las Vegas, SkinnyFATS is one of the most prolific entries on our list and is known for its selection of delicious and healthy fast food.

From avocado on 9-grain toast to turkey burgers that have been loaded with fresh salads and dips, SkinnyFATS knows how to do healthy food right and offers a range of dishes that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Distinguished by their modern interiors and urban aesthetic, all five Vegas branches can be easily located throughout the city and promise to deliver an experience that will make you glad you went paleo!


Located in Sansome Richmar Plaza, this fine establishment is known throughout the city by bodybuilders and gym-goers for its selection of delicious protein shakes and smoothies.

However, the restaurant also specializes in a range of dishes that have been specially designed for the health-conscious eater – with their menu featuring a wide variety of fresh salads, delicious burgers and loaded PH wraps.

But if you truly want to experience everything this restaurant has to offer, then we highly recommend that you try their healthy breakfasts. Believe us, their protein pancakes are simply to die for! 

Baby Birds Cafe

We all love a good brunch, but it can be extremely difficult to find an establishment that meets your dietary needs. So the next time you have a hankering for paleo eggs benedict, journey to Lake Sahara in East Las Vegas and visit the Baby Birds Cafe.

Housed inside an attractive blue building, the Baby Birds Cafe is known for its antique furniture and delicious paleo brunches.

Located only 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, this adorable establishment is not only easy to find but will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few precious hours. 

True Food Kitchen

If you are vacationing in Las Vegas and need a place to eat during the night, then we highly recommend that you try out True Food Kitchen. Located inside Caesars Palace, this modern establishment specializes in a range of healthy meals, which encompass all corners of the food world, from paleo to veganism.

Beyond this, the restaurant also provides a variety of health-conscious cocktails that can be served with every meal. So why not show your friends how delicious paleo food can be and take them to this stylish restaurant for dinner tonight. 

Jean Georges Steakhouse

Located inside the beautiful Aria resort, this sleek and professional restaurant is considered one of the best paleo-friendly establishments on the Las Vegas strip and is known for its attractive decor, inviting atmosphere and amazing food.

As the name would suggest, this particular restaurant specializes in the finest American steaks and seafood, with each dish being cooked to perfection using simple and timeless methods.

Arguably one of the best places to enjoy an up-market meal with your friends, this amazing steakhouse will once again remind you why eating paleo has its various rewards. 

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

If you are the kind of person who enjoys traditional Southern cuisine, then The Venetian hotel has you covered. Considered the best restaurant for paleo-friendly Southern cooking, this warm and welcoming establishment makes all the American classics but with a healthy and delicious twist.

Sporting a large menu of cult favorites, this restaurant is the ideal place to visit after a long day of working the slots or treading the strip.

So the next time you are in the mood for fried chicken, waffles, bacon and grits – just take a trip to The Venetian and indulge yourself in some much-needed comfort food. 

Hash House A Go Go

We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. So if you are looking for a comfortable establishment to enjoy your morning eggs, we have the perfect place for you.

Located in West Sahara, Hash House A Go Go is considered one of the best breakfast joints in the whole of Las Vegas, with their delicious paleo dishes being enjoyed by both dieters and breakfast enthusiasts alike.

What’s even better is that the restaurant specializes in some of the best Bloody Mary’s that the city has to offer. Now if that doesn’t sound good, we don’t know what does! 

Burnt Offerings

Have you ever sampled authentic Yiddish cuisine? If not, then we’re here to show you exactly what you are missing out on! Luckily, Las Vegas just so happens to be the home of one of the best Yiddish restaurants in the whole of the United States – and yes, the food is paleo as well.

Located in West Sahara, this family-owned establishment specializes in the promotion of traditional Yiddish food, with every dish made on the premises containing the essence of the family’s culture and history. So why not try something new and give this remarkable restaurant a go! 

Pamplona Cocktails & Tapas

Located on Sahara Avenue, this obscure restaurant specializes in authentic tapas dishes and refreshing cocktails, which are sure to quell your appetite and quench your thirst.

Offering a variety of different dishes and platters, this restaurant is ideal for any paleo dieter, as its large menu provides even the pickiest of eaters with something delicious to enjoy. So why not test the waters and find your favorite tapas dish today. 

Ron’s Steakhouse

Although our next entry may not have the flash and luxury of your traditional Las Vegas eatery, it makes up for what it lacks with its amazing food and friendly staff.

Located inside Arizona Charlies Decatur, this establishment is the perfect place to go if you’re in the mood for a delicious and classic steak dinner. So round up your friends, grab some drinks and visit this Las Vegas staple tonight. 

Fogo De Chao

This particular restaurant may not be a Las Vegas exclusive, but it is one of the best places to enjoy a delicious paleo dinner in the entire city.

Located on Flamingo Road, this amazing establishment specializes in a variety of South American meals and dishes, with each one being more flavorful than the last.

So don’t be shy and check out this restaurant as soon as you can. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Echo & Rig

Are you craving seafood? Then you’re in luck! Because Las Vegas just so happens to be the home of one of the best seafood restaurants in Nevada.

Specializing in meat and fish courses, Echo & Rig has fast become a popular destination for many tourists, with the restaurant’s delicious food setting it apart from other food chains in the area.

So if you’re keen to fulfil your seafood cravings, make this amazing restaurant the next stop on your ever-growing list.