The 15 Best Paleo Restaurants in Houston

There are plenty of reasons for choosing to follow a paleo diet, weight loss and improved general health being the most obvious, but committing to a diet that excludes dairy products, legumes, grains and even some sugars comes with its complications.

The biggest draw-back is thinking that you will never be able to enjoy a meal out with friends again, or will have to make do with a limp lettuce leaf whilst watching those around you tuck into delicious and hearty meals. For those dining out in Houston Texas, a city known for its barbecued meats and fiery tacos, your concerns may well have been justified… until now.

In recent years there has been a culinary revolution in the city of Houston, and you now have a whole host of paleo-friendly restaurants and eateries to choose from. The only concern left is which to choose and that is exactly why we have put together a list of the 15 best paleo restaurants in Houston.

Now all you need to do is get your cowboy hat and boots on and get eating out!

Ruggles Black

First up is Ruggles Black, a sophisticated yet casual restaurant perfect for late-night eating and relaxed fine-dining. The decor is gorgeous and there is an amazing canopy of lightbulbs covering a beautiful outdoor patio area which makes for a truly romantic setting.

But best of all, Ruggles has specialist keto, paleo and CBD menus which cater fantastically to all manner of dietary requirements. The paleo tacos are a favourite, but there really is a huge selection available so you will be spoilt for choice.

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen really is a must-try for healthy eaters and anyone with dietary requirements as they specialise in clean eating and allergy awareness. The Houston branch is airy and light and there is plenty of seating available indoors and outdoors.

The menu is paleo-friendly and plentiful and the ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible for that extra freshness and sustainability. Really, if you are looking for a paleo-friendly place to enjoy lunch with a friend then True Food Kitchen is a very safe bet.

Cafe TH

Next up we have Cafe TH for those of you who enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. This delightful little independently owned and run cafe captures Houston’s diversity of cultures and, luckily for you, Vietnamese food lends itself to the paleo diet very easily.

There are plenty of options available to you and the flavors are incredible! The decor is colorful and vibrant making this cafe a real paleo gem!

Southside Espresso

If you are after a great paleo-friendly coffee spot then Southside Espresso is the place for you. They offer a wide range of coffees with dairy-free alternatives galore such as coconut and almond milk, and they even do paleo pastries made at their sister shop Coterie: Wine and Cafe.

These guys are artisan and care very much about sustainability so there are a multitude of reasons why you should pay them a visit.

Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet

Dimassi’s all day Mediterranean Buffet is packed with fantastic paleo options and they even have a specialist vegetarian and gluten-free menu if you prefer. In particular their lettuce wraps are perfect for paleo dieters, and there are plenty of delicious veggies and meat fillings to choose from.

For dessert, why not try one of their seasonal fruit trays for a healthy and palate-cleansing end to your meal?


Just as its name suggests, Vibrant is a light and cheerful restaurant located in sunny Fairview. They balance wellbeing with pleasure when creating their dishes, and the menu is entirely paleo-friendly! Really!

This place is a treasure trove of dairy, gluten, refined sugar and corn free options! What’s more, they use solar energy and compost their waste – so you really can dine with a clear conscience at Vibrant.

Elevation Burger

Looking for somewhere fun and informal? Head down to Elevation Burger where you can build your own burger to your own exact dietary preferences.

They offer plant-based burgers as well as 100% organic and grass fed beef burgers so either way you are on to a winner. For a paleo option ask for a lettuce wrap rather than a bun – they are delicious!

Brown Bag deli

Houston owned and operated, Brown Bag Deli prides itself on using high quality, fresh ingredients at their stores across the city. The venues all have tons of southern charm and are great for a quick fix if you are in a rush.

Best of all, they are now offering paleo options in the form of lettuce and spinach wraps, and their list of proteins is extensive! Need catering? They are now offering trays and packages for large parties too.

Honest eats

Honest Eats is a company on a mission to change the way America eats. They offer ready-made paleo, ketogenic and plant-based meals that are all gluten and processed sugar free… they also happen to be pretty delicious!

Though these guys don’t offer an eat-in service, their home delivery of pre-prepared paleo meals was too good to leave off this list. Check out their website for a closer look at their extensive menu and then enjoy eating out, at home!


Bellagreen is a tried and tested favorite among health conscious diners and their Houston branch is a great option if you are looking for somewhere paleo-friendly that also has non-paleo options.

All their food is prepared from scratch and if you need to ask for any modifications the chefs are more than happy to help. 

Dish Society

Dish Society has been causing a stir amongst foodies in Houston due to its fantastic farm-to-table menu and sustainable ethos. They support local agriculture, using locally grown produce wherever possible – and they boast the best gluten-free brunch in Houston!

There are lots of paleo-friendly options on their exciting menu and the chicken lettuce wraps are a customer favorite. 

Flower Child

Flower Child has locations all across the US including three Houston branches, so you really have no excuse not to visit! They offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options and have lots of paleo-friendly dishes to choose from.

The watermelon and heirloom tomato salad is a paleo favorite and you can always add a protein if you so choose. The company ethos is that healthy food reflects a happy world and they make clear that sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free options most certainly do not have to be flavor-free!

Bosscat Kitchen and Libations

Bosscat Kitchen and Libations specialises in good old American cuisine, and the interior decor is rustic-meets-industrial. What’s great is that they offer a chef’s seasonal menu  that celebrates seasonal produce, meats and spices and ensures that the dishes are always evolving.

They have paleo-friendly options available and the chefs are very happy to customise where necessary to meet your dietary needs. So for a night of great atmosphere and great food, give Bosscat a go.

 Garden Kitchen

Garden Kitchen is great for plant-based options, and they emphasise the use of ‘whole foods’ (meaning, no waste) and ‘live foods’ (meaning as fresh as possible). They do a great range of soups and salads, perfect for paleo customers – the Superfood Salad being a particular favorite. The restaurant began as a health practice run by Dr. Baxter Montgomery who has been a practicing cardiologist for years.

After he began offering nutritional advice to patients he had a change of direction and opened Garden Kitchen as an extension of his healthy-living philosophy. I’m sure you’ll agree that this place is definitely one to try – and you can be sure you are in expert hands!

HS Green

Finally we have HS Green, a beautiful restaurant located in the Plaza on Richmond Avenue. Not only do these guys have a delicious menu with lots of paleo-friendly options, but they also do a great line in fresh pressed juices.

Check out their bites and soups menu for something quick and light, and don’t be afraid to ask the friendly staff for more paleo information if required. Yum yum!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between keto and paleo?

The main difference between a keto diet and a paleo diet is that paleo allows for some sugars in the form of fruits and berries, whereas keto looks to exclude all sugars entirely.

Both diets avoid dairy products and grains and allow lean meats, fish and lots of lovely vegetables.

Who created the paleo diet?

Though it has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, the paleo diet was in fact created back in the 1970s by a gastroenterologist called Walter Voegtlin.

He devised the diet based on the eating habits of Paleolithic humans who were around long before agriculture or farming. These hunter-gatherers ate nuts, fruits and vegetables with the odd helping of meat.