AIP Cassava Flour Pancakes

Starting a new diet can be a lonely and stressful time, especially when you find yourself unable to eat your usual comfort food and snacks.

However, this does not mean that delicious meals have to be a thing of the past, as many diets now provide you with the opportunity to sample new and exciting recipes that are both appetizing and nutritious. 

So if you have recently started the AP diet, then chances are you are probably wondering what recipes you can make for a healthy breakfast.

Now we all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so if you feel like you are missing out on your usual pancakes and bacon – then we have a recipe that will blow your mind. 

Down below, we have outlined the perfect method for making AIP-compliant pancakes, which are made using cassava flour and other autoimmune ingredients.

Paired with fresh fruit and a delicious homemade chocolate sauce, these pancakes will remind you of just how amazing AIP food can be, especially when it is made properly and with care. 

So why not check out our recipe and add these amazing pancakes to your daily routine! 

Our AIP Pancake Recipe

Once upon a time, there were no available recipes for AIP pancakes, which meant that AIP dieters had very limited options when it came to a delicious breakfast.

However, times eventually changed and now AIP pancake recipes can be found all over the internet, with each new approach using unique ingredients such as coconut flour, bananas or grain to make the batter. 

Although there are numerous methods that can be used to make AIP pancakes, our recipe utilizes cassava flour as the main ingredient. For not only is cassava one of the best AIP flours available, but it also yields soft and fluffy pancakes with every baking session.

So if you are interested in trying a new and nutritious pancake recipe, we have outlined our method and the ingredients you need down below. 

How Do You Make AIP Pancakes?

The process of making these pancakes is rather simple as, like with most pancake recipes, our method involves mixing the ingredients in a large bowl, before transferring the finished batter into a pan to cook.

However, there are some variations that can make the overall cooking process much easier in the long run. 

For example, if you enjoy soft and fluffy pancakes, then we highly recommend that you blitz your ingredients in a blender before adding the batter to the pan.

Not only does this method make the overall mixing process much faster, but it also always results in cushiony pancakes that are both delicious and attractive. 

The best way to cook the pancakes is by mixing the ingredients together before stirring in any additions such as fruit or chocolate. Once you have done this, you can cook the batter in a non-stick frying pan by heating some oil over medium heat. 

Usually, you will only need 1-2 spoonfuls of batter per pancake and they should only take around three minutes to cook on both sides. When the pancakes are ready, they should be pillowy in texture and have an overall golden-brown hue. 

Can You Freeze AIP Pancakes?

Now we understand that making pancakes every morning can be a chore, especially if you work on a busy schedule and don’t have the time to bake. But luckily for you, these pancakes can be easily frozen and stored away for later use. 

Not only do these pancakes freeze beautifully, but they can also last a long time once they have been put into the freezer, which means you can make a large batch on a Saturday and then enjoy them throughout the rest of the week. 

The best way to freeze the pancakes is by placing them in the freezer on a baking tray or plate, while also making sure that they are not touching each other before they go in.

Once 4 hours have passed, you can remove the frozen pancakes from the tray and transfer them to a freezer-safe container. 

This method helps to make sure that your pancakes don’t freeze in one solid lump so that you can take what you need for breakfast during the week.

The easiest way to thaw the pancakes is by leaving them in a fridge overnight or by heating them in the microwave for quicker results. 

What Can You Add To The Pancakes?

If you are interested in elevating your pancakes to a new level of flavor, then you can always add additional ingredients into the batter during the cooking process.

For this particular recipe, we highly recommend using blueberries, as they can give the pancakes a sweetness that pairs beautifully with fresh honey and yoghurt. 

However, if your tastes fall on the more adventurous side, then you can also add more experimental ingredients such as spinach into the mix. Now we know this may sound like a strange combination, but we promise you it works. 

Not only does the spinach give your pancakes a vibrant green hue, but it also leaves no impression on the taste and is a great way to make sure you are eating veggies during the day. 

What About The Chocolate Sauce?

Although you can top your AIP pancakes with any garnishes or sauces that you like, we highly recommend that you try out our homemade AIP chocolate sauce.

Made from a delicious combination of chocolate and dairy-free milk, this decadent sauce is the perfect weekend treat and can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

So why not check out our recipe and give it a go! 

AIP Chocolate Sauce Recipe


  • Dairy-free milk (½ cup)
  • Carob powder (2 tbsp)
  • Maple syrup (2 tbsp)
  • Arrowroot powder (1 tsp)
  • Sea salt (pinch)


  1. Take ½ cup of dairy-free milk (coconut milk or tigernut milk if on AIP) and add it to a small saucepan. 
  2. When you have done this, add your carob powder, maple syrup, arrowroot powder and sea salt to the milk. 
  3. Once all the ingredients have been added, transfer the saucepan to your stove and place it over medium heat. 
  4. While the mixture begins to warm up, whisk the ingredients together and then allow the sauce to simmer for 4 minutes. 
  5. When the sauce has taken on a smooth and chocolatey consistency, remove it from the stove and serve. 


  • Once the chocolate sauce is finished it can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days. During this time, the sauce will begin to form a skin on the surface, which can be easily removed by giving the mixture a good stir. 

AIP Cassava Flour Pancake Recipe

And now we’ve come to the part you’ve all been waiting for! So if you want to sample soft and delicious AIP pancakes, everything you need to know can be found in the recipe we have detailed in the section below. 

We hope you enjoy these pancakes and that they become a common staple in your morning routine! 


  • Cassava flour (1 cup)
  • Tapioca starch (¼ cup)
  • Cream of Tartar (1 tsp)
  • Baking soda (½ tsp)
  • Sea salt (¼ tsp)
  • Dairy-free milk (1 + ⅛ cup)
  • Banana (⅓ cup, mashed)
  • Apple cider vinegar (1 ½ tbsp)
  • Coconut or Maple sugar (2 tbsp)
  • Vanilla extract (1 tsp)
  • Coconut or Avocado oil (for pan)


  1. Take all of your ingredients and mix them together in a large bowl or blender until you have a smooth and workable batter. (If you intend to use a blender, then this process should only take around 30 seconds.)
  2. Once the ingredients have been mixed together, place a non-stick pan or skillet over medium heat and add the cooking oil. (Make sure to swirl the oil around the pan for maximum coverage.)
  3. Take 1-2 spoonfuls of batter and add them to the hot pan, then repeat this process until you have a sufficient number of pancakes or the batter has run out. (These pancakes should only measure around 2-inches in length.)
  4. When you have done this, let the pancakes cook for 3 minutes on both sides, until they are spongy and golden-brown in color. 
  5. Transfer the finished pancakes to a plate and enjoy your breakfast! 


  • If you are opposed to using mashed banana, then you can replace this ingredient with apple sauce for a similar effect. 
  • If you are interested in adding spinach into your pancakes, then add 1-2 handfuls of the greens to the blender along with the other ingredients.