Is Stevia Paleo: Everything You Need To Know

Sugar has been called one of the biggest killers on the planet. And we can see why. This stuff is very bad for the human body, especially when it is unrefined white sugar, the stuff that we often put in tea. In large amounts, this can cause long-term health problems like diabetes.

This is why people turn to sugar alternatives like stevia. Stevia is a natural sugar alternative that is made directly from the cane of the sugar and doesn’t contain any additional processing or artificial flavors or preservatives. Tests have proven that there are very few downsides to ingesting stevia.

However, everything should be consumed in moderation. You might be wondering if this natural sugar is okay for the paleo diet. You’ll be happy to know that it is.

Because this stuff is taken unrefined and unprocessed, then technically it is considered a natural sweetener and will not damage your stomach or affect your sugar levels.

So how can you integrate stevia into your paleo diet? Can you have too much stevia when you are on the paleo diet? What other natural sugars can you consume on this diet? What is the paleo diet and how can it affect your health? What are the reasons for completely getting rid of sugar from your diet?

Well, if you want these questions answered and a lot more, then you should keep reading. We’ll help you navigate the tricky world of sugar alternatives, helping you to decide whether or not you should increase or decrease your stevia intake.

We’ll also give you some tips on sugar consumption and how to get rid of sugar from your diet completely.

Is Stevia Paleo?

Thankfully, stevia is paleo, so you won’t have to worry about adding it to your coffee or cereal in the morning. This stuff was eaten in the wild way back in the paleolithic era, as it comes fresh from the stevia rebaudiana plant. This way it can get around the often complex and sometimes contradictory paleo rules.

However, some of the more hardcore paleo enthusiasts do shun stevia also, as it contains sugars that might interfere with the bowels and causing inflammation of the gut lining. But most paleo followers agree that this sweetener is actually pretty harmless and can be consumed as part of the daily paleo diet.

We would also suggest that you avoid processed stevia that you find on the commercial market. This stuff comes in a packet or a tub and has plenty of added artificial ingredients that will definitely not be what our ancestors ate.

You can find stevia in the shops in a powder or liquid form. This stuff probably has some added sugar in it, so you’ll want to be sure that you read the packet before buying.

Most of the time you’ll be looking for stevia in its most raw forms. Raw stevia is traditionally sold in health food shops and occasionally on organic farms.

Why Would You Want Stevia?

Stevia has been shown to be largely more beneficial for your health than sugar. It has been shown to regulate the bloodstream and to keep your blood sugar levels in check. This stuff is also good for keeping your weight down and will not contain as many calories as unrefined sugar.

However, a lot of paleo flowers might decide not to go with stevia as it has been shown to excite cravings for regular sugar. If you have good willpower, then you could probably handle some stevia in your tea or coffee once a week.

What Sugars Are Good For You On Paleo?

There aren’t many sugars that you should consume on paleo, as they are full of carbs and seem to inflame the bowels and stomach. It is also impossible to avoid refined sugars in most foods these days. You might have to go beyond the shopping mall and order raw sugars from the internet.

One way around this is to use raw honey instead of sugar. Once again, we would recommend that you steer clear of honey that is produced commercially and that you find a local honey maker that will supply you with the stuff fresh from the hive.

You can also try organic maple syrup, as this is very sweet and tastes really good with certain coffees. However, once again, you might have to heat online for some of the organic stuff. You should check with the suppliers that they get it straight from the maple tree itself.

What Is Paleo?

Paleo is a radical diet that can be quite difficult to stick to but has been reported to have wonderful effects on the diet, especially digestive illnesses and inflammatory diseases. It mimics the diet that we would have had millions of years ago in the paleolithic times.

However, there are some skeptics of this diet who have said that the human body has adapted since then and that food that is more ‘in-sync’ with our bodies doesn’t really exist.

With paleo, you can always try the diet first to see how it fits with you. If you have a particularly active lifestyle, you might notice a dip in energy, but only if you had a very sugar-heavy diet before paleo.

Why You Would Want To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

If you are consuming lots of sugar then you can expect to develop some serious illnesses such as diabetes. This will lead to much more serious health complications down the line if left untreated.

People who have diabetes are on medication for life, although some people have cut out sugars and there have been cases where the effects of diabetes have been reversed after a diet change.