Best Paleo Farmer’s Pie Recipes

Everybody loves a farmer’s pie – with the rustic dish remaining a staple of western cuisine since its invention in 1791.

Consisting of a succulent beef filling that has been topped with a fluffy layer of mashed potatoes, this dish is perfect for cold winter evenings and is considered the true definition of comfort food. 

However, farmer’s pie (otherwise known as shepherd’s pie) is not often considered a healthy meal and often has to be avoided by paleo dieters who cannot eat such excessive amounts of processed food.

But now that has become a thing of the past, as there are currently hundreds of paleo-friendly farmer’s pie recipes available on the net. 

With so many recipes to choose from, we have decided to limit your choices by selecting the best paleo farmer’s pie recipes available online. Not only do these recipes promise to deliver a rich and savory meal, but they are also easy to make and can be enjoyed by paleo dieters around the world. 

So why not take a look at our list and see which one of these recipes meets your farmer’s pie needs. 

Paleo Comfort Foods’ Farmer’s Pie (By Nom Nom Paleo)

The first recipe on our list comes from Nom Nom Paleo and takes a creative approach to the classic dish by completely reimagining it for paleo dieters – with one of the biggest changes being the ingredients used to create the pie’s fluffy top layer.

Featuring grass-fed ground beef that has been cooked alongside diced carrots and onions, this particular recipe uses purple cauliflower to make the mash.

The final result is a striking and vibrant dish that is brimming with delicious flavors and can be enjoyed as a solo snack or as a shared dinner among friends. 

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie (By Paleo Running Momma)

For the next entry on our list, we have chosen a recipe for paleo shepherd’s pie that perfectly captures the classic taste of the iconic dish, while also making it accessible to paleo and whole30 dieters.

erfect for cold nights alone, this cozy and comforting meal is made using grass-fed ground beef, which is then stewed with carrots and sprouts before being topped with a layer of mashed russet potatoes.

Nutritious and tasty, this pie is made using only natural ingredients and will allow any paleo enthusiasts the chance to enjoy some much-needed comfort food. 

Easy Paleo Shepherd’s Pie (By Paleo Grubs)

If making your own shepherd’s pie from scratch sounds like a long and tedious process, then why not make a simpler alternative? This recipe for easy paleo shepherd’s pie promises to deliver a delicious meal in under 40 minutes and is made using ground beef, diced carrots and celery.

However, the main thing that distinguishes this recipe from others like it, is that the top layer is made using cauliflower heads instead of potatoes, producing a paleo-friendly pie that is capable of serving 4 people. 

Whole30 Paleo Shepherd’s Pie (By The Movement Menu)

Considered one of the most delicious and heartiest meals you can make, this paleo shepherd’s pie can also be eaten by whole30 dieters and does not contain any gluten or dairy products.

Made using organic ground beef that has been cooked in a pan with onions, carrots and mushrooms, this recipe is the first on our list to use sweet potatoes to create the top layer – delivering a warm and comforting dish that is perfect for the Fall season.

So the next time you find yourself alone in your home, why not make this delightful meal and embrace your rustic side. 

Easy Shepherd’s Pie (By Cook At Home Mom)

Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to be limited, especially when it comes to delicious comfort food that the whole family can enjoy.

By following this straightforward recipe, you will be able to whip up a creamy shepherd’s pie in no time, delivering a meal that you can happily share with your loved ones.

Sporting a savory mixture of ground beef, diced carrots and green beans, this recipe uses russet potatoes and coconut milk to make the topping and can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

So what are you waiting for? Make this recipe today and remind yourself how good paleo food can be! 

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie (By The Real Food Dietitians)

For our next entry, we have another sweet potato shepherd’s pie that promises to deliver a balanced and satisfying meal of meat and vegetables.

Suitable for whole30 and gluten-free enthusiasts, this pie consists of a layer of ground lamb that has been cooked with onions and garlic before finally being topped with a colorful layer of sweet potato mash.

Distinguished by its vibrant and attractive appearance, this pie is perfect for cold nights spent alone at home and can be eaten in front of the fire with your favorite television show or film. 

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie (By Paleo Newbie)

Beginning a new diet can be a scary time, especially if you are unsure of what foods you can eat. So if you are looking for a recipe that is paleo-friendly and delicious, then why not consider making this shepherd’s pie by Paleo Newbie.

Featuring ground turkey that has been cooked with carrots and tomato paste, this shepherd’s pie uses white-fleshed sweet potatoes to make its iconic top layer, giving the overall dish a more rustic and nutritious feel.

So the next time you are feeling peckish, why not add this recipe to your cookbook and change your life for the better. 

Savory Paleo Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie (By Our Savory Life)

Do you have some ground beef and a sweet potato clogging up your refrigerator? Then why not put them to good use and make this delectable paleo shepherd’s pie. Simple and easy to follow, this recipe utilizes ground beef or lamb to make the pie’s filling, which also contains mushrooms, diced carrots and sliced tomatoes.

Topped with a delicious sweet potato mash, this paleo pie is perfect for most dieters and can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative during the Fall and Winter seasons.